Day Twenty-Four of November’s
I am a Woman of Simplicity!
This 1956 Westinghouse roaster was in our Craftsman’s Bungalow, when we moved the house on to our ten acres. The house no one had lived in for 4 years. This roaster was in the walk in pantry, The house had a leak , above where this roaster was sitting, so it has some rust spots. Hubby and I thought it was a cannier of some type. We have been remodeling our home and hubby pulled the roaster out and was going to take to the scrap iron place. A little meltal cooking guide fell out as he was moving the roaster and told how long to cook each type of meat. Hubby decided to go look it up on the web. The lid has a hook to stand up on the side of the roaster while checking what you are cooking. The clock on the front, also operates as a timer. If the Westinghouse 1956 roaster was cleaned up and painted, the worth is $3000.00, for something we were about to throw out. Hubby plans to clean it up and paint it with a special paint.
Inside there is a rack to hold the meat off the bottom.
The top of the roaster comes off for cleaning , the bottom has a door in it for storage.
The roaster also has a griddle with it, which is rare to find. All of the roaster and the griddle still works.
This 1956 Westinghouse roaster and griddle, has a side party tray.
Tomorrow I will post the party tray, I happen to but at a garage sale 25 years ago.
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8 thoughts on “WESTINGHOUSE 1956 ROASTER

  1. Iknew you would like the wire tea pot and I remember the bike you got Terry.I bought both these at a garage sale at Lavell’s his daughters had.

  2. How special is this..and to think you were going to toss it out..My Mama cooked Thanksgiving Turkey in her every year…but Brother got it when she died last year..thanks for sharing..hugs and smiles Gloria

  3. I was just given this roaster to donate to the church. I decided I would use it first then take it to the church. I have nerver seen anything like this. My co-worker said it had been her mother’s and she used it this past Thanksgiving so I know it works. I can’t wait to use.She said this was her seconf oven. They don’t make things like this no more.

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