Day six of November’s
I am a woman of Simplicity!
Wheat Granpappy picked from the field

The stalk is usually made into wheat straw bales, used for animal bedding, erosion control.

A double heart braided from the wheat stalk.

See my article on the Little Red Hen
to find out more about wheat:

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5 thoughts on “HEART MADE OF WHEAT

  1. Good day,
    From one southern gal to another. I love your blog. I’m getting ready to start my own blog and I’m lost in blogworld, USA. LOL
    but I see we have a shared interest in tea. Before I got sick and had to retire (4 year breast-cancer survivor) I owned and operated Miss Lila’s Tea Room here in Atlanta. I think we could become good blog buddies in the future.
    Miss Lila

  2. Katherine…love all your simplicity posts…just read through several of these. Love the persimmon song! :-) The pie in my header is pecan. Chose pecan pie since Georgia is known for it’s pecans. :-) I see another Georgia gal left a comment, too! Wish I’d been to Miss Lila’s Tea Room when it was open…I guess it is now closed from the comment. Susan

  3. Very nice post on the wheat,really like the heart you braided.You have finally got this blogging down.Hope I can get it figured out better here soon.

  4. I love the wheat stalks and like to see them in arrangements. I’m also a tea lover and am trying new teas. Today I bought the Tetley red tea, vanilla flavour. It’s really nice but I don’t know if you get it outside of Canada.

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