Recyle Tea and Cans

My four old grandson Creighton, asked me one day, Granna why do you have tea in those cans.
I explained I save the Lipton tea bags we use for ice tea to cut them apart and use in my flower beds to make the soil better. I also wash out the vegetable cans and use them to store the tea bags in, or use them for holding the old grease, I some times put a plant into the cans that are larger. I cook the egg shells in the oven, while the oven is still hot, after the biscuits are cooked. I use to add them to the flower beds, but now after they are cooked the chicken eat them. I remember my grandmother doing the same, I am just following in her foot steps. Do you have any special ways you use to recycle? If so I love to hear your comment. Posted by Picasa