Weekend with Chatty Kathy- cast iron pan

Day One of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!
This cast iron pan was in our Craftsman’s Bungalow, when we bought our home. This is the back of the cast iron pan.
As you can see the cast iron pan is rounded on the bottom.

This is the front of the cast iron pan.

I have no idea what this cast iron pan was used for, if anyone knows what this cast iron pan was used for I would love to know.

Update! I had this cast iron pan for years now. I told hubby, I wrote a little post on it, he goes surfing and finds the cast iron pan, which has all the marking on it.
It was made by Griswold #22 cornmeal stick cast iron pan.
Its worth way more than we could have image.
Made in Erie, Pa
I always thought it was not as old, as the cast iron cornbread pan, I had that is the shape of an ear of corn. Yes, My ear of corn cast iron pan is missing.
Maybe my girls have while we working away from home for five years.
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  1. Cool pan I could not cook without my cast iron fryers,I use to have the one that looks like an ear of corn.I doot know whsat ever happen to it.You better hold on to it if it is worth that much.

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