I Have been given this special award!

This Creative Blogger award is very special to me,
for I am a new at blogging.
Thank you Charlotte at My Dolls

Ihave also been tagged by Charlotte to write about six things I value and six things I do not value.


1. My parents for giving me my morals, values, and my faith in God
2. My husband of 31 years who has keep his vows for sickness or in health
3. My Family, who I see learning life’s lessons everyday, for going through the tough times and come out stronger.
4. My life in the country in our craftsman’s bungalow
5. Friendship, a friend is one who is there through the good and the bad
6. My Love of collecting all old things and my blue birds

1. Squeaky doors
2. Leaky faucet
3. Sleepless nights
4. Weeds and grass in my gardens
5. Running out of propane and cold floors
6. When my favorite daily TV show is cancelled

Below is a list of blogs that I enjoy reading. So I pass this award to you, for having a creative blog, that brings sunshine into my life. Just right click on the award and send it to your blog.

2. Manuela
4. Anni

6 thoughts on “BLOG AWARD – TAGGED

  1. I think that your #3 on both lists somehow go together very well…sleepless nights, augh!

    Yeah, the girls did real good at the fair in all of their contests.
    The Dairy Judging scores for both girls are up from last year.
    And I think we will know even more about chickens next year.

  2. Thank you for the award,and congrats for winning it.You have some wonderful values and some right on none values.Okay now I can not seem to get this moved over to my page,what am I ding wrong.PLEASE tell me.You know I am not to good at this yet.

  3. You are a perfect choice that Charlotte made, Katherine. I’m so happy that you received it.

    I’m so pleased and thankful that you thought of me. That just made my day. You’re a treasure, a treasure to us all in blogland and we ALL value your friendship.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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