My Daughter, Jennifer 27th Birthday !

The table is set with my Early American Prescut Crystal on a battenburg table cloth which is once a curtain.

The Early American Prescut Crystal is filled with half wine and white grape juice.

The sandwiches are made of cream cheese mixed with green onions and crispy bacon bits. We served chocolate chip cookies, Jennifer’s loves double chocolate cake, peanuts, chips with rotel sage sausage dip, a bacon cream cheese dip and we also made banana splits in my Early American Prescut Crystal boats.

Miss Ruby’s chicken salad is the best!


Yes, this room is still in remodeling stage.
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  1. Happy Birthday to Jennifer! That Prescut Crystal is just magnificent! You had such a yummy menu!

    Awww too bad you have to return that rug it sounds perfect! Hopefully you’ll be able to find something that has a bit of black in it to tie it all together. You don’t sound too happy about the black slipcover! You can always use lots of pillows and then you’ll hardly see the slipcover.


  2. What a lovely post.

    Miss Ruby’s Chicken Salad?? Do you have a recipe to share? It looks delicious. If you do, my email is listed on my profile under to Correspond With Me. I’d appreciate the recipe.


  3. Ohh yes, I would love to see Miss Ruby’s Chicken Salad Recipe too – pretty please?

    Your table looks lovely – what a great way to say happy birthday to Jennifer.

    Thanks for sharing,

    ~ Mrs. Miles

  4. Happy Birthday to Jennifer. The tablesetting is beautiful–but the food is ambrosial! I hope you post the recipe for the chicken salad. Hope everything is all right on your farm. Our ram butted my husband and knocked him flat. We called our friend with sheep and she’s coming to get our ram. He’s just gotten too dangerous.
    Hope your baby kids are here safe and sound, and that your leg is better.

  5. Happy Birthday to Miss Jennifer! Oh Katherine, what a sweet birthday tablescape. Girl I have used a battenburg shower curtain on the the table before–I love battenburg! That potato salad looks yummy and hmmmm that wine punch sounds good also!

  6. Katherine, I forgot to ask you if you received an e-mail newsletter from Debbie Sisk, at Rosebriar Dining? If not, e-mail her and she will send you one. If you need her e-mail address, just let me know.

  7. Lady Katherine,
    What a very nice table with so many wonderful looking goodies for your daughter’s birthday! Are there any leftovers??

  8. That punchbowl is incredible! I have a set of the prescut banana boat dish but I didn’t know the name of them until now…thanks for teh info! I serve my grandkids banana dogs for breakfast in them. Happy Tablescape Tuesday!

  9. My Dear Lady Katherine…I wondered where you were…
    Jennifer is Beautiful…and is that a precious little grandaughter I see in the background? I have a Jennifer too…she will be 30 this year in April…Hard to be SHE can be almost 30 when I am STILL 29…lol!
    My Janelle turns 27 Jan. 14th
    E-mail me when you have some time! I have been thinking about you…..

  10. GM Girl your daughter is just Beatiful and Happy Birthday to that chicken salad looks yummy and I see you have the recipe on your side bar..thanks for sharing…hugs and smiles Gloria

  11. Everything looks so wonderful! I bet she loved it! I have a 27 yo daughter, too. She’ll be 28 in March. She’s our oldest, and mother of our first granddaughter!!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely partyscape!!

  12. Lady Katherine, Love the post, the glassware, the food… I’m getting hungry! I joined Tablescape Tuesday today, you’ll have to grab a cup of tea and come visit! Don’t forget to say hi! 8=) See you later my friend! ~CC Catherine

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Birthday to your Jennifer!! I have a Jennifer, also. The Fostoria pattern is called American, and I’m afraid it is getting quite pricey in the antique stores. I need to replace a chipped glass, and I saw one the other day for $38. I’m shopping for a more inexpensive one!!! Sally

  14. I’ve missed your visits, and coming by visiting with YOU!!!

    Your daughter is gorgeous. Happy belated birthday to her.

    Your table setting is marvelous. But knowing your talent, I’m not at all surprised.

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