Lady Katherine Afternoon Birthday Tea


A Special Afternoon Tea for Lady Katherine’s Birthday
All the battenburg tablecloths and napkins are new for my Birthday. I had 3 new servers bought but were delivered after all the guest arrived, so I made do with my Early American Crystal, trays with bowls turned
upside down to serve the food on.
My guest are arriving as I am getting dressed.
A Birthday gift from my sister-in-law Judy
Faye at one of the table setting
 My friend Kathy with Lady Katherine
Everyone thought the teapot cake was ceramic
 Clotted cream, lemon curd, honey, strawberry preserves
My daughter, Jennifer is teaching herself to make cakes, she made this teapot cake for my Birthday
Spearmint frozen Tea I made from the herbs in my garden
Lady Katherine and Hazel, The red hat a Birthday gift from my friend Kathy
Carmel pie, blueberry muffins, pecan pies, roma tomatoes sandwiches
Lemonade, chicken salad sandwiches, pastries
Teaching a little Tea Etiquette.
I used my Old Country Roses China, I did not have enough pieces for this large of a group, for I have been collecting the oldest set, My sister-in-law Judy went by the mail and brought the rest of the pieces needed.
You probably noticed some of the tables aren’t furnished setting. Not sure if you can see the little pink favor boxes filled with chocolate de creame tea, with their place card, a little bar of soap, and a  tiny teapot cookie
inside a a lace bag with green ribbon.
You may have noticed empty plates on the stands, the blueberry and cranberry scones were left warming under a light, until ready to serve
My daughter, Jennifer made the teapot cookies
With the help of the girls at the cafe, and my two daughters, Jennifer and Suzette
I could not have done this Tea Thank you for such a wonderful Birthday Gift Thank you for helping prepare the food, the tables, the decorating, all the errands ran for me. For the lovely cake, and cookies.
The girls at the cafe using my old carfe to refill the teapots
My guest list is very special, for these ladies, all while I been sick the last years, have brought food, picked up medication, brought me many gifts to brighten my days,  Kathy has taken me to the Doctors, driving an hour away to pick me up, an hour to the doctor, waited  hours while I was seen and having test, and driving me back home an hour, then driving home an hour.
I wanted to Thank  each one of them that have been there for my family and me.
Here I am trying not to cry as I tell what each lady has done for me, and how Thankful I am.
I think everyone had a few tears with me.
My sister-in-law Judy in the black hat, stayed and helped clean up until almost 9:00pm.
I was exhausted, but with her and the girls at the cafe all was was and dried
Saying Good-bye to my special friend Hazel, the first time I seen her in two years, she broke her hip,
and can’t drive, she use to visit and we would have Tea. So we missed each other so much
I hope you enjoyed seeing my Afternoon Tea, Tea started at 4:00pm and my last guest left at 7:30
I had a lovely time!!!! Thank you all for making my Birthday so wonderful!
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Between Naps On The Porch

Valentine’s Tea in the Gazebo

Welcome to My Cup of Tea 

My Cup of Tea is things I love. 

An Afternoon Tea I  was so pleased to be able to do in  Pelahatchie,Mississippi  Gazebo

I contacted the city, got permission to do this Tea.

Place-setting: Beaded placemats, ruffled charger, plates, and martini glass  Walmart

Heart dish: Ross

Cup Saucer: Ross

gazebo valenitne tea 003Lady Katherinegazebo valenitne tea 033 - Copy

Centerpiece: Cupid dish antique full of silk hydrangeas

gazebo valenitne tea 005gazebo valenitne tea 065My cup of Tea
gazebo valenitne tea 051 gazebo valenitne tea 053 Marttine glass I wet with peppermint tea, and dipped in red crystal sugar

served with peppermint teagazebo valenitne tea 054 gazebo valenitne tea 050

Tea set: from Ross

gazebo valenitne tea 046

Three Tier Server: TJ Max

Sandwiches, Scones, and Cookies

gazebo valenitne tea 041

Heart Peppermint brownies, I made

gazebo valenitne tea 040

May I pour you a cup of Tea

gazebo valenitne tea 028 gazebo valenitne tea 017 gazebo valenitne tea 015

Bird’s eye view

gazebo valenitne tea 012 gazebo valenitne tea 008

Bowl with cookies: Ross

Clotted Cream bowl with sprinkled peppermint: Ross

White cupid: a gift long ago

Cupids: I made and painted

gazebo valenitne tea 006

Thank you for joining me for Valentine’s Tea in the Gazebo


Valentine Gazebo

Today I want to share a Gazebo in a small town near my home.
It is decorated each season, finally I remember to bring my camera along.
I just love the two cupids!
Gazebo with heats and cupids
I adore this cupid!
I really like the green paint on the steps
Notice the little bushes in front of the cupids are decorated in red lights
Only traffic light in town, view across the street with one of the old wonderful buildings beside it
Can you see the brick that goes in a circle at the crossing of this road?
On the left is a little park with black benches
 How I would love to set a Tea Table up in this wonderful Gazebo!
 It looks warm and sunny, oh but I was freezing taking these photos! lol
A hot cup of  Vanilla Cream Tea would have warmed me up!
Welcome to the 51st Tea Time Tuesday
Today I want to take you on a tour of a park with a Gazebo in a small town near me.
View from across the street, notice the brick street, and old wonderful building
As you walk up the sidewalk, this is the view.
 The gazebo is decorated for each season , can you see the park benches on the left side?
I have always wanted to photograph this gazebo, and this day, I finally had my camera along.
This gazebo is at the only traffic light in town.
I just love the hearts, and the cupid beneath the gazebo
This is a better view of the park on the left
This cupid is so great, I do not know who the artist is, but I love it.
The small bushes below the cupids are covered in red lights
Close up the hearts and benches inside the gazebo
Wouldn’t a Valentine’s Tea be lovely here in this Gazebo????
This small town has given me permission to have a Tea here, can’t wait to show you.
Waiting for a warmer day, if not I will be there one day next week.
Here you can see the brick on the road
Hope to see you next week here in this Gazebo, having Tea!
Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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Easter Picnic

This Easter will spend the afternoon outdoors hunting eggs with our grandchildren.
We decided to have a picnic with just finger foods.
As you will see why we there is no flatware used
We will have iced tea, as it was a hot afternoon.
My whole family is to be here,
it’s been a while since we all had a gathering together as family
My daughters, and grandchildren help take out the dishes and set the tables.
My grandmothers pink roses in the background are blooming a few weeks early this year
By the end of next week they should be in full bloom
Hoping I can do a tea, as I usually do each year
I want to thank my daughters, son-in-laws, and my grandchildren
for setting up the tables.
I uploaded my photos and learning to size them in a different way, on WordPress.
My rabbit on the wagon is carrying egg cups, and dyed egg the grandchildren dyed.
My grandchildren also came up with the idea, and put them in the wagons.
Centerpiece: is my two rabbit wagons, and a bunch of star gazer lilies,
my daughter’s husband brought her.
Arbor of roses in background
Place setting of my Rabbit Birthday dishes, from Cracker Barrel
Charger from Walmart
Goblets from thrift store with napkin inside
I just love my rabbit wagon from Cracker Barrel
My friend Lene, stopped by, we sat at the tea table, between the picnic,
and the children’s table
Yes, I still look pale, and I have on makeup! lol
My grandchildren set up their table, and had to have the tea cups they always drink out of.
They picked out what they wanted to use on the tables
My grandchildren placed eggs all around a tray,
I was really proud of them,
setting both tables
Thank you for joining me for Tea, I hope you all had a lovely Easter.
 Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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Simple white Tea

 Today’s Tea is Simple, all whites looking out my back French Doors.
I want to Thank all of you for making Tea Time a dream come true for over a one year.
I haven’t been able to visit, as I so wish to, I do read your lovely comments. They are heartfelt!!!
 Yes, I do read them all.
I am still battling some health issues, but I do plan to win. Thank you all for your prayers, 
the store/cafe is open and doing well, I am doing what I can to help.
 I am late getting this post up again, Thank you for understanding!!!
Today I am showing you a Tea I did early this year, hoping you will love seeing it again.
I know I have! lol 
I hope you enjoy my Simple White Tea
 As Summer is ad-mist it time to bring out the white again.
This Tea could be for a Mother and Daughter,
 or Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea.
What ever Tea Time you could want.
My Granddaughter’s hat on the back of the chair
On this chair sit my white hat, notice I used doilies on the chair seats
I love using this chrome teapot warmer, for it goes with everything.
My teapot sit on a charger, I do love to use a charger or 
tray underneath my teapots, in case of spillage. 
I love my sterling silver strainer, some think a strainer shouldn’t be used at the Tea Table.
Oh, but I adore using one, as I use loose leaf tea, 
and loose leaf tea needs room to expand as it steeps.
My teapot is empty before the leaves have a chance to turn bitter.
Place Setting
I have used the cups many times, this is the first time I have used the chargers, which are the same pattern. The plate is smaller than a dinner plate, and larger than a desert plate. The plate and bowl are my husband’s Grandmother’s everyday dishes.
Flatware is my Renaissance Reproduction pattern 
Cup, Saucer, and Charger I bought a few years ago from TJ Max 
The 12×12 Tea napkins, I made
Tablecloth was a garage sale find many years ago
My Tea Set is from Ross
My three tier holds, my husband’s Grandmother’s everyday dishes from long ago.
I used faux ivy and white hand painted roses, which are shower curtain holders.
I wanted to show you the view out my French Doors!
I am very lucky to see this view every day from my 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow.
My chickens, now layinga dozen eggs day

My gulf coast native sheep
My ram is in another pasture

Lambs, Bella and Hope playing with Garfield 
Bella was born the December 26th, 2010
Hope was born on Christmas Day 2010

Gulf Coast Native Sheep ready for feeding

Bella and Hope are so cute

My lambs, Hope, Pansy Lee, and Bella
Pansy Lee is in the middle, she was born just a few weeks after Bella and Hope
Pansy Lee was born a morning after, I had just lost a Ewe and her lamb the night before
I use to have a 100 plus sheep, another breed, and I have never lost an Ewe and Lamb in birth.
Pansy came here so tiny, and needing my help

Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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White & Silver Winter’s Tablescape

Welcome to My Cup Of  Tea 
January is National Hot Tea Month
I am reposting this Tablescape I did last year, I see a lot of changes in my dining room, 
and hopefully more to come.
Why not add a pot of Hot Tea, and cups and saucers to your Table
As I look out my door,  at the  lovely site of snow
Yes, there sit my old claw foot bath tub.  I had hubby to bring out to be refinished.
I decided to add silver balls to my Early American Prescut Crystal, with silver trees 


A view of the table set with my silver and Early American Prescut Crystal



A close up of and Early American Prescut Crystal water glass
A cup and saucer ready for a hot cup of tea
 The stemware that came from Dollar Tree


As you enter the dining room from the family room
I didn’t get this one straight! My camera was acting up, as was my hands with the tablecloth

I ordered a new one last week, it was suppose to be here last Friday, I sure hope it comes today! 

Looking for UPS! lol My Cannon I have loved is on a recall list. I sure hope they get it fixed!


Place setting of silver chargers, with Early American Precut Crystal


View to the China Closet
Yes I have it stuffed full, the door is open on one side

Notice the different chairs in my dining room? Now I have the wooden ones. Look at my last post of my Gingerbread Men and Peppermint Tablescape, You can see the difference. Just click here.

I soon hope to move the bench, which my grandchildren love to sit at, 
but I want to have just my chairs for a different look.


 I love the silver balls in the Crystal Bowls with the silver trees


My daughter found a few old pieces of this flatware, I loved it so.
 While looking in Walmart last summer
I came upon a reproduction of this flatware, which had fell in love with.
I bought two sets! 


Renaissance is the name of this lovely flatware that won my heart.



A View of the place setting using the Early American Precut Crystal 
plates, berry bowls, coasters, bread plates, water glass, cup and saucer
If you look close you might just see the lovely stars on the Crystal
I have a huge collection lot of pieces never shown
Today as I show you my table setting.
 Many people come into my website just to see some of my rarest finds
The glasses, and plates are rare finds
Center Piece with the candelabra I got for $1.00
As you leave today, here a wonderful view as the snow follows the creek back into the woods
These pictures were in the morning by afternoon we had over six inches.
Now they say were going to have snow again in a day, I wanting Spring to come, 
but looks like snow loves Mississippi this Winter. 
This Christmas Day 2010,  Snowflakes fell most of the day,
a baby lamb was born  this very day.
Her name is Hope


Then December 26, beneath the starlight another lamb, was born her name is Bella

My Gulf Coast Sheep are from Dempsey Perkins’ Gulf Coast Sheep bloodline, which goes back to the 1800. These sheep are on the critical list. I am so excited to have Mr. Perkins Ram from his farm, I toured his farm and fell in love with this breed of sheep. Mr. Perkins died just 3 months after he took me on a tour of his farm.  At the time I begged him to sell me some lambs, but he had not picked out the ones he wanted to keep. I found my Gulf Coast Sheep in the newspaper, about an hour from our home in a place called Sunrise. I knew they were registered, but not that the Ram Quincy was from Dempsey Perkins’ farm. 
I was so happy to have not only the Ram but four Ewes from his bloodline.

As all know, I love roosters, when I was at the farm Dempsey Perkins’ wife and daughter showed me the wool, spun and carded. I bought some wool to spin.
Then we went to the house, where I feel in love with her Rooster Rug. 
Mrs. Perkins told me where to go in Quincy, Louisiana to purchase it, 
I bought two Rooster Rugs, I’m sure you have seen in my kitchen.
 I have an old walking spinning wheel and Mr. Perkins, one of the nicest men you could know, was to make me new parts for my Walking Wheel. But it was not to be as I was traveling/working. 
By the time I had got home he had already passed. 

I shall always remember the lovely day I spent with the Perkins on their wonderful farm!

Ewe is a ( female sheep)
Ram is a ( male sheep)

on the left Sunrise is two years old,  she is Bella ( Dam) Mother
Trixie, Hope’s Mother is not in this photo for she is up in the barn with Hope.
My ram tore down the feeder, So he is now in another pasture at the back of the barn. 
Soon we hope to have more lambs running around, as all these Ewe’s are to give birth soon. As Sunrise did the night this photo was taken. Joline maybe expecting twins.
from left to right
Sunrise, Sunset, Joline, and Sadie 

My two lambs, Hope and Bella love to run, jump, and play together,
and I love watching from the French Doors!
Thank You for letting me share not only my Table Setting, but my love of sheep on my farm.

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me! 
Lady Katherine

Just a Peek at Brianna’s Tea Party

Tea Time!!! Soon I shall be sharing several Teas This is just a peek at my Granddaughter Brianna Tea Party for her 5th Birthday with her Mother Jennifer

I made all the hats, Will be selling hats at the store and having Afternoon Teas and Tea Parties by reservation only. 

We will be adding a Bakery for we have a fabulous Baker! 

A Gourmet Cook

Lots changing going on at the store!

Store number is 601-854-6442

First time I have given out a telephone number, Can’t wait to see how many calls I get. Remember to ask for Katherine

Thank You everyone for staying around while we go through this new adventure!!!

Lady Katherine  

Tea in the Parlor Makeover

Tea In My Parlor

 old chairs found in our 100 year old craftsman bungalow notice the wood walls, ceiling and floor are wood 
 Mantel After remodel with library added
 Mantel before remodel
 The cupid plate are dated in the 1800’s the cup bowl is old too, the clock found for $10.00 while working traveling in  Dunlap,Tennessee.
 My favorite corner now gone
 my old piano,

 candelabra garage sale for $1.00
 My hospital here for now, I tried to make it look like a day bed, the pictures are now down, and others up

I love my firescreen a gift from Helen, the candle is now broken, because of one of my falls
Preacher gave me this table, he said he knew I would be the one to love it!!!

 Pink swirl china a gift from my daughter Suzette

 Another corner showing my Monet of Poppies

 Bought the silver on Ebay

 I love to spin on my wheel
 This was my favorite corner to have tea, now the library take it
 Notice the small purse, bought it while working traveling the cupids are napkin holders, I made long ago

 One day I hope to recover the chairs in this room they have the horse hair in them
 I painted the mantel and library then stained them I love how it all turned out, even the fireplace wall is painted to look as it wood has been burning in it

I miss you all so much, and blogging, they has taken a different turn for me and taking up to 65 hours a week sometimes more.
Thank you all for still be around for me, I still post on facebook once in a while. 
My granddaughter had a bad accident and will be having surgery in the morning. I decided I need to relax a little so here I am doing what I love to do. I may have posted this before but many have not seen it. 
Thank you all
Lady Katherine