This morning I looked out my window and this is what I see! Snow in Mississippi!

My river birch tree.

Here I am checking out my bluebird house. My black toile boots, sure were great! The ponds are in the back ground, with the creek flowing through. I came in to warm up and the snow is falling again! The flakes are huge. Looks like we may get about four inches! We rarely get snow, so this is a big deal for us. We southerners can’t drive in this! lol

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38 thoughts on “LET IT SNOW!

  1. Great pictures! I love snow!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a wonderful comment on my blog, please do stop again!

    Have a wonderful blessed day!

  2. It’s beautiful! We have absolutely NO snow on the ground here…and we’re in the southeast corner of MICHIGAN!!!

    I know southerners can NOT drive in the snow…not even a 1/2″ of it!! I used to live in Tennessee…and I would take other neighbors to Doctor and Dentist appts, grocery shopping, work…cuz being a Wisconsin girl from birth…I knew how to drive in it.

    Michigan is cutting down (well at least our little corner of Michigan) on snow plowing and salting…making it more difficult to get around. We typically get a fair amount of snow and ice throughout the winter…so this year will be fun…seeing exactly how bad the roads will be.

    Next time you come to visit…there won’t be anymore hard hats…all the construction is done and the blog looks GORGEOUS, if I must say so myself.


  3. Oh boy. . look at all that snow!! It never occurred to me that it could snow in Mississippi. Enjoy it while it lasts. Your boots look great on you!

  4. Oh, so pretty to look out the window and see. But I don’t have any pretty toile boots, so I hope it doesn’t do that here in Ark. any time soon. laurie

  5. I love your boots Miss Katherine, I must get a pair..they match some pillow I have made! You stopped at my selling blog..please visit my everyday blog to see my tree!!! And continued prayers for Hubby!

  6. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your snow. Your header always makes me smile, as my grandmother and mother in law both collected County Roses Royal Albert tea sets.

  7. Wow you’ve got REAL snow. I spent one winter in Colorado and the snow was so plentiful. Most of my life has been in California and Arizona – no snow. I’m just thankful for virtual snow. It’s better than no snow.
    The Native American pictures are really nice. We see a lot of this kind of art in Arizona.
    Christmas Hugs,

  8. It looks like you got about as much as we did,we got 5 to 6 inches.It was beautiful wasn’t it.Go look at my pictures of the snow I posted.

  9. Growing up in Colorado and the mountains, I saw and lived in this white stuff way too much. It’s now only pretty …. in photos!! Enjoy it.

    You have a creek running through your property? Oh my oh my….color me so green with jealousy now.

  10. Gorgeous pics! I am still hoping for some snow here in NC. We only had one snow all last winter, I am hoping for a little more this time around.

  11. Hope you enjoyed that snow! I am praying for some snow this year. We use to get lots of snow, but not so much anymore. I enjoyed the pictures of your beautiful snow. Nancy

  12. Oh, Katherine…you have to do a post on all that beautiful gingerbread china! I am soooo sorry you DH has been sick…I hope he is a thousand times better now. You have a wonderful brother and sister-in-law! No one ever gives me china…now that is a nice gift!!! :-) I would have loved for you to come to the party! I wish I could have a party and invite you and so many of the other wonderful ladies I have met here in blogland. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?! Oh, btw, I think you are right about the pineapples. When I’ve been to Williamsburg a few times they told us they were hard to come by back then so they were a special treat…you were a lucky guest to eat pineapple when visiting someone’s home. I love the tradition of the pineapple and it’s meaning. I can’t wait to see your wonderful china…what a great table that will be…bet it will feel like a fairy tale! :-) Susan

  13. Thanks for stopping by my show & tell of my vintage candles. I will pray for your husband. Yes, it is so worrisome when we begin to be concerned about their health. Mickey has always been the strong, healthy one in our family and he doesn’t know how to act with not feeling well.

  14. I am sooo envious! I want some snow! It’s going to be 60 degrees here in GA tomorrow…which is nice, but makes it hard to feel Christmasy! At least I got to enjoy yours! Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog…Debbie

  15. it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!!,,even in Mississippi! Love your blog! thanks for stopping by to comment at mine, we have snow here in Illinois and always love the beauty of it.. ( but have to admit..I am not a winter person…love the southern living climate better!)

  16. Your snow is incredible. We’re getting snow here now in Missouri. Thanks for swinging by the Snowflake Tablescape..I always love when you stop by. Hope to see you again soon.
    hugs ~lynne~

  17. The snow didn’t make it this far, so I am glad to look at yours. It is beautiful.
    You are right about not driving in it. lol…
    I haven’t seen that much snow in years and years.
    Great pictures.

  18. K thanks for coming by and I want to see your Gingerbread China…you know I just those those little guys and do my whole kitchen in them..PLEASE show me girl..what a great post that would be..hugs and smiles Gloria

  19. Hi Lady Katherine! Thanks for going antiquing with me on my blog! The shop is in Alpharetta, Georgia. I guess I need to go back and add that, don’t I? I still love these snow pics…we want some…not getting any!!! Debbie

  20. Thanks for stopping by my show and tell the other day! I just scrolled down to see your amazing frames that you made- wonderful!

    And how fun to get snow where you live! Although we’re use to a little snow in Oregon, we’re not use to the frigid temperatures we’re getting…I just mentioned it with a picture about it on my last Christmas home tour post. Brrr!

    Enjoy your rare Mississippi snow!
    Tammy (Lattes and Lollipops)

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