Day five of my November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity

Oh My! Oh My! What a lovely surprise! Inside the wreath I made, I am getting ready for Spring with the seeds Grammy sent to me!

The post I wrote on growing, Loofah Sponge,

I sent Grammy seeds of the Loofah Sponge,

I loved Grammy’s Nasturtium’s post, and she has sent my not only Nasturtiums, but yellow Marigold,and Cinnamon Basil !

I will have some new plants this coming Spring
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One thought on “SEED EXCHANGE

  1. How exciting!! I didn’t participate in this, wish I had known tho. A lady blogger sent me some poppy seeds —all the way from Germany. Thing is, I really don’t know when is best for planting the seeds being that it doesn’t freeze down here, and yet, if I plant them too early, they’ll pop up out of the ground and then being as fragile as they are, I’m afraid the cold we get in February would ‘kill them off’. I’m gonna be patient and wait unTIL February and then plant them, hoping that it won’t be too late in the year.

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