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Today I am Sharing My Tea Sampling for Three, in my Parlor, this is a post I did back in November, I wanted to share it today, for I am missing my Tea’s with my friend Hazel, whom has a broken hip and is recovering.

I am a Woman of Simplicity!

A Tea Sampling for Three of Vintage Tea’s
Earl Grey Creme Tea.

I invited my neighbor,Margaret for tea in my parlor. As we sat down for tea, a lovely surprise, my lovely 90 year old friend, Hazel came for a visit with a turkey, squash dressing, cinnamon almond bread, and the recipe of cinnamon bread, I have been dreaming of having this cinnamon bread recipe, and with a starter to make the cinnamon bread too! I shall frame this recipe! Oh , sorry, back to my tea sampling.  I added another cup and desert plate.  Today we sampled Vintage Tea’s Earl Grey Creme Tea. Yes, it was wonderful, for this was my first Earl Grey Creme Tea.  I tried it with just sugar, and liked it, Hazel took her tea with honey and milk. Oh, I had to add the milk, loved it even more. Margaret took her tea with just a wee bit of sugar. The tea pot was empty in no time, as we sat and talked, while eating the homemade persimmon cake, Victorian House of Scones cinnamon  blueberry scones, and chocolate puffs.  These scones are a mix and have been voted the best scones in USA.  I make them and Hazel takes a frozen batch home, she loves the scones so much. Now Margaret she loves my persimmon cake, when she comes to tea, she takes home a few  of the persimmon cakes.   

I used an old shawl, with place mats and a crocheted runner and an antique doilie in the middle. Napkins to match, with silverware, two votive candle cups with a white rose in each.  Add a few pearls, flowers, and a bow. All upon my coffee table. Maybe I should start calling it my tea table.

My Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea set on my beloved metal rose tray, from a neighbor that left us last year at the age of 90. A little bow on the honey jar, yes, that is the table cloth I crocheted, long ago.
Oh! I had a lovely time. Wish you all could come and have tea with me!

Please go see Susan, at Between Naps on the Porch, where she is hosting Tablescape Tuesday


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  1. Oh, your table was lovely! Using a shawl on the table was a brilliant idea. Very victorian I think. My sis and I sat at her coffee, now called the tea table lol and had an elaborate tea just the two of us while we watched The Queen movie about Princess Diana. We thought it would be fun to create the English atmosphere.

  2. How very lovely, dear Katherine! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your lovely tea party. Your guests were fortunate indeed to be served by such a gracious hostess.

  3. Hi Katherine! What a beautiful post! I loved everything from your china to the shawl drpaed over the coffee table. Very innovative indeed. The desserts looked scrumptious, I could taste them in my mouth and feel them on my hips! 😉 I am new to your blog but will be back for more tea parties and tips!


  4. Oh, how beautiful and yummy every thing looks. You are makeing me hungry. I love all the red color you added too.
    Have a great day.

  5. Everything looks fab! I have always loved Royal Albert dishes – especially this pattern. I adore the tiered stand with all of your goodies. What time is tea? 🙂
    Alisa – Carolina Panache

  6. Oh Lady Katherine…how lovely! I love the shawl and the crocheted doilies! Your cups and saucers are so pretty and your goodies look so yummy!! Beautiful post…Debbie

  7. How lovely…and so nice that you share tea with your friends like this! The tea treats look amazing…I want some now!
    the Earl Grey Creme Tea sounds very interesting…I’ll have to give that a try!
    Have a happy week!

  8. What a lovely tea you had with friends. And got a recipe as well. I love everything from the china to the shawl and more. I looked back at your lamp and tray makeover. They turned out totally awesome.. Loved your shades. Thanks so much for swinging by to see my little assistant and his work. It means the world. hugs ~lynne~

  9. Wow, food too, what time is tea, I am ready to come over !!lol
    Really lovely, Old Country Roses, great pattern.

  10. Lady Katherine, I would love to have tea at such a beautiful setting. I have always loved the Royal Albert shape for their tea pots and cups. I hope your friend recovers well and soon so you can resume your teas…

  11. You set a beautiful tea table! It sounds so warm and cozy. The tea sounds scrumptious!

    Isn’t it amazing how a word can conjure up memories we hold dear…like plunder? I hope I have a grandchild one day and I’ll be sure to let that child plunder all day!

  12. Hi Katherine! What a lovely tea party you’ve had! Everything is so lovely! I love the pattern of china you have. Thanks for coming to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  13. What a fun tea party! I love your rosy tea set, so classic and pretty, and I am a huge fan of metal tole trays, and yours is beautiful. 🙂

  14. I had to work so I was late stopping by…so sorry! Your tea sounded lovely! I love Earl Grey tea too. I can see by your photos that you like red also! I am sure the three of you had a marvelous time & hope you are making that receipe for the cinnamon bread.

  15. Hi Katherine…what a lovely tea…wish I could have been there! 🙂 Wish we all “took” tea with friends every day…wouldn’t that be delightful! I love the tablecloth you crocheted…so delicate and beautiful! I’m going to check out the site for scones…thanks for the link! Susan

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