I want to share my tiny Christmas castus with you. After a stressful week in the hospital, with hubby and he is recovering at home.  With tornado and thunderstorms yesterday, last night my daughter and her family left there home and were running from the tornado, in all the rain and thunder with trees and electric lines down everywhere. Hubby and I were in constant contact with them telling them where to go, and which way the torando was headed. Finally at 11:00 pm, things settled down. Now, with my wonderful grandchildren here, this week too.  I decided I need as relaxing moment. This is it! LOL My tiny Christmas castus large blooms are bigger than the plant. If I have not been to visit you, I will try soon. I have been getting emails, saying where are you! Here I am, in my relaxing moment! lol

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  1. I can feel the ‘calm’ all the way over here in East Texas. I’m sorry you got so much storm! Goodness, gracious! Stay safe, warm, and SANE!

  2. OH girl I am so glad your family is safe and hubby is resting at home..and Yes I have been wondering where you were at..I love your Christmas plant its just beautiful girl…You could do PINK Saturday with all that beauty..hope you have a safe and great day dear friend…hugs and smiles Gloria

  3. Your cactus is so pretty wish I had one.They have some at the nursery here been thinking about goingto get me one.Glad Terry is home and feeling better.How was your day with the kids yesterday.

  4. Lady Katherine…Hope all is safe and you are relaxing! Let me know please how hubby is! Watch for the postman…he has a treat for you! Take care..and if you need a giggle…check my blog as there is a CODE ELF going on over there!

  5. I’m sorry you and your family have been through so much lately. Tornados are really scary..I know. We have warnings frequently, but not this time of year!
    Love pictures of your cactus. I have one with the same color flowers. It was a start from my husband’s grandmother’s plant and it’s huge. She has been gone for years and years. It’s nice to have it as a rememberance.

  6. It is beautiful! Last year at this time, I had 17 house plants including a Christmas Cactus that was several years old. With the house on the market and the partial move, it just became a burden so I gave away all but 2 which I now have in the kitchen. Maybe next year I’ll have another cactus.
    I’m sorry to hear about the tornado. We have those here. Blessings to your hubby as he heals.
    Mama Bear

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