My one year old granddaughter’s first tea cup

When my two year old granddaughter comes, the first thing she asks for is for tea in her tea cup.


My Royal Albert Country Roses Tea Set

I have been collecting on EBay

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9 thoughts on “TEA CUP GIRLS

  1. Good Afternoon Lady Katherine: You have two fine little maidens there in your court!! Tea parties I love too. We have tea rooms here in Savannah and when I can I go with friends. Lots of fun!!
    Thanks for stopping by..I LOVE new visitors.

  2. The two small tea cups for my granddaughters are different. The tea set is and I have more pieces in a china cabinet, are Royal Albert Old Country Roses

  3. That is a beautiful tea set! I just bought my daughter her first toy set. I found one at a church rummage sale that is just like the set I had new in the box. I was thrilled!

  4. Precious little girls! I ADORE my little grandsons, but there are no tea parties in my future with those three.

    Enjoy them, spoil them. This grandparenting thing is the BEST.

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