My Hubby built this tin punch pie safe for Christmas 2007.
I had one 18 years ago, which he built, due to the move from the city to the country, and with limited space. I had to sale it at a garage sale, for $100.00.
In 2007 Hubby surprised me, well almost, I sort of caught a little of it in his shop, I was standing a far, but it hit me, he not making shelves for his shop, its my pie safe. I went on a hunt, for the picture of my old pie safe! I found it! Yes! I wanted him to remember the tin punch design, which I had did the tin punch on the old one. I left it out for him to find and just said, Oh there is my pie safe! lol
On top sit one of my favorite roosters, behind the old church cookie jar, rooster salt and pepper shakers, a lemon juicer, just like the one my Mother had. Another rooster, in front of the tin, I love to collect tins too. There is an old pot filled with the wheat, which my grandson’s and I pounded into flour!
My hubby is the greatest, he built the tin punch pie safe from the wood, we took from our walls, and the tin is from an old air condition unit. He pounded his heart into the tin, for it was almost Christmas and had to work fast. He still has two knobs to put on the doors, like the ones on the drawer. He inscribed the back , To my wife, on Christmas 2007 Love Hubby, not! he signed his name. lol I am so lucky to have my wonderful tin punch pie safe back again, and a wonderful husband that takes such good care of me.
This one is not going anywhere ever! The pie safe or the man. lol
I hope you like my show and tell, go to Kelli’s, at There’s No Place Like Home for More Show and Tell Friday.

Show and Tell

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  1. Awe.. you do have a sweet man!! And the pie safe is fabulous. I have a pie safe, But, it was made in the Amana Colonies. You hubby actually did all of that punching in the tin.
    He did a great job on the whole piece!!
    Hugs, Terrie

  2. Oh Girl what a keeper you got there..and that pie safe is just special that he did this for you and even signed it..Oh I just love romance..thanks for sharing…hugs and smiles Gloria

  3. You are very lucky my dear to have a husband with such fine craftsmanship! Lucky in deed.

    I got the tea chest from “The English Tea store” on-line and I paid like $15 for it because it was an imperfection. My sister got one first and we couldn’t find any imperfections on them and so I got one and I had just one little nick in it that you couldn’t see. Well worth the money. Go for it!

  4. Thanks for your visit and nice comments! Your pie safe is just beautiful. I bet it’s nice to have a hubby that can build something. I wouldn’t know. LOL! Kristen

  5. Terry did a wonderful job on the pie safe,wish Don could build things like that ,I would keep him busy building.He did build me a porch bench,we are going to build more like it.

  6. first…shabam! what a hubby…you better hold tight to him! and now i see all kind s of neat things like roosters and tins…oh my! looks like i am in love with the one atop the pie safe!

  7. Lady Katherine….Your pie safe is amazing…hubby is a master of reclaimed wood…and your tin punch is amazing! What a total great re-cycle project! Still running with my Moms foot lesion and to the dentist for her…but I will get an e-mail to you soon…enjoyed catching up on your posts here..

  8. Oh that’s alright, I’m back. I just showed my husband your wonderful pie safe. He agrees, it is beautiful. I can’t wait to start punching tin patterns.
    Have a great day.

  9. What a thoughtful hubby!! And the piesafe is beautiful!! Sounds like you love him pretty good, too!! What woman wouldn’t like a gift from the heart like this??!!

    Happy Friday!

  10. Lady Katherine, First of all, thanks for all the visits to my blogs…I enjoy your comments! Secondly, LOVE THE PIE SAFE! What a gift of love! Enjoy your posts every time I visit! Enjoying a late night tea! 8=) ~CC Catherine

  11. The pie safe is so nice. I wish I had someone that knew how to make me something like that. It is a very special gift.

  12. I wouldn’t get rid of either one either! How precious to have something he made just for you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. What a beautiful piece of furniture! What awesome tallent your Hubby has. :o) Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my site.

  14. Wow what a great job he did and such a sweet carpenter to make you another! Love it!
    Enjoy! Thanks for showing and telling.

  15. Your husband is a very talented artisan! And a sweet one to build this for you:) He did a great job!

    I love the punched tin door fronts. That had to take a lot of time.

    I know you enjoy it:)

    Linda C

  16. Absolutely Beautiful!!! I found one at a garge sale, I was so happy–I have to keep it in the kitchen out of little Kevin’s curiousity–so for now, I am holding cookbooks in it–yours is so nice and made with such love!!


  17. You are truly blessed to have a husband who loves you and is handy!! Mine loves me but is so not handy. You seem to have gotten the total package…. does he cook too?

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