Day three of November’s

I am a Woman of Simplicity

Lady Katherine picking persimmons.

I was so excited after 5 years on the road working with an Aviation Co. , our persimmon trees had died. Now we have one a good size and two small persimmon trees.

My grandfather Oscar, while sitting by the fireplace to get warm. Grandpa would sit me upon his knee and rock back and forth in the old deer skin seat ladder back chair.

Then he would sing, and every time I would say sing it again Grandpa!

Possum in a persimmon tree, raccoon on the ground. Raccoon say possum throw me a persimmon down. Coon dog, baby coon,coon dog, baby coon.

Possum has a long slick tail, racoon is a hairy,
rabbit come a skipping by he has no tail to sparey.

Sing it again, Grandpa!

Persimmons in a willow star shaped basket I bought in Texas.

The persimmon seeds , when cut in half has a fork and a spoon in side

The permission tree.

A persimmon

Get ready for another post on persimmons,
I will be having a tea sampling with a persimmon cake..

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  1. What a lovely memory! We have a persimmon tree down the road, but I’ve been able to use them this year for the first time – I found a food mill thingy at a yard sale!

  2. Persimmon cake sounds so lovely! I’ve seen persimmons in the store but I wouldn’t know what to do with one so I look forward to seeing your cake.


  3. Hi Katherine! I’ll see you tomorrow, I can’t wait. Look at all the persimmons! I just saw a 5 year old tree today at the plant nursery and was tempted to buy it. Seeing yours makes me wanna go and buy it. Can it withstand MS winter?…Christine

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