Today I am sharing my china hutch.
I used the wood from the walls of our Craftsman’s Bungalow, that we are remodeling.
I then built this open hutch,(Yes, by myself) and painted it with brown milk paint.
I then used a wax for milk paint for a finish.
These dishes are a twelve place setting, my sister Gloria has given to me, instead of flowers while I was in the hospital.
The twelve blue chargers are glass, I picked up at a thrift store in South Carolina.
Also on the bottom shelf are my churns, the one on the right, belonged to my Mother, I churned a lot of butter in it. The picnic basket is a gift from my daughter Jennifer. The kitchen is stenciled around the ceiling, with basket of blue flowers and a wreath. I still have the wood walls in my kitchen.
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23 thoughts on “SHOW & TELL CHINA HUTCH

  1. Oh I love it. You are so creative.
    I have been pondering how to use the space in my kitchen above a baseboard heater. I will use only 4 or 6 inch boards for shelves. This will be built in. But you post inspired me to make it more ornate. You are waking up my creative side that has been asleep for a while. Thanks.
    Grammy E

  2. don’t show gloria (happy to be) she will rob you! this is super pretty….and so clean! mine would be covered in a “protective” layer of dust!

  3. You built that hutch? What talent. Love, love all of the blue and white china on it. Looks like a picture in a magazine. laurie

  4. Wow, it is beautiful and what a talented lady…I made a love paddle once…that’s it with the woodmaking…have a great weekend.

  5. Your hutch and blue dishes look great, now you need to post your Star of David Glass Wear.
    Star will be sent in a few days there is alittle something else coming with it.I started the other first and I will gladly add the star.

  6. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift – china instead of flowers! I love it! Something to keep forever.

    Everything looks lovely.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. OH MY!! You built that yourself? That is GORGEOUS!!! And it looks very hard to do!! Good for you!

    And your dishes are SO lovely! The hutch and your dishes look so nice together!

    Mrs. U

  8. OH Girl I am doing my happy dance now!! Oh I just love blue and white dishes and that cabinet you made?? I am so impressed you have no idea how much..Love the Butter churn,,wow I am having a good time here,,,Oh wait a minute what did Tootsie say I would steal it?? boy she knows me ha ha!! thanks for sharing…just loved this post..Hey and your Sister can’t be all bad with the name of Gloria…hugs and smiles dear friend…Gloria

  9. Wow! I’m impressed that you built that neat shelf! You may have a whole new career ahead of you!!

    I love the dishes, such a nice gift in lieu of flowers (which wouldn’t have lasted!)


  10. I love your churns! I’ve always wanted to display one in my kitchen, but have never bought one. I’m still waiting on a “deal”. :o) I like your open hutch too. You did very well making that. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us.

  11. That is so soothing to look at- your sis has great taste. I love that idea- what a sweet idea for someone special in the hospital-and to look back at it now with a sense of accomplishment and beauty. You must have been there awhile. What you did and to have the talent to build that incredible hutch!!You go Girl.

  12. WOW, I have had to catching up to do on your blog. You are very crafty. I have always wanted to build something out of wood but never have. You sister gave you china instead of flowers? Some sister you have. Send her my will ya? lol

  13. You built that yourself!! You are truly amazing. I need you to come visit me – I’ll have lots for you to do LOL! It’s just beautiful and you know I LOVE all those dishes!!


  14. Wow, Katherine…you made this!!! I love it! Your china is gorgeous displayed this way! You amaze me…I can’t make anything!

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