Dresses I Designed
I designed the dresses for my daughters to wear in a school beauty pageant, when they were young. I made a drawing of what I wanted the dresses to look like, and cut out my own pattern. My daughter, Jennifer on the left in a white with pink fabric roses. My daughter, Suzette on the right in the pink dress.
My daughter Jennifer in the white dress with her escort.
My daughter, Suzette in the pink dress.
My daughters are now 26 and 27 years old and have families of their own. These two dresses are hanging in my attic, waiting on two little granddaughter’s to grow up.

I want to thank all whom left me such kind comments on my last two Pink Saturday Post. For these posts were very emotional for me, for I still have not shared this information with my family. Thank you all for your prayers. I took a week off of blogging, for we have had our grandchildren for several weeks. By the day end I am very weary. Soon, my grandchildren will get to go back to day care. Thank you for letting me share my lovely daughters in the dresses, I made for them.

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  1. Hello…Your dress designs were fabulous… I hope your 2 beautiful daughters saved them, but if not, you still have these photos for prosperity. 😉 Bo

  2. I made a dress almost just like Suzette’s pink one for jessica one year ,but her’s was white.All those ruffles like to drove me crazy.I am making a dress in the next few weeks for a friend of Jessica’s daughter for the school pageant in April.

  3. Wow, Katherine…those dresses are gorgeou!!! I bet they felt like Princesses in them!
    I remember you asking about that now…so sorry didn’t answer ’til now. Yes, I did you an exterior grade paint on my hutch. The wicker seating group is “outdoor or resin wicker” so it’s fine out there. The table and chairs…I’m taking a bit of a risk…they are really meant to be used inside, I’m pretty sure. But they were exactly what I needed out there. They have survived their first winter (so far) on the porch and haven’t cracked or anything…still look fine. The only piece I’ve had problems with is the oval wicker table and I think it’s because it is so close to the screen it has actually been rained on a time or two. So, I had some mold growing on it and I washed it off with a bleach and water solution. The porch is a full story up and gets good air circulation…plus I have ceiling fans, so I think that helps. The paint store did recommend exterior grade paint for the hutch, just to be on the safe side. It still looks great after being on the porch for a year now. Hope that helps. Thanks for the question. Susan

  4. You never cease to amaze me with your many talents! I think you can do about anything. The dresses are gorgeous!! I hope you’re feeling better. You are very dear to us!!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Katherine. I keep you in my prayers daily.

    Thank you for sharing your sweet memories of your beautiful daughters with us. You are so incredibly talented.

  6. Beautiful Dresses you great you kept them for your girls and they both look like you..prays still coming your way…have a great weekend dear friend..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. What a very talented lady you are!! If I tried to design a dress like that it would look like the dress Lucy made on I Love Lucy. You know, the episode where she was trying to prove to Ricky she could save money by sewing her own clothes. I guarantee it would!!

    I’m new to the group and hope you’ll visit next Saturday for pink Saturday.


  8. How lovely! My mother had the same talent of seeing something and creating her own masterpiece. Thank you for sharing, God bless you today:)

  9. I love the Dresses! I so wish I could sew like that! There is nothing prettier than a girl in a Pink Dress! Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks for sharing your Pink! Thank your Daughters for us! They both are beautiful!

  10. My goodness, Katherine, you are so talented! The dresses you designed for your daughters are amazing!

    I have read quite a few posts from your blog this evening and I am so sorry to know you have gone through so much. I promise to pray for you.

    Thank you so much for visiting and following Mimi’s Garden, Katherine.

  11. Hi Katherine, The dresses are gorgeous! I’m sure your they wore them with pride! It’s so nice that you have saved them! I still have mine from 1988… 😉 Nancy

  12. Hi Lady Katherine…Your dresses are gorgeous! You are so talented. Sorry about your fall. Please take good care of yourself! You are in my prayers…hugs…Debbie

  13. Miss Katherine, bless your heart, Suzette and Jennifer look like the sweetest Southern Belles in those beautiful gowns! Goodness gracious, you can sew! How sweet is this???:-)

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