Day seven of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!

Results of Vintage Tea Camelot Tea Sampling is in!

My hubby’s first hot tea, yes the Camelot Tea is really good, we both agreed, the Camelot Tea has a taste of raspberries. Hubby loved his tea with no sugar, I took my tea with sugar and loved Vintage Tea Camelot Tea. My hubby and I both tried Vintage Tea’s Camelot Tea with milk, we both preferred the Camelot Tea without milk.

See my post on picking persimmons.
My freshly baked Persimmon Cake, baked in small bunt cake pan.
Please come have tea with me!

I said to hubby! Yes, he did have tea, with me!

Just no pictures allowed! He only agreed, for he loves my persimmon cake!

My hubby had four of the little cups of Camelot Tea!

This has been my best Tea Party

Yet! For this Tea Party was just Hubby and me!

Persimmon cake with icing, placed on a bowl with pine straw rim, upon a piece of pottery.

A couple of gourds and red berries around the pottery. Add a piece of cotton and you have it all.

My sister, Gloria gave me this little set of tea cups and saucers on my 50th Birthday.

I set up the Tea Party in our bedroom.
The parrot table cloth was from a pen pal in Australia. The tea pot was bought at a garage sale 15 years ago, with four little round tea cups. One round tea cup got broke. So today I used one round teacup to hold the sugar. This is the first time all of my brown tea cups, saucers and brown tea pot have been used! I tied raffia on the napkins, that hold the silverware.

Click Here to:See persimmons

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6 thoughts on “TEA SAMPLING – CAMELOT TEA – Persimmon Cake

  1. What a lovely tea party. I love that parrot tablecloth, and what fun to get your husband to share tea with you. Your cake looks delicious! I can see how it enticed him to join you. laurie

  2. Lady Katherine,
    I’m so glad you stopped by to visit. It’s nice to meet another Southerner who loves to “take tea.” I especially enjoyed your post from Oct. 12th–what an inspiring story you have! Bless your heart girl. I look forward to following your blog.
    Miss Janice

  3. Every thing looks so yummy. Did you get the seeds? I have something for you on my blog.
    How you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Look terribly romantic…and yes, tea without milk, I agree. But I am with your hubby on the tea without sugar. :o) I like it best with straight tea, nothing added.

    And the cotton is a charming accent on your table setting. Wow….so, so impressive.

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