My four year old grandson decided he would like to have his tea in a tea cup too. He usually has it in a mug.

He loves to come and have tea with his Granna, I am sure he would not be happy at a tea party for little girls. Just with his Granna.

My grandson loves to drink it hot, My two year old granddaughter sometimes will ask for a little ice instead of milk. They love to add honey in their tea.
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8 thoughts on “BOYS LIKE TEA TOO

  1. I hosted a princess tea party at work yesterday. Two boys were dragged along with their sister. You should’ve seen their miserable little faces 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comments, these two grandchildren live next to me so we have tea just about everyday. With cookies, or cinnamon sugar toast, to strawberry jelly sandwich, no peanut butter.

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