Every year on Suzette Birthday we do
a fall theme of pumpkin carving, roast marshmallows
and roast hot dogs in the fire pit.

Click on the purple word, Chandelier to see how it was made.
My chandelier, my husband and I made from 3 lamps and an antique bowl.

The wall of glass cabinets, was a closet that my husband, built shelves and built the cabinet down the length of the wall. He added old french doors that were in our Craftsman’s bungalow, and also used the wooden windows for doors.
I have my crystal dishes in this wall of cabinets.
We plan to add mirrors in the back of cabinet, to show the crystal glass better.

You can just see a little of one of china cabinets, that’s for my

Old Country Roses China. Please note:This room is in a remodeling stage.

Happy Birthday Suzette

As you can see the back wall still has to have the sheet rock to be installed

We always have a type of pumpkin cake,
I sat the pumpkin cake on a basket and filled it with leaves.

The silverware and napkins are placed in a basket with wooden corn.

Center piece for the table.

Pumpkins, leaves, cinnamon sticks,wooden corn, and two blue candle sticks.
Suzette got the candle sticks for me at a garage sale a few weeks ago

The table is set with blue and white Pfalizgraff dishes and blue glasses from a store in Alabama.

My family is now out side carving pumpkins,

roasting hot dogs, and marshmellows! See you at my next post,

for the update on the pumpkin carving!

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5 thoughts on “FALL TABLE SETTING

  1. Lady Katherine,

    I enjoyed your post. Everything is so nice. Your chandelier is amazing!!- How creative and beautiful!!
    I was just reading your comment over at Kelli’s and wanted to give my best regards and prayers for your health issues. I hope your hospital stay brings about a full recovery in very little time. Blessings to you and your family.

    Your blogging friend,
    Linda C

  2. What a nice tradition. Sounds fun!
    The table is gorgeous!
    I want that chandelier – Beautiful!
    The cabinets are a nice area…yeah, the mirrors will be nice. Show us when you get them up.

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