SHOW & TELL FRIDAY- Handmade Baskets

Today I am sharing my handmade baskets.

This basket, I wove of white oak strips, added handles and legs. In side of the basket is an old quilt top my grandma made from her’s and grandpa’s clothes. One day am going to make into a quilt.

In the center top is an egg basket, the small basket with cinnamon sticks usually hangs on my kitchen wall. The round basket on the right side of it, is what I call an Easter basket. The darker color baskets I dipped in a mixture of boiled walnut shells and water, to make a stain. The multicolor basket is a Choctaw Indian basket, that I wove.

These two baskets I wove, using white oak strips . I use these baskets to hold sheep wool mohair, and yarn that I spin from my sheep’s wool and angora goats.

This basket I wove on a cloth weaving loom with white oak strips and my sheep’s wool, that I spun from my sheep. After weaving on the loom I then put it together by hand. The pale yellow color, I dyed from plant material. The small scarf underneath the basket, I wove on a triangular frame loom and used the mohair that I spun, from my angora goats. My granddaughter who is two loves to wear it.


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  1. Thank you for all your comments about my baskets. Its is like any other craft or art. If you love, its fun and relaxing, even more fun, when you have a group of ladies sharing a day weaving baskets.

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