Day Seventeen of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!
Sweet and Simple! This flower is lovely and still blooming in November,
Little plants are still forming and growing. I have no idea what this plant is called.
The plant usually comes back in Spring, after the winter, and spreads everywhere growing between two to three feet tall.

Does anyone know the name of this plant?
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8 thoughts on “BLOOMS IN NOVEMBER

  1. Katherine…we have a gal here that knows every plant there is…ask her…she is Tootsie Time…go to my blog list and you can get there..she would know if anyone does…good luck..hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Hi Katherine…I’m not sure what that little plant is either…but sure is pretty…bet Tootsie knows. :-) The cup you liked on my blog today is by Lenox and the pattern is Bulter’s Pantry-Gourmet. I just purchased a bunch of it and they are shipping it all to me…all I could get for now were the cups and saucers and few serving pieces. I’ll have to do a tablescape when it all arrives…which won’t be until January!

  3. hello. My name is Glenda and I have a blog called Tootsie Time. I am the resident “crazy plant lady” I was asked to come and see these wonderful flower pictures on your blog post today. My first gut impression based on looking at the leaves, color and shape, and the shape of the flowers is that this is some kind of hydrangea. If I am right…you are the luckiest lady I know! I am a resident of Alberta Canada and we cannot get as lucky as you to have anything blooming at this time of year!
    I will keep looking around and see if I can give you a better more definite answer. Oh yea…thanks for the mystery!
    stop by my blog anytime. If you don’t mind…I am going to follow yours…mine is a little stale of plant info lately….got bloggers block….but will be in full force soon.

  4. They look like ‘lace cap’ hydrangea to me. And if I recall correctly they begin growing in early spring up until the first frost. Blooming profusely.

    It’s beautiful.

  5. Good morning Katherine, I hope you are having a lovely day! That’s a beautiful bloom and so sweet that you still have flowers even now! Stop by to see my tablescape today…

  6. The mystery flower.
    Oh, my – I have no clue!
    It is truly gorgeous, though!

    My silly computer has been doing some strange things. :o |

    It’s good to be back online.
    I’ve gotta catch up on all of your “I Am A Woman of Simplicity” posts.

    Have a blessed day! Lisa

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