Bargain Hunting with Laurie,

You need to see her post, its wonderful, A party theme of Fancy Nancy for her granddaughter, getting to meet Mary Engelbreit AND more Celebs at their local book store in a small town in Arkansas. Go See I Loved It!

I get the Home Companion ! Mary was at the local book store for her new book The Night Before Christmas and Laurie got to visit with her. That’s just had to be a highlight of the year for her!

Fancy Nancy author is Jane O’Connor and Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser and Robin was at the local book store to autograph the book, she illustrated for Duchess Sarah Ferguson book entitled TEA FOR RUBY
George Hamilton is going to arrive next.


Oh Dear, Cinderella has lost her slipper,
where is her prince?
Oh my, Cinderella has lost her purse!
Hannah is our Cinderella!
Creighton decided, after the hot dog roast he wanted to be a hot dog!
Our Family Annual Pumpkin Carving Results Are In!
To view my post on the pumpkin carving and hot dog roast click here:
To view my post on the fall table setting for this event click here:
Creighton’s first pumpkin carving,

Ghost in dark, carved by Nick
Ghost carved for Gage by Nick

Skull in the dark, carved by Jennifer

Skull carved by Jennifer

Marvin the Marsh an carved by Terry

Marvin the Mars an, in the dark, carved by Terry

Oh No! carved by Suzette

Oh No! in the dark, by Suzette

Shane carved Cinderella for Hannah

Hope you enjoyed our pumpkin carving.

We took the pumpkin seeds and roasted the pumpkin seeds
in salt and butter in an enamel pan in the oven
at 200 degrees, until they turned golden brown.

The pumpkin seeds made a hit with our family,
We loved the roasted pumpkin seeds.

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where she is hosting SHOW & TELL FRIDAY.

Show and Tell

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To see my post on the fall pumpkin table setting click on:


My husband, Terry starts the pumpkin carving.


Roasting hot dogs and marshmellows.

Nick and his and Jennifer’s daughter Brianna.

Jennifer, and her husband Nick, and their son, Gage

Jennifer and Creighton roasting hot dogs and marshmellow.

Gage by his mother, my daughter Jennifer, Hubby Terry,
my daughter Suzette her son Creighton
Roasting marshmellows.
Hannah with the wheel barrell, Where did the pumpkin go.
Hannnah is Suzette and Shane’s daughter.

Creighton working hard on his first pumpkin carving.

Suzette’s husband Shane.

Brianna says thats a good place for my passie.

Hannah says, my this pumpkin is heavy!

Getting ready to carve.

They used patterns to go by.

Where is the table? They all got on the ground.

My family working hard on their pumpkins.

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Every year on Suzette Birthday we do
a fall theme of pumpkin carving, roast marshmallows
and roast hot dogs in the fire pit.

Click on the purple word, Chandelier to see how it was made.
My chandelier, my husband and I made from 3 lamps and an antique bowl.

The wall of glass cabinets, was a closet that my husband, built shelves and built the cabinet down the length of the wall. He added old french doors that were in our Craftsman’s bungalow, and also used the wooden windows for doors.
I have my crystal dishes in this wall of cabinets.
We plan to add mirrors in the back of cabinet, to show the crystal glass better.

You can just see a little of one of china cabinets, that’s for my

Old Country Roses China. Please note:This room is in a remodeling stage.

Happy Birthday Suzette

As you can see the back wall still has to have the sheet rock to be installed

We always have a type of pumpkin cake,
I sat the pumpkin cake on a basket and filled it with leaves.

The silverware and napkins are placed in a basket with wooden corn.

Center piece for the table.

Pumpkins, leaves, cinnamon sticks,wooden corn, and two blue candle sticks.
Suzette got the candle sticks for me at a garage sale a few weeks ago

The table is set with blue and white Pfalizgraff dishes and blue glasses from a store in Alabama.

My family is now out side carving pumpkins,

roasting hot dogs, and marshmellows! See you at my next post,

for the update on the pumpkin carving!

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I opened the package and here is the lovely tea pot block, framed, and signed by Sherri.

I will cherish this block , I love tea pots and its pink and burgundy!

I am giving you a peek now, but I have some plans for the tea pot block.

YOU HAVE TO VISIT SHERRI AT HER QUILTING SITE, The tea pot quilt that is being made from these blocks is beautiful!


at her Etsy shop: Seasonal Delights

I Have been in love and got to purchase Kelli’s Little Women Journal

and a Fairy bookmark. If you have a chance go see Kelli at her Etsy shop.

I think Kelli should put a few doilies in her shop! Just a hint Kelli, I think the doilies are beautiful!

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I received my favorite Tea Time magazine today.
As I was looking through it,

There is a picture of A Lovely Vision of Hope.

I was very surprised when I saw this picture in Tea Time Magazine.

A LADY’S HOPE the post I wrote on breast cancer awareness and also see the A PINK ROSE post that I wrote with Anni. You can tell when I glued HOPE back together, her umbrella is in the wrong place.

The lady my sister gave me last year as a gift, I had no idea where she bought it. A Lovely Vision of Hope, can be ordered from theHamilton Collection, portions of the proceeds from the sale goes to help find a cure for breast cancer.

Now I can order another lady, and I will have A LADY’S HOPE

and A Lovely Vision of Hope.

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I Have been given this special award!

This Creative Blogger award is very special to me,
for I am a new at blogging.
Thank you Charlotte at My Dolls

Ihave also been tagged by Charlotte to write about six things I value and six things I do not value.


1. My parents for giving me my morals, values, and my faith in God
2. My husband of 31 years who has keep his vows for sickness or in health
3. My Family, who I see learning life’s lessons everyday, for going through the tough times and come out stronger.
4. My life in the country in our craftsman’s bungalow
5. Friendship, a friend is one who is there through the good and the bad
6. My Love of collecting all old things and my blue birds

1. Squeaky doors
2. Leaky faucet
3. Sleepless nights
4. Weeds and grass in my gardens
5. Running out of propane and cold floors
6. When my favorite daily TV show is cancelled

Below is a list of blogs that I enjoy reading. So I pass this award to you, for having a creative blog, that brings sunshine into my life. Just right click on the award and send it to your blog.

2. Manuela
4. Anni



My heart has been heavy all week, since I posted:

hootinanni read my post and placed it upon her blog and wrote the most heart felt post concerning my post on A LADY’S HOPE.

I want to thank Anni for giving me this honor. I feel very blessed that someone cared not only for me, but for all the women in the world. I HOPE we have made a difference in your life and thanks to all that posted such sweet and encouragement notes to me.
May God Bless You All!

Below is the post Anni graciously wrote about:
A LADY’S HOPE on her blog.

Then, please note: This is Girl to Girl talk. [that begins with “G” also] It’s a very serious note. But one that needs to be mentioned not only in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month…but ANYtime! Yesterday, I read the most poignant blog post. About Lady Katherine, and her trials and feeling hopeless. From discovering cancer, and the turmoil of emotions up to getting rid of everything PINK because of the association of it all and her illness. As of today, she is a survivor. And she has so eloquently wrote about herself and her doubts and her strengths. Only coming to today with a new HOPE and what HOPE is for her in so many ways. I grabbed this off her blog, with no intention of infringing any copyright. I felt compelled to share her blog story for us all. Kathy, I hope you don’t mind. You, in some way, opened my eyes and left me soaring with hope myself!! For you, for us all. Well Done!!!If you’d like to meet and find a woman who was candid; her sharing, her honesty and true feelings, filled with hope and joy…stop by [the link is “Girl to Girl Talk” at the beginning of my ‘note’ and will open in a new window].

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My daughter Jennifer wanted to learn how to make brooms from straw.

My daughter Jennifer and I took a broom tying class together at The Little Store In the Woods in Meridian, Mississippi, from Linda at Crevitts Traditions, Linda is a very patient teacher of broom tying and even made us lunch of chicken salad and ice tea. It was a wonderful tea luncheon. Linda is a very talented broom tying artist. I wish I had some pictures of her work to show.
It was a very fun day, my daughter and I spent together, and a lot of work.

I took the class with Jennifer and made one spider web broom, one hearth broom, and the pot scrubbers and crumb broom. It is hard work, it takes a lot of strength in your hands. After the class, I left the broom making to my daughter, Jennifer.

Below is a picture of the broom straw from which we made the brooms. The broom straw comes in different length. This gives you lengths to make several different types of brooms.

My daughter Suzette, one Christmas picked broom sage from the field and went into the woods and cut this unique handle, I had to peek! She was working hard at sawing the twisted tree for a handle. She stained the handle and twisted strips of cloth, that she cut to wrap around the broom sage and handle. She made this broom with no help. I will cherish this broom always. She was around 13 years of age when she made this broom for my Christmas present.

The broom straw that has the shortest length, we made into pot scrubbers and a crumb broom, to sweep off the counter top. We dyed nylon twine, using union dyes, which we heated in an enamel canning pot on the stove . Be sure not to use the pot for food afterwards, only use the pot to dye with. We left the twine which we had made into a skein of twine, in the dye pot until the twine was the dark color we wanted. Then rinsed it under water until the water was clear. We then hung the skein outside to dry. The handles are placed on a vise and we used a draw knife to cut the handle into a smaller shape, for the broom straw to fit into. We also used the vise to hold our handle to cut it with a hand saw to the length we wanted our handle to be. We took the skein of twine and rolled onto a big round piece of wood, and placed our feet on each side of the log and held the twine tightly in our hands. We placed broom straw in layers and added the twine. Then at the end we gave some of the brooms a hair cut. Jennifer has made lots more brooms and I would buy them from her to give as gifts. They are a big hit, especially the spider web broom and the crumb broom.

Here is a collection of some of the brooms we have made. The tall skinny broom was made from the longest length of the broom straw. This broom is used for dusting anything that is higher than you can reach, or sweeping down spider webs. The three short brooms, we used a medium length broom straw and use this broom as a hearth broom. All the handles came from the woods by our house. Some have a clear coat spray finish. There are several broom that are made from the broom sage, where I would pick the sage, as we traveled the south eastern states. One sage broom is my husband’s grandmothers. In the old days we watched our grandmothers, and(she made sure we helped) sweep the house, porch, and usually there was not much grass around the house and you had to sweep the dirt.

Notice the broom straw is very different from broom sage.

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Show and Tell

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