Day Twenty-Nine of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!
We had my daughter, Jennifer, children for the day.
Grandpappy made a corn cob helicopter,
from a corn cob and chicken feathers.
Gage is showing his new toy,

he had so much fun flying the corn cob helicopter.

Brianna among the flowers.
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This day Twenty-Seven of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!
I am so Thankful, to have a loving family, a roof over my head, food to eat, good friends, and a life to live.
This print usually hangs in my dining room, which is in remodeling mode. This print means a lot to me. For I feel this lady is giving thanks for her blessing, of just a meager bowl of soup and a warm drink. Yet, with this said, she reminds me of my life, to be thankful for the life and home that I have. No matter what stage of life I am in. She reminds me daily to be thankful for just the little things.
Happy Thanksgiving and Many Blessing From Our Home to Yours.
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Day Twenty-Six of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!
Jelly Cupboard has a screen door, I bought it a garage sale years ago.
In my kitchen sits the jelly cupboard, that is usually full of jelly.Now that I have grandchildren, the jelly went fast. I have a few of the fig preserves put back. I made the plate, it says Where Friends Gather.I also made the lady beside the plate.
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Day Twenty-Five of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!
This is a party table that rolls, it metal and has a shelf on the back.
The Westinghouse roaster was made in 1956, this party table was made around the same time. I bought the party table from a garage sale 15 years ago it is in a storage room, with no light, I could not get really good pictures of it. Hubby will redo the finish when he does the roaster, until then .

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Day Twenty-Four of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!
This 1956 Westinghouse roaster was in our Craftsman’s Bungalow, when we moved the house on to our ten acres. The house no one had lived in for 4 years. This roaster was in the walk in pantry, The house had a leak , above where this roaster was sitting, so it has some rust spots. Hubby and I thought it was a cannier of some type. We have been remodeling our home and hubby pulled the roaster out and was going to take to the scrap iron place. A little meltal cooking guide fell out as he was moving the roaster and told how long to cook each type of meat. Hubby decided to go look it up on the web. The lid has a hook to stand up on the side of the roaster while checking what you are cooking. The clock on the front, also operates as a timer. If the Westinghouse 1956 roaster was cleaned up and painted, the worth is $3000.00, for something we were about to throw out. Hubby plans to clean it up and paint it with a special paint.
Inside there is a rack to hold the meat off the bottom.
The top of the roaster comes off for cleaning , the bottom has a door in it for storage.
The roaster also has a griddle with it, which is rare to find. All of the roaster and the griddle still works.
This 1956 Westinghouse roaster and griddle, has a side party tray.
Tomorrow I will post the party tray, I happen to but at a garage sale 25 years ago.
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Day Twenty-Three of November’s

I am a Woman of Simplicity!

Today’s mail came with package from Virginia, I thought who do I know in Virginia, Did not recognize the name.

I opened the package and what a lovely surprise, the note said Merry Christmas, Grammy E. What a wonderful thoughtful gift, Thank you Grammy for you have brighten up my day. So sweet of her to do this for me. On my blog, I have a list to keep me reminded of things I want to do, and things to find, and places to go and I thought it would be away to tell something about who I am . Never did I dream someone would send me something on my list. This Fox hunt print is one of the items on my list.

The fox hunt print will always be dear to me, for it was given to me, by someone that is very thoughtful and kind. Thank you Grammy!

Today the mail also brought a bread book to me. I ordered The Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book after Manuela, over at The Pleasures of Home Making, wrote an article about this bread book on her blog. I can’t wait to check out all the breads in this book. I went to the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day web site. Its really neat. Take a look at it and I bet you  will want the book too.!

Just in case you missed this, I have been wanting my friend, Hazel’s recipe for HER cinnamon almond bread for several years. My hubby loves it so much, he does not like cake or sweet breads, but when it comes to Hazel’s cinnamon almond bread, when you turn your back its all gone! Hazel brought me the recipe, the starter and a loaf of cinnamon almond bread. Yeah!

I could not sleep last night, so I got on the computer, to catch up on some blogs, I love to read. I had a message, I won a give a way of tea samples, that I did not know I was entered in from Steph’s Cup of Tea! Yeah!
Its Looking a lot like Christmas!

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Day Twenty-Two of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!
My 90 year old friend, lives twenty one miles from me, she came for a visit, while my neighbor Margaret and I were having tea. I set another place. I know I already said this on my tea sampling, but I am so Happy to be given her prized Almond Cinnamon Bread Recipe!
Below Hazel is holding her wonderful creation, gourd and pine straw bowls. Which her lucky daughters will be receiving.
This gourd pine straw bowl is setting in a stand. Can’t you just see it on a lovely table! The picture does not show up the gold colors, but believe me its so pretty!
The inside of the gourd pine straw bowl, is covered in handmade paper, and sealed for food.
Don’t you agree the gourd pine straw bowls are wonderful?
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This Fall I am sharing a display of gourds 
I have grown these gourds and some purchased from a gourd farm in Wrens, Georgia.
Some of the gourds are ones I have made, or friends have made.
In Wrens, Georgia the fields are covered in gourds as far as one can see.
At the gourd store the gourds are stacked up in large sections by size and type of gourds.
Some are stacked in bins. Inside the small store they sell gourds the have been cleaned and
holes drilled for bird houses. You can also purchase iron hangers to make a tree of bird house
gourds. I left with a truck load of gourds, that were from the field, on my first visit.
These are a few gourds that I have made while traveling around the Southeastern States of the USA. I wove a pine straw rim on to the rims of the gourds by drilling small holes around the rim and used the soldering iron to burn in the designs. Then I used a leather stain and a polythene spray to give the gourds a finish.
 To make these gourds food safe you can use a Tung Oil, which says  is only for foods.  
Some Tung Oil is not safe for food.

The small gourd with the beads, hanging from the stand is a berry gourd, I am told the Native American Indians, used these to pick berries along the trails. The pine straw is from long leaf pine trees in Camden, South Carolina. I also have a cane piece cut, that I used for a handle. I picked up the pine straw from under the trees, while working in the area.

To clean the  gourds, I have cut the tops off using a drill bit saw and washed in Clorox after taking out the  seeds, and cleaned out the insides by soaking in water.
I also take a small abrasive sponge to clean the outsides.
 I then drilled small holes around the rim of the gourd drilled and they are then ready to be woven with pine straw. I use a waxed linen or you can use raffia as many of my friends do.

My friend Hazel painted and wove this pine straw on this gourd, using raffia.
She gave it to me as a gift. I am blessed!
My friend Hazel, who is 90 years old came for a visit and she always bring show and tell.
Its so fun when she comes to visit. These gourds are her latest creations.

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

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As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine


Today I am sharing my china hutch.
I used the wood from the walls of our Craftsman’s Bungalow, that we are remodeling.
I then built this open hutch,(Yes, by myself) and painted it with brown milk paint.
I then used a wax for milk paint for a finish.
These dishes are a twelve place setting, my sister Gloria has given to me, instead of flowers while I was in the hospital.
The twelve blue chargers are glass, I picked up at a thrift store in South Carolina.
Also on the bottom shelf are my churns, the one on the right, belonged to my Mother, I churned a lot of butter in it. The picnic basket is a gift from my daughter Jennifer. The kitchen is stenciled around the ceiling, with basket of blue flowers and a wreath. I still have the wood walls in my kitchen.
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