Day eight of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!

I have had several request for Miss Ruby’s chicken salad!
Miss Ruby’s Chicken Salad


3 – 4 chicken breast, one red apple or two if you like, 1 small can of minced pineapple,

almonds or pecans, mayonnaise.

Boil 3-4 chicken breast in water, until meat is well cooked. Drain off liquid, take off skin and bone, shred chicken breast into small pieces with knife and fork. Add one red apple with skin left on, chop into small chunks. Add one small drained can of minced pineapple. Add about one cup or less of chopped almond slices or pecans.

Mix shredded chicken, red apple, minced pineapple, chopped almonds or pecans. Add mayonnaise, the mayonnaise you add until all ingredients are moist. This you just have to wing it, for the chicken breast are never the same size. After well mixed fold the green and red seedless grapes into mixture. Sprinkle red and green seedless grapes on top.

Serve with any type of crackers or bread. I use Ritz.

I leave the chicken salad in fridge until ready to serve.
See the Miss Ruby’s chicken salad on my table set with Early American Prescut Crystal

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  1. Oh yum….oh yum!!!
    I must ‘fess up, of all the meat salads, I like chicken salad best. And this recipe sounds so delicious, I am going to copy and save this for use in the NEAR future. Of course it helps when dear man of mine agrees with me that chicken salad is the best of all meat salads. Right?

    Yes indeedy, I’m gonna make this before too long. And I’ll be sure to give you all the credit for introducing me to it.

    How have you been? I’ve been busy as a one armed paper hanger and seem to not accomplish a thing these days! I’m gonna go skim down your blog and try and catch up on your November blogging.

    Happy weekend wishes to you.

  2. MMmmm – this sounds DELISH, how unique!

    Thank you so very much for letting me know you were going to post it.

    Unfortunately, though my husband likes to think of himself as broad minded and open to new things, this would not get past his lips :( I made a nice salad last night – asian, with sprouted mung beans, shredded and a delicious orange, seasame and ginger, dressing and he did tttryyyy it (reluctantly) but gave it over for a serving of swiss chard. LOL

    I enjoyed coming to see you and wish you a good weekend!

    ~ Mrs. Miles

  3. I came by your blog via My Romatic Home. The recipe looks tastey. I am a tea and tea party lover myself. Our circle of friends try to have one a month just to have some great girl time.

  4. I love chicken salad. I like your recipe, but would leave out the pineapple (just my taste). I copied a recipe from where I worked years ago-they used apples, celery and toasted chopped pecans-heavenly!!!

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