Oh Dear, Cinderella has lost her slipper,
where is her prince?
Oh my, Cinderella has lost her purse!
Hannah is our Cinderella!
Creighton decided, after the hot dog roast he wanted to be a hot dog!
Our Family Annual Pumpkin Carving Results Are In!
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Creighton’s first pumpkin carving,

Ghost in dark, carved by Nick
Ghost carved for Gage by Nick

Skull in the dark, carved by Jennifer

Skull carved by Jennifer

Marvin the Marsh an carved by Terry

Marvin the Mars an, in the dark, carved by Terry

Oh No! carved by Suzette

Oh No! in the dark, by Suzette

Shane carved Cinderella for Hannah

Hope you enjoyed our pumpkin carving.

We took the pumpkin seeds and roasted the pumpkin seeds
in salt and butter in an enamel pan in the oven
at 200 degrees, until they turned golden brown.

The pumpkin seeds made a hit with our family,
We loved the roasted pumpkin seeds.

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Show and Tell

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Katherine!! The opening of your blog with the story of Cinderella is just super. What an adorable costume and cute, cute girl! That hot dog costume is charming!! He’s so sweet!!!

    Then, the pumpkin carving. Well, let me just say….they blow me away!!! Awesome.

    My Show n Tell is shared. Come by if you can. And I added a comment link right below the end of my show n tell today, since it’s such a huge blog for Halloween. Gifts galore for all! If you stop by!!!

  2. Cinderella didn’t look too thrilled! But she sure is cute!

    Loved the pumpkins, Cinderella turned out fabulous! I have carved pumpkins on my S&T today as well!

  3. WOW! I don’t know which one I like best! Thank you for showing them lit up! Too Cool! Happy Halloween-yall have fun tonight:)

  4. Wow! These pumpkins are really awesome! I love the “dark” ones. I have not seen these before. Thanks for sharing. Please feel free to visit my blog :).

  5. Absolutely adorable children! And I loved your pumpkins – all works of art.

    Precious family.

    (I’m originally from MS)


  6. Hi there…thank you for your nice comments on my blog…nice to meet you. Wow, y’all sure know how to carve pumpkins! All of them look GREAT! 😉 Bo

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