Lady Katherine

Welcome to my blog, I am Lady Katherine, married to a wonderful man, Terry and have two girls and four grandchildren. I have been called an artist at times. I enjoy living in the rural counrty, with my children living close. I enjoyed having a florist, working as an accounting clerk, managing a tanning company. My husband and I left the farm to work with an aviation company, traveling the southeastern states 10 months out of a year. We always drempt that when we retire to travel around in a motor home, but in 2001 we got a job offer to do just that with 10 employees in tow. Now we are home, for two years, for a leave of absence, as our life changed when cancer came into my life. I have enjoyed raising sheep, angora goats, angora rabbits, chickens, turkeys and the list goes on. I use to go on demonstrations to local college to teach spinning on the wheel and weaving cloth on a loom. I enjoy knitting, quilting, paper cutting. I built furniture and surprised myself in painting it in a type of folk art. I live in a 90 year old house, that been up on the remodeling block for 12 years, one day I hope to get it finished. As I am still in the recovering stage after five years. I have enjoyed studing loose tea and tea cup patterns. I hope one day to be finished with all my surgeries, and have a few tea parties. I have been collecting teapots and tea cups for a long time. My kitchen is done in roosters and hens. The chickens out side do a lot of clucking and crowing. We live a simple country life in a community of about 1500 people. Walmart is about 30 miles away, so you have to have list going on all the time, especially since the price of gas has gone up. We see people moving back into the city, but on our 10 acres we have decided it time to have vegetable gardens, and I have always loved the herb graden I have. Until next time, maybe you will try your hand at gardening too.