There are mice running loose in blog land! The mice started out at Gollium’s, then to Susan’s, then to Debbie’s, then to Lynn’s, and who knows where else they will land.
The Christmas Mice Have Been Spotted!
They were first spotted at Gollum’s nibbling on cookies

next at Susan’s leaving messages on her glasses http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/2008/12/gollums-mischievous-mice.html

and then at Blossom’s where they multiplied


Then at Debbie’s, dressed in adorable clothes climbing the Christmas trees!

I told Hubby about blog land being invaded by mice. Surely they will stay in the corn fields by my house! Hubby says: just to be sure I will have a look around, for we do not need mice to come into the house!

Hubby went on his mice hunt and look what he found!
Oh Me! Oh My! Look who has came inside! Gordy the Country Christmas Mouse, beside my Gingerbread House!
Oh Dear! Now I have to hide all of Granna’s treats inside!
For a mouse in the house, is a mouse, but this is a Country Christmas Mouse!
Oh! What are we to do! Hubby says: Gordy can stay inside, for Christmas, but no more mice can arrive!
Here is Gordy the Country Christmas Mouse, chewing on my Gingerbread House! Oh hubby Please! Not my Gingerbread House!
Oh Gordy is just after the gingerbread cookie! Thank Goodness!
Hubby found this gourd in the kitchen, we grow these egg gourds, and leave the egg gourds in the chicken’s nest, so the hens will keep laying in the same nest. Hubby came in and said you do have a mouse! Look at his face, it looks like a mouse! Added a little ribbon and some big ears, and a brown string for his tail, and now we have Gordy, The Christmas Mouse! He gets to stay for Christmas, so keep all the other mice away!


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  1. Well I think you should just let Gourdy stay inside for Christmas he is just way to cute to put out in the cold.Love your Gingerbread things they are so cute.

  2. You are too funny! The bowls, a set of 3, all different but all red and white, came from a store called Tai Pan Imports here in Salt Lake. The price will slay you, less than 10 bucks for the set!

  3. I absolutely LO♥VE this!!!! I really, REALLY enjoyed it. For everything. Adorable.

    Katherine, you made my day.

    I’m here to send along my holiday wishes to you and yours. May it all be blessed with the peace and tranquility and joy and happiness!!! Merry Christmas.

    And to you too, Gordy!!

  4. This was just the cutest post! So witty! I guess by now you know that you won the place card holders at Susan’s. Congratulations! Have a wonderful Christmas. laurie

  5. Boy those mice have been busy all over Blogland..I have never heard of a egg gourd..hope you and your family have a safe and blessed Christmas…hugs and smiles Gloria

  6. A Christmas mouse is a special mouse and as such should be treated with respect. He will not eat much!

    Merry, merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas Lady K!

    I stopped by for a minute to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and please remember to slow down enough to create beautiful memories!!

    Take care and come by for a visit when you have time!
    Pattie :c)
    Mazatlan Mexico

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