Today I am sharing an older post of my kitchen floor.  I maybe gone for a few days. So I am posting my Show and Tell Friday.

My husband put a sub floor over the old wooden floor that could not be saved. Tile? In a 90 plus years Craftsman’s Bungalow house. I thought it would crack, so instead I decided to paint the floor, the problem was it was not the plywood I had expected! Hubby had installed a tongue and grove sub flooring that had crevices and lots of pattern. After painting the floor a egg shell harbor blue, I decided it was too much blue! I used painters tape and made a border two feet from each wall, which I painted a stripe of barnyard red acrylic craft paint and cut a diamond shape out of stencil plastic. I held the diamond shape over the blue paint and used an off white paint to make the diamond design in my border. With the help of my husband, he is better at measuring than I. He help make blocks using the painters tape, in each corner I painted a big brown egg, like the ones our chicken lay daily. I then drew a rooster in each egg. After moving tape around I came up uneven, my part of the measuring, so the edges have larger blocks, I could have made the block to come out the same size and have a small block around the edge. I decided I really like the look. After leaving it to cure several days, I put a polyacrylic for paint, and gave it two coats with two days drying time between the coats. Now The hardest part was painting sections to dry, we had to move furniture around each sides of the room. My kitchen does not have cabinets, except where the sink and dishwasher are.  We have two glass pie safes, two metal cabinets, a jelly cupboard, table in center, that is used as an island. We also have open shelves, a hooiser cabinet, and a small desk.  Have fun painting!

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  1. I love your floor. I am taking up the old carpet and vinyl tiles, am looking into painting our floor you have inspired me.

  2. Gosh, I can’t believe you painted that intricate design all by yourself (with the help of hubby, of course!). That’s amazing…you gals are all so talented. I would have made such a mess of it, but you did a completely professional job…I love it! :-)

  3. Wow!! I am very impressed!! What an awesome job you did on this floor!! We’re talking designer stuff here!! What a lovely personal touch to give your kitchen! I may do something like this on my patio…maybe like a faux tile or stone look. Wonderful show and tell!
    Have a restful weekend!

  4. Wow! How cool is that? Love your floor! You did an awesome job (with the help of your hubby of course)! :o ) Thanks for sharing.

  5. I can’t believe the work that went into your floor- it’s beautiful!! You are very creative and a talented artist and decorator–love, love , love the roosters!

    Linda C

  6. You don’t HAVE to do nothing you don’t want to..what art site are you referring to?
    email me if you wanna
    chic-chicks yahoo group? or junkartqueens.ning?
    Phooey…YOU ARE an ARTIST whether you Think so or NOT! Do not sell yourself short.. Where do I find the table in your gkd’s room?

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