Lady Katherine Parlor

Blue Boy was purchased as a set with the girl in original frames, at a antique shop in Water Valley, MS for $25.00. I wanted this set for the memories of my childhood, my parents who had this set in our living room

Welcome to my parlor. My home is a craftsman’s style built around 1920.

I hope you enjoy seeing photos of my parlor. The portrait on the wall was found last year for three dollars aat a garage sale.

My sofa I found on the side of the road 20 years ago and hauled on the top of my car. I recovered the sofa years ago, now its time for it to be recovered again. My light came from an antique shop. My Spinning wheel is in the back ground. Someday I will to spin on the wheel and blog it.

Here is a photo of my antique piano, and 2 small pictures of flower markets, that I found at a garage sale 20 years ago. The middle photo of a flower market was found in the attic when we purchased our house. Also a lady came to visit and she had a picture that would look wonderful with my others. It was a Monet of field of poppies and ladies. Yeah!

My fireplace mantel was purchased at a antique store.

One day I hope to have gas logs in it.

I have bought most of the items and furniture that decorate this parlor at antique stores or garage sales. Posted by Picasa