This day Twenty-Seven of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!
I am so Thankful, to have a loving family, a roof over my head, food to eat, good friends, and a life to live.
This print usually hangs in my dining room, which is in remodeling mode. This print means a lot to me. For I feel this lady is giving thanks for her blessing, of just a meager bowl of soup and a warm drink. Yet, with this said, she reminds me of my life, to be thankful for the life and home that I have. No matter what stage of life I am in. She reminds me daily to be thankful for just the little things.
Happy Thanksgiving and Many Blessing From Our Home to Yours.
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9 thoughts on “THANKSGIVING

  1. Hi, Lady Katherine! I’d like to ship your tea to you this weekend. Can you copy this e-mail into your e-mail program, and send me your snail mail address? Thank you and have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday! Stephanie

  2. Love that print and what a beautiful reminder to be thankful! I can’t wait to see your dining room! Have a great day tomorrow!


  3. What a beautiful post. So sorry I wasn’t able to visit before TG. Hope you had a great day. Loved your note you left me about your dh! Brought tears to my eyes. laurie

  4. Hi Katherine! I so agree with you….this is a fabulous work of art. I can see why you have this hanging in your diningroom. And I would have to say that I think it would have the same effect on me as you, tho for different reasons I’m sure. Just giving thanks for a life and living it the best one can. Love it!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful peaceful and blessed holiday. Thank you for stopping by. It’s always great to see you come visit.

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