Today I sharing my daughter, Jennifer in her pink high heel shoes, with her pink belt!

Jennifer came for a visit, I said sit down I have to take a picture of you in your pink high heel shoes! She said Why? I told her about Pink Saturday. lol

Jennifer is sitting in front of a hutch. I built this hutch from the wood we took off our Craftsman’s Bungalow walls. I hand painted the Native American Indian scenes on the hutch. For the doors of the hutch, I cut up an old door that was beyond repair and made small doors for the bottom part of the hutch. On the hutch is some of my Native American Indian collection. I made the gourd pine straw woven berry basket hanging beside the hutch.

My daughter, Jennifer

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Today I am sharing the hutch I built from the wood we took off our walls of our Craftsman’s Bungalow. I hand painted Native American Indian scene on the hutch. Please remember I am not an artist, but surprised myself that I can paint a type of folk art painting. My friends, wanted me to hire a real artist to paint, this hutch and my armoire. I could not find the real artist, that I wanted, so I decided to go for it. I am pleased that I could do as well as I did with my painting.

View of the top part of the hutch, with some of my Native American Indian collection. On the top of the hutch, holds gourds that I have made and baskets, given as gifts, and one Choctaw Indian Basket I bought six years ago for $150.00, it was hand made by Effie Gibson. The first self holds, several basket, wolf, and Native American rock tools, a wedding vase used in Native American Indian wedding ceremony. The second shelf holds, baskets, picture of two Choctaw Indian basket makers, Effie Gibson and Miss Lula Mae, whom was my teacher on making Choctaw Indian Baskets. Also some of my buffalo. The next shelf in front of the scene I painted holds, Native American rock tools, pottery made by Native American Indians, which I purchased in Greensboro, Ga. The couple makes this pottery and sells at a local Handmade Arts Store. On the side of the hutch top, I made the gourd berry basket, by burning a design into the gourd and wove a pine straw rim, added leather and cane handle. The tomahawk, I bought in Cherokee, North Carolina.

View of the bottom of the hutch, I used silver Buffalo handles, and painted the doors in a Native American scene.

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Valentine Dinner canceled to go to an Auction!

Hubby and I decided to have a pizza and go to the auction on time, where I bought more dishes. lol This past week we decided to have our first Valentine Dinner here at home in thirty-one years. We have always gone out to eat on Valentine’s night. I did not post this dinner last week for I posted our Valentine’s Breakfast. I know you all are saying another Valentine’s Tablescape, but the only hearts are mine and hubby’s with our wedding photo.

Close up of place setting

For the place setting I use a silver and a red place mat, The white dishes were my husband Grandmother’s everyday dishes. I have had a request of the name of the dishes, I have no idea. The cup has USA on the bottom, all other pieces are not marked. I placed a red square plate on the bottom, added a silver plate, the white plate, and in the bowl, I place a rose. The bread plate hold the napkin with the silver napkin ring, with our initial. The flatware, also has our initial and I have had the flatware for twenty years, sorry I do not know the name. The water glass is my Early American Prescut Crystal. The stemware, I bought at an antique store in Water Valley, Mississippi. Sorry I do not know the name, it just looked good with my Early American Prescut Crystal collection, which a stemware was not made in this collection.
Table length view, facing the cabinet Hubby built to hold my Early American Prescut Crystal. The doors, he cut off to fit, are old french door of my Craftsman’s Bungalow.

Hubby grilled steaks and baked sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon. The rolls were bought at the grocery.

A green salad, we forgot to add the tomatoes, and not just for the pictures, after dinner, there sat the tomatoes on the butchers block.
The cream cheese cake placed on a Early American Prescut Crystal cake plate and stand with a silver cake plate in between the crystal. We had a store bought sampler cream cheese cake. We did not think we would like it, but it was great and only $5.00 for the cream cheese cake.

Now remember, my dining room is still in the remodel zone. The board in the background is a door way, I knocked out, to create a butler’s pantry. Hubby closed it up with the board for now. Hubby and I still have not come to agreement on my butler’s pantry! lol I have to laugh it was Valentine’s Dinner. So when we do agree, the sheet rock can go up.
The centerpiece is an urn, my sister, Doris gave me on my 50th Birthday last year. I change out the bouquet’s for different occasions. The urn is filled with red roses, with two silver candle sticks, covered in gold and red beads. The heart frame is Hubby and I on our Wedding Day. Three little red candles in my Early American Prescut Crystal saucers. With two little birds.

View of table with the sideboard, which holds my crystal lamps, and a pineapple, I can’t wait to cut, and plant the top.

I have to say the salad was wonderful, as was all the food Hubby served!
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Dresses I Designed
I designed the dresses for my daughters to wear in a school beauty pageant, when they were young. I made a drawing of what I wanted the dresses to look like, and cut out my own pattern. My daughter, Jennifer on the left in a white with pink fabric roses. My daughter, Suzette on the right in the pink dress.
My daughter Jennifer in the white dress with her escort.
My daughter, Suzette in the pink dress.
My daughters are now 26 and 27 years old and have families of their own. These two dresses are hanging in my attic, waiting on two little granddaughter’s to grow up.

I want to thank all whom left me such kind comments on my last two Pink Saturday Post. For these posts were very emotional for me, for I still have not shared this information with my family. Thank you all for your prayers. I took a week off of blogging, for we have had our grandchildren for several weeks. By the day end I am very weary. Soon, my grandchildren will get to go back to day care. Thank you for letting me share my lovely daughters in the dresses, I made for them.

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Copper and Metal Ivy Wall Sconce

I made this sconce by bending copper tubing into a circle. Then soldiered a smaller bent cooper tubing on to the circle, after I cut a small circle of metal flashing, which I crimped, and soldiered a small cooper tube to make the candle holders. I then took a tiny cooper tubing and bent it into a vine shape around the circle, soldiering the cooper vine to the circle. I cut ivy leaves from metal flashing and crimped to form the ivy leaf shape and soldiered to the copper vine.

I have love the copper and silver look, sometimes I think I should paint the leaves and vine a green color. What do you think? Should I keep as is or or paint the vine and leaves?
This Magnolia Bouquet I made, and placed in this lovely urn, my sister Doris gave to me on my 50th Birthday. The magnolia bouquet was in a silver urn, which  I used for a centerpiece in my daughter wedding, I also made matching topariry trees for each side of the table, for Jennifer’s wedding. Jennifer has the magnolia  topiary trees at her home.
This photo of the magnolia bouquet I am using for all Mississippi bloggers and friends to join us for a day of antiquing and thrift stores and lunch sometimes later in the Spring, should you want to join in on the day of fun click here to see the article to join:
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Attention: All Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles

Mississippi Bloggers and Friends are invited to join a group of Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles, to meet at Philadelphia, Mississippi, to join us for a day of visiting, antiquing, thrift shopping and lunch at the Pearl River Silver Star Resort and Casino, on the Choctaw Indian Reservation. All whom would like to join us, please comment here, and Lady Katherine will link all Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles on her side bar. The date for this event will be set for late Spring or Early Summer, once we know all whom would like to participate in this event. All will be contacted when a date for this event is set. All spouses are welcome. Please take the picture below and place it on your side bar to show you are a Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belle and add a link back to

Lady Katherine

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Scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, heart shaped pancakes, strawberry preserves, orange juice and black tea.

Our breakfast table in the kitchen is set with a white table cloth, red place mats, and the flatware is monogrammed with our initial. The new white teapot, I just got from a store called Jerome Tanks in Philadelphia, Mississippi for five dollars. This is a great store, everything is new and they carry just about anything you can think of.

The centerpiece is a vase of three light roses, with tiny hearts, and two birds, I bought at the Dollar Tree. The red plates are from Walmart.
Two red candles sit upon my Early American Prescut crystal, as are the butter dish, creamer, sugar dish, and juice glass.


Now being from the south, we have got to have our grits.

Hubby sat down and looked at the white dishes. Where did these come from? I said they were your grandmother’s everyday dishes. I got the dishes for our daughter, Suzette after the family had taken what they wanted after your Grandmother on your Daddy’s side died. They were left in the house for years. I took them out of the cabinet this week and cleaned them up. Hubby said I have not seen these white dishes since I was around twelve, for she had left the dishes in the old home place, when she moved into a home beside one of her daughters. He was so happy to see his Grandmother’s dishes.

Close up of the place setting.

As we sat at the breakfast table, I looked down at the plate and said you made two hearts. Hubby said, for that is all we need.

Two hearts, Yours and Mine.

Being from the South, we have got to have our grits!

I set the table and Hubby cooked breakfast, while I had a relaxing soak in the bath. I stayed in a little longer and the grits had dried out just a little.

Our first Valentine’s Breakfast in thirty-one years of marriage.

Such a lovely way to start this day.

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Breakfast Table In My Kitchen
I took out a little white table we used for a breakfast table.
We were using this table as an island in the kitchen. I am now working on a iron table which will have a tiled top to use for an island, until Hubby has time to build the island we want.
I decided we needed a bigger table for our breakfast table. We enjoy sitting here where we can look out the french door in the mornings.
Which table do you like for my kitchen breakfast table?
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I give to you this lovely card, to say Thank You to all whom read my blog website, and for all the lovely comments you have left behind for me.
  For I do enjoy your notes so much.
Thank you for all your prayers, I am up and doing great. I took a week off, for we have been taking care of our grandchildren for several weeks, at the days end, I grow very weary.
I have slept thirty-six hours straight, lol
I had a lovely Valentine’s Breakfast with my husband, this morning. With dinner at home planned tonight, and go to an auction later tonight. Which will end this Valentines  night!
Lovey Wishes