This festival is held every year and is the best and largest festival I have been to. The festival is held in a pecan grove. I have been involved in demostrations of weaving cloth on a loom and spinning yarn from sheeps wool or angora goats mohair. You can find just about any thing your looking for in antiques, cloth, ect. The pottery is made on scene. I have bought tapestry cloth, iron pots, to prints. The border collie’s, that where the dogs pen the sheep is my favorite. Lots for women and men to do. It makes a really fun weekend. If you miss it this weekend, the festival is held every September.
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SHOW & TELL FRIDAY-Home Made Chandlier

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September 19, 2008

I would like to share the chandlier my husband and I made by taking three lamps apart and uses some of the parts of each. One of the lamps which was the in crystal pattern that I have in the cabinet. We also added a brass chandler, an antique bowl and its prisms. The bowl is turned upside down and last the lampshade the matches my other two crystal pattern lamps with the same shade. The globes I took from my parlor chandlier and that now is in need of replacment globes. All the pieces we used came from garage sales or flea markets and all were less than five dollars each. The chandlier is above my dining room table, it has taken a little while for it to grow on us, but it is one of a kind! The cabinet is an old closet that my husband added shelves and built on to the closet. We took the old french doors that came in our 1920’s craftman’s style house and the old wooden windows that were on the house and used these for the doors on the cabinet that is full of my collection of crystal.

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Last October a neighbor came for a visit and gave us some sugarcane. They grow the sugarcane and then make it into syrup. I have always wanted to go and watch, maybe this year we will go and see how they make the sugarcane syrup the old fashion way. My husband buried the sugarcane in a hill. When spring came he dug the sugarcane up and planted it laying it down length wise and covered with soil.

Is growing!!
but is still growing all bent over.

This is the okra in our daughter, Suzette’s garden
My husband Terry, placed a quarter to show how large the okra stalks have grown. These are thee the largest okra plants we have seen. GUSTAVPosted by Picasaalso blew over the okra.
Terry says he may have to cut it up with a chain saw and use it for fire wood. Ha

Recyle Tea and Cans

My four old grandson Creighton, asked me one day, Granna why do you have tea in those cans.
I explained I save the Lipton tea bags we use for ice tea to cut them apart and use in my flower beds to make the soil better. I also wash out the vegetable cans and use them to store the tea bags in, or use them for holding the old grease, I some times put a plant into the cans that are larger. I cook the egg shells in the oven, while the oven is still hot, after the biscuits are cooked. I use to add them to the flower beds, but now after they are cooked the chicken eat them. I remember my grandmother doing the same, I am just following in her foot steps. Do you have any special ways you use to recycle? If so I love to hear your comment. Posted by Picasa



Pantry Items
One tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice
One cup of whole milk less one tablespoon

Add one tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice in measuring cup
Add milk up to the one cup measuring line
Stir together the milk and vinegar or the lemon juice
Let stand fifteen minutes at room temperature
When milk starts to curdle, stir
Buttermilk is ready to use

Making buttermilk is easy and if you live in the country as I do, or with gasoline so high, then this recipe comes in handy by saving you a trip to the market.

Mixing bowl, I use my old dough bowl
Pastry blender
Rolling pin
Cookie sheet pan
Sharp knife
Parchment paper
Cookie cooling rack


Original Recipe flour mix
One and one half stick of chilled salted butter
One cup of buttermilk
one cup of blueberries
Grated cinnamon with sugar added


Cut one sheet of parchment paper to fit cookie sheet to bake sconce on
Cut one sheet of parchment paper to roll dough on
Add bag of Original Recipe Victorian House Sconces to mixing bowl
Add one and one half stick of chilled salted butter, cut into small pieces using panstry blender
Blend the dough and butter until fine and crumbly
Slowly add one cup of butter milk
work dough with hands until soft ball is formed
place dough on floured parchment paper
Knead three or four times
Divide dough in half
With rolling pin shape each half into a 6 inch flatten circle 3/4 inch thick
Add fresh or frozen blueberries
If using frozen blueberries, leave in freezer until adding to dough to keep them from thawing out to fast
Knead blueberries into dough
shape dough into circle
Cut into quarters, I loved making the scones into a pie shape
At this time you can place on parchment paper cookie sheet and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and bake,
(my oven was set at 350 degrees for about 13 minutes)
When baking do not let the parchment paper turn  dark tan or brown, then you will not cook them too long
Bake scones until light golden brown
Sconces mix makes about 16 scones, depending on size you cut the scones into
Serve warm with butter, preserves, or as I did with dream whip

Or freeze, I placed my scones in a Ziploc freezer bag and placed on a cookie cooling rack in the freezer to keep their shape.
I emailed Debbie at Victorian House Scones about freezing the scones.  
Debbie says the scones should be double bagged in Ziploc freezer bag and should be good for about three months frozen. The scone flour mix shelf life is one year, also if you are keeping it for a year, you may want to add the bag of scone mix into a Ziploc bag.

I order a sconce mix from Victorian House Scones

The parchment paper makes cleaning up so easy and its great to bake with.
I buy my parchment paper at Walmart.

See my article for a picture of baked blueberry scones Tea For Two

Also check out Debbie’s web site for other sconce mix and direction for baking a variation of scones. The scones are very moist and delicious.

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Lady Katherine Parlor

Blue Boy was purchased as a set with the girl in original frames, at a antique shop in Water Valley, MS for $25.00. I wanted this set for the memories of my childhood, my parents who had this set in our living room

Welcome to my parlor. My home is a craftsman’s style built around 1920.

I hope you enjoy seeing photos of my parlor. The portrait on the wall was found last year for three dollars aat a garage sale.

My sofa I found on the side of the road 20 years ago and hauled on the top of my car. I recovered the sofa years ago, now its time for it to be recovered again. My light came from an antique shop. My Spinning wheel is in the back ground. Someday I will to spin on the wheel and blog it.

Here is a photo of my antique piano, and 2 small pictures of flower markets, that I found at a garage sale 20 years ago. The middle photo of a flower market was found in the attic when we purchased our house. Also a lady came to visit and she had a picture that would look wonderful with my others. It was a Monet of field of poppies and ladies. Yeah!

My fireplace mantel was purchased at a antique store.

One day I hope to have gas logs in it.

I have bought most of the items and furniture that decorate this parlor at antique stores or garage sales. Posted by Picasa

Two for Tea Menu


Blueberry Scones
Peanut Butter Cookies
Scramble Egg, Potatoes Cubes, Chopped Bacon, Cheese Dish
Strawberry Preserves
Fig Preserves
Whip cream
Vanilla Creme Tea


Victorian House Scones Original Mix
Peanut Butter Cookie Mix
Smuckers Strawberry Preserves
Homemade Fig Preserves
Two Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls
Cinnamon Sugar
Frozen Blueberries
Dream Whip
Salt & Pepper

Vanilla Creme Tea

Herbs Garnish
Spearmint, Rosemary, Peppermint, Dried roses

Parlor antique coffee table with leather insert

Antique dresser scarf , linen dinner napkin, napkin rings

Royal Albert Old Country Roses
Tea Tray


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