Family Room Remodel,

Native American Indian Collection

Today I am sharing the frames I made from card board, the cardboard is from an appliance store, and used as packing to ship refrigerator.

Please do not notice the dust, as we are in remodel zone. With all busy getting ready for Christmas, I thought today was Thursday, but its Show and Tell Friday! I took a couple of quick pictures, to give you a peek of what is going on in my family room.

I mitered the edges and glued together, spray painted the frame black, added black fringe where the frame is glued together. A fuzzy piece of yarn to twist to match the Native American Indian Princess headband. I forgot to take off the card which tells the dream catcher legend, and the buffalo card I am saving for another project. I also love this Native American Indian Print, she reminds me of one of my daughters.

This cardboard frame is the raw cardboard I cut and screwed together. I also added the cut of tiny pecan logs, the X log, symbolizes, after a stick ball game they would hang the sticks above the doorway in an X formation. Here again I should have taken the cards off, I am saving for another project. I love this Native American Indian warrior print. I added a couple of feathers to match the one on his head.

Click on the button below to go to Kelli at There’s No Place Like Home, where she is hosting SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY.
Show and Tell

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  1. These are incredible my friend. What talent. I am soooo impressed. Thanks for sharing. We just got our lights back on after the ice we had last night. I’m so glad you enjoyed my snowman plate.. I’ll treasure it always.
    hugs ~lynne~

  2. What a beautiful way to recycle. I’m going to look up your friend’s scone mix. I didn’t realize you had a farm. We have sheep, goats, donkeys, chickens, guineas, and ducks.
    The water has frozen down at the barn (18 degrees), so we had to fill old milk jugs for the chickens and ducks. Always sumpthin’ on a farm, as they say.

  3. If you see your comment gone, I not sure but but blogger acting up with them tonight. I know Manuela yours was there. One was even posted under my name. I think their were five more comments here.

  4. Absolutely fabulous. I love all things Native American. I’ve done some pencil sketches and my hubby framed them and we have them in our living room now. I’ll have to go check out where I posted about them…

    hold on.

    I’ll get you the links.

    Took me a while to find them…
    Here Here and Here

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