Breakfast Table In My Kitchen
I took out a little white table we used for a breakfast table.
We were using this table as an island in the kitchen. I am now working on a iron table which will have a tiled top to use for an island, until Hubby has time to build the island we want.
I decided we needed a bigger table for our breakfast table. We enjoy sitting here where we can look out the french door in the mornings.
Which table do you like for my kitchen breakfast table?
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  1. Hi Katherine!! Visually I prefer the smaller table, but that is without considering any additional function you want from it. If the larger one accomodates you better, use that one; it works, too!

    Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have some Met Monday posts of my own. Just have to finish this decluttering/organizing jig I’m on!!

    Have a joyful week, sweet lady!

  2. Katherine…I really like both of them..of course more room on bigger table..but girl I want a smaller table in my kitchen as I am the only one that use’s it…great post…hope you are feeling better…prays coming your way…hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Hi Katherine!! I really like both…but I think the larger adds more color and more usable space!! I know I tend to spread out on my kitchen table…the mail, cookbooks, etc. and need the space. Be sure to let us see your island when it’s finished! Have a great week…Debbie

  4. Well, the bigger table is more practical, the little one is adorable… tough choice, but either one works!

    I love your chicken decor. You also keep chickens? Lucky you; I love them. My mother used to have a small chicken farm. They are fascinating… and useful, too!


  5. I prefer the small table for a lovely intimate area… but if you’re looking for function the larger is better… perhaps you can have the best of both worlds… arrange the big table with items like you did the smaller table… you might get the charm on a larger scale.

  6. Hi Katherine,
    I like both! That doesn’t help you much, does it. :-) The extra space on the larger one is really nice. I can’t wait to see your island when DH gets through building it! Susan

  7. mmm tough one, i think they both work but the little one is sooooo cute, but if you need more space than i would use the larger one. Nice spot!!!

  8. Hi Katherine,
    I like the bigger one– room for more stuff:) and for the beautiful place settings that you create!

    I have a two awards waiting at my place for you. I enjoy visiting your blog- all your kind and encouraging words and all the pretty things you show:)

    Also thanks for the Valentine wishes. Glad you had a good one with your hubby:)

    My sweet hubby gave me a miniature rose bush in a pretty basket. It will make me happy until Spring comes and I can transfer it to a pot on my deck:)

    Linda C

  9. Hi Katherine. I love the look of both tables, but for eating, I think I’d prefer the larger one. It’s really a cute area.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  10. I like the smaller table for a nice breakfast for two,but with the grands there in mornings the larger table would be more approiate I guess.Glad you finally got to have a talk with Jennifer.You need sometime to rest and then get your reabilation started.

  11. Well, I do like the smaller white table, but if it were my kitchen I’d probably go with the larger one…I’m no help. 😉 Bo

  12. the second one is my choice. more farmhouse looking. oh and i see all the chickens and roosters etc- i collect them too and plan to show what i have on my blog soon!

  13. Hey sweet girl thanks for coming by and seeing my Yard Longs..How are you feeling today?? I pray for you all the time..hugs coming your way…Gl♥ria

  14. hi. just stopped in to look around and say hello. I like your tables. the smaller one best. Love all the pics. Had a really nice visit and will be back soon. hugs and God bless

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