Wishing You a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!
 I want to Thank Miss Janice for inspiring me. Miss Janice wrote an article about her Cookie Swap on her blog, Etiquette With Miss Janice. I fell deeply in love with the peppermint dishes and gingererbread men! Miss Janice was so kind to share where she had purchased her collection of gingerbread and peppermint.  I will have to collect a lot more, for Miss Janice Gingerbread and Peppermint tablescape is so wonderful. Miss Janice also shared her recipes for gingerbread cookies and peppermint punch. Please visit Miss Janice, for she is a wonderful, thoughtful lady.  I am so happy to have met Miss Janice in blog land. Miss Janice has a lovely blog, and she shares so much. Miss Janice, Thank you for my Christmas gift of Happiness, for you have brought a lot of happiness to my life, this Christmas.
I also want to Thank my wonderful brother Jerry and his wife Judy, whom is my lovely friend, for giving me 10 place setting of my peppermint dishes, gingerbread man, lady cups,a gingerbread man teapot in one, gingerbread man cream and sugar in one, a set of gingerbread man and peppermint salt and pepper shakers.
 I want to Thank, my grandson, Creighton for my peppermint candle. My daughter, Suzette for my second Gingerbread man teapot in one, a gingerbread sugar dish, two red utensil holders and my peppermint candy shot glasses. My daughter, Jennifer for a red star plate and red bowl to place in center, for when you serve dip and crackers.
For all the other gingerbread and peppermint, I went shopping and had a blast at Cracker Barrell, I came out with three huge bags stuffed and one box! Now hubby says: he will not let me out of the house again! lol Well! I am trying to find an escape route for leaving the house to hit the sale!
Any takers for coming and picking me up! lol
   I was hoping my dining room would at least have the sheet rock finished by Christmas, we are still in the remodel stage. I was not going to do this post, until we have finished the remodel.  After getting a lot of emails and notes left on my blog, asking me to share, pictures of my Gingermint collection. I decided to do this post, so Please excuse my walls in my remodel zone. 
This side chest, I painted using the crackle paint method and the shelf above, which usually holds my silver. I covered the chest with a table cloth, used the red utensil holders to hold wine and rum. The gingerbread basket, held my napkins. A red star plate held the flatware. See the candy peppermint shot glasses, and a little gingerbread trivet holds peppermint and chocolate stir sticks.

This platter was used to hold the angel food and cherry cake, Suzette made. The old rolling pin with red handle was also a gift from Suzette.

Anyone for pancakes, bacon, divinty, tiny papoose pie, sugar coated apricots from Australia?

 Gingerbread tea pot in one and gingerbread man trivet.
  Anyone for tea, or hot chocolate?

My gingerbread house, sitting on a peppermint cake plate, with Gordy the Country Christmas Mouse, cinnamon sticks, a few peppermint sticks. The little gingerbread man, my friend Kathy gave me, was also used in the centerpiece.  I placed in the center of the table length wise, placemats of holly.  
The gingerbread man is the salt shaker and the peppermint is the pepper shaker.

Two bowls of peppermint with gingerbread men as feet, held blueberry syrup and bacon.

Cinnamon sticks with a gingerbread man ornament, gingerbread and peppermint salt and pepper shaker, gingerbread man sugar dish. My peppermint candle.

The side board held the food with gingerbread girls,
Any one for chocolate chip walnut cookies, blueberry cream cheese muffins, banana bread, cherry angel food cake with a gingerbread cookie,?
We also served scrambled eggs on a peppermint plate.

Close up of the peppermint plates and gingerbread cups.

On the back of the chairs are, signs that say: Grandma’s Christmas Treats and Seasons Greetings. I am going be on the look out for three more signs to place on other chairs.
Don’t look at the wall! lol I spy my antique china cabinet in the back. It holds some of my Old Country Roses pattern, and my dolls, who need a new home.
My Gingermint tablescape!
I now have twelve place setting.

Close up of the Gingerbread man chef!
Side board view of the Christmas Breakfast.
I hope you enjoyed our Chrismas Breakfast!
I will be Dreaming of Gingerbread and Peppermint!

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There are mice running loose in blog land! The mice started out at Gollium’s, then to Susan’s, then to Debbie’s, then to Lynn’s, and who knows where else they will land.
The Christmas Mice Have Been Spotted!
They were first spotted at Gollum’s nibbling on cookies,

next at Susan’s leaving messages on her glasses

and then at Blossom’s where they multiplied

Then at Debbie’s, dressed in adorable clothes climbing the Christmas trees!

I told Hubby about blog land being invaded by mice. Surely they will stay in the corn fields by my house! Hubby says: just to be sure I will have a look around, for we do not need mice to come into the house!

Hubby went on his mice hunt and look what he found!
Oh Me! Oh My! Look who has came inside! Gordy the Country Christmas Mouse, beside my Gingerbread House!
Oh Dear! Now I have to hide all of Granna’s treats inside!
For a mouse in the house, is a mouse, but this is a Country Christmas Mouse!
Oh! What are we to do! Hubby says: Gordy can stay inside, for Christmas, but no more mice can arrive!
Here is Gordy the Country Christmas Mouse, chewing on my Gingerbread House! Oh hubby Please! Not my Gingerbread House!
Oh Gordy is just after the gingerbread cookie! Thank Goodness!
Hubby found this gourd in the kitchen, we grow these egg gourds, and leave the egg gourds in the chicken’s nest, so the hens will keep laying in the same nest. Hubby came in and said you do have a mouse! Look at his face, it looks like a mouse! Added a little ribbon and some big ears, and a brown string for his tail, and now we have Gordy, The Christmas Mouse! He gets to stay for Christmas, so keep all the other mice away!


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Family Room Remodel,

Native American Indian Collection

Today I am sharing the frames I made from card board, the cardboard is from an appliance store, and used as packing to ship refrigerator.

Please do not notice the dust, as we are in remodel zone. With all busy getting ready for Christmas, I thought today was Thursday, but its Show and Tell Friday! I took a couple of quick pictures, to give you a peek of what is going on in my family room.

I mitered the edges and glued together, spray painted the frame black, added black fringe where the frame is glued together. A fuzzy piece of yarn to twist to match the Native American Indian Princess headband. I forgot to take off the card which tells the dream catcher legend, and the buffalo card I am saving for another project. I also love this Native American Indian Print, she reminds me of one of my daughters.

This cardboard frame is the raw cardboard I cut and screwed together. I also added the cut of tiny pecan logs, the X log, symbolizes, after a stick ball game they would hang the sticks above the doorway in an X formation. Here again I should have taken the cards off, I am saving for another project. I love this Native American Indian warrior print. I added a couple of feathers to match the one on his head.

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Today I recieved my gifts from Lady Jane with theTwelve Days of Christmas Tea & Cookie Recipe Cookie Swap.
 Thanks to Risa at The Tea Par Planner, who hosted this swap.
On First day of Christmas, Lady Jane sent to me, Jane’s Gingerbread recipe card, which can be made for gingerbread cookies or an upside down cake!
On the Second day of Christmas, Lady Jane sent to me,
Small Miracle Cake recipe card, batter can be halfed to make, Lady Jane’s Cottage Pudding and Lady Jane in a Jam Squares.
On the Third day of Christmas, Lady Jane sent to me, Crimson Rhubarb Sauce recipe card to use over Cottage Pudding or Toast!
On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Lady Jane sent to me, a little Christmas can filled with greenery, cinnnamon sticks, a star and gingerbread cookie cutters, with puffy cookies and candy canes. With a little card saying:
Shall we bake gingerbread, before we have tea
 With a Gingerbread Man cookie in a tin, with a little card saying:
 Rum Rum Rum as fast as you can, from the calories that is!
On the Fifth day of Christmas, Lady Jane sent to me, a gingerbread scented candle, with a little card saying:
Yummy Smells, and Gingerbread Man trivet with a little card saying: To Rest your Baking Tools.
On the Sixth day of Christmas, Lady sent to me, A wooden spoon and heart sign: saying Grandma Christmas Treats.
On the Seventh Day of Christmas, Lady Jane sent to me, a Calming Vanilla Reed Diffuser, with a little card saying:
 To help you relax.

On the Eighth day of Christmas, Lady Jane sent to me, two pictures of tea cups, with one for Breakfast Tea and one for Earl Grey Tea, with words printed on each for what each tea is to be served with.

On the Nineth day of Christmas, Lady Jane sent to me, a small china plate, with Christmas greens and pointsetta pattern, with a gingerbread house chocolate cookie placed upon this plate, with a crystal candle stick, that the mail man decided to shatter into little sparkling glass.
On the Tenth day of Christmas, Lady Jane sent to me,
a Gingerbread man sack filled with Clelestial peppermint and chamomile tea, with a little card saying: To sip upon
On the Eleventh day of Christmas, Lady Jane sent to me, a custom made pair of tea cup earrings,with a little card saying: Made by me for you to wear to tea.
On the Twelveth day of Christmas, Lady Jane sent to me, a Christmas greens and pointsetta china tea cup and saucer, attached to the cup handle a Prayer Locket, with a little card attached saying: When a prayer is needed the most, write it down and keep it close…. and remember, God holds the answer to your prayers. Lady Jane also sent a card saying: A special guest at your Tea! Within was a little round gold frame holding a picture of Scarlet O’hara! A special guest for me, since Lady Jane could not come herself.
My special gifts from Lady Jane, thank you for bringing Christmas into my home. I love all the wonderful gifts.
Merry Chrismas to all, I hope you have enjoyed  seeing my Christmas Tea & Cookie Recipe Swap, as I have in opening each gift.  Lady Jane, Thank You.
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This morning I looked out my window and this is what I see! Snow in Mississippi!

My river birch tree.

Here I am checking out my bluebird house. My black toile boots, sure were great! The ponds are in the back ground, with the creek flowing through. I came in to warm up and the snow is falling again! The flakes are huge. Looks like we may get about four inches! We rarely get snow, so this is a big deal for us. We southerners can’t drive in this! lol

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I am in a remodel of my Craftsman Bunglow, I will be showing each week a little of what is going on in our family room, it is going to be decorated in my Native American Indian Collection. I am enjoying everyone’s Christmas decorations, it brings the Chrismas Spirit into my home. A lot of wonderful idea, I hope to bring into our home after our remodel. I was hoping to have our family room finished before Christmas, now I do not think we will have it all finished. Thanks to all for bringing Christmas into my home.

Today I am sharing my Native American Indian prints and the Native American Indian frames. I made these frames from the tongue and groove pine boards, that we took off our Craftsman’s Bungalow walls. I cut the pine boards to the size I needed for my prints and nailed the tongue and groove pine boards together to make the picture frame. I peeled the bark off some logs and glued the bark to the pine boards. I cut small pecan tree limbs in small log sections and nailed the pecan logs on to the tongue and groove pine boards covered in bark, to form The Road of Life design around the frame. I placed the prints in the frame, and cut glass to fit the frame.I added a small bark covered board, around the insides of the frame, on to the glass.

A turkey feather hangs on this frame.

A flute is upon this frame and the knife is just a toy, the peacock feather, from my peacocks, got in photo on accident.

This print has a glare sorry, the Native American Choctaws, scenes on this print are playing stick ball, making cane baskets. If you look close, you can see the Spirits of the Native American Indians. The young girl child is dressed in her Native American Choctaw Indian attire. There is a fish in the print, where the glare is, I have the same fish upon the frame.

Go here to see my article on my hand painted Buffalo end tables.

Go here to see my article and photos of my Native American Choctaw Indian Basket. I made, with my dear friend, Miss Lula Mae.

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I want to share my tiny Christmas castus with you. After a stressful week in the hospital, with hubby and he is recovering at home.  With tornado and thunderstorms yesterday, last night my daughter and her family left there home and were running from the tornado, in all the rain and thunder with trees and electric lines down everywhere. Hubby and I were in constant contact with them telling them where to go, and which way the torando was headed. Finally at 11:00 pm, things settled down. Now, with my wonderful grandchildren here, this week too.  I decided I need as relaxing moment. This is it! LOL My tiny Christmas castus large blooms are bigger than the plant. If I have not been to visit you, I will try soon. I have been getting emails, saying where are you! Here I am, in my relaxing moment! lol

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Today I am sharing the end tables I have been working on this week.
My daughter, Jennifer found the end tables, they have been in the weather and were muddy. I cleaned the end tables up and painted them. My sheet rock is up in the family room, with a new sofa, in a flame stitch pattern, reminds of Navaho’s rugs,( decided I could not part with my large couch, it gets a black slip cover) I tried to decide what look I wanted in my family room, by starting with the couch and sofa. I have a Native American Indian collection in my bedroom, people always want to go into the bedroom, to see my collection. I have decided to bring it out into the open. This is a small taste of what is going on in my family room. I know everyone is showing their beautiful Christmas decorations. I have to get this room ready before I do any Christmas decorating. Now remember I am not an artist at painting, but I am pleased that I found I can do a sort folk art painting. I have two other furniture pieces that I have built from the wood off the walls of our Craftsman’s Bungalow, and hand painted, that will be coming into our family room. I will keep you up to date, as we get our family room together.
Old weathered end tables.
End tables get new coats of paints!
Now for the top of the buffalo end tables.
I hope you enjoyed my little Show & Tell.
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