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After a day at the hospital of testing, and visits with my doctors. I went into Hobby Lobby, on the way home. I was looking for a fabric in pink, to go with my new pink rose tea cups and saucers. I walked into the lobby and there was my friend Kathy, who lives near an hour away from me, and comes to visit every two week. Kathy was so surprised to see me out. Kathy has brought me so many Happy’s and food, see always bring things she is working on, finished, or picture and we have a Show and Tell, Kathy always makes my day a little brighter. I was still trying to take in what the results were, and all my doctors had said. I was not telling hubby or anyone. Kathy just held me tight and said, I am here when you want to talk. She came back in Hobby Lobby with me to help pick out my fabric, I needed to make a table topper scarf and napkins. I have not driven in over three years and have been in one store by myself, until this past Christmas when I had a blast at Cracker Barrel buying more things for my peppermint collection. I leave my house maybe twice a month, and that is usually to see doctors or have test. Now just so you know, I am not an invalid, but driving has caused me so many complications. I love to shop, be around people and hit every thrift store, antique store there is. My illness has kept me house bound for three years now. My heart wants to go, but my body pays dearly when I do go out.
I chose this pink fabric, for the pink roses, the tea cups and teapot.
When I took the fabric out of the bag, I had a surprise! I hope you can read the selvage of the fabric in the photo below.
On the selvage it says: Rose Garden Tea for Two and Quest for a cure.
These tea cups and saucers of pink roses, are in a satin lined hat box. My sister, Gloria gave these to me for Christmas. I think they are so lovely!
I have had many emails, and comments left wanting to know how I am doing and prayers for me. I do appreciate all of you for caring. I have told no one in months, just what I have been up against, including my family. I have all my results in, except I will have one test more around April. I have had 39 surgeries, which are usually 13 to 17 different procedures and incisions. My veins are gone, so I now have had six pic lines, and have to have another one or a port to do further testing, or surgery. I do have multiple tumors in my lymph nodes, for months and they have grown since September as a wild fire. The largest ones are limiting my arm movement.I also have different type of rapid growing cancer trying to form on my chest wall. My chest wall is also covered in cysts. I have a large mass covering my right arm pit, which needs a different test to find out just what this is. As of this day my many tumors have grown, but are not cancerous. We have to keep a close watch on them, for they could change into Cancer at anytime. The largest two are near the size of a walnut. I have a small window to go to therapy to help stretch my left side front, back, and abdominal muscles, which spams daily, and swells. The front of my body is covered in mesh and my left side muscles and skin have fallen off the mesh. Which while in therapy and just daily life, it has allowed my rib to push way out, not letting my left side muscles stretch. The doctors have tried all different types of bands to hold my left side rib in, where the muscles in my midriff, breast implant, under my arm, my shoulder and back. I have a large hernia at the navel. My asthma and digestion system all complicate this process. While my doctor was trying to find anything to help this, to save me from having two major surgeries, which will most likely make me loose any movement of my left side and arm. I told Doc that I need a rock to place pressure on my rib to hold it in, to let my left side stretch. After a lot of checking with different medical supply places and a shop which is for breast cancer patients, with no result in finding anything near what I need. I thought about Scarlet O’Hara, I have been looking for a picture of her for my parlor, on line. I had found one picture, where she was in a corset. I am a weaver, spinner and knitter, before traveling five years with my job, I use to go do demonstration of weaving, spinning and knitting of my sheep and angora goats fibers. I have old time dresses that I made to wear on these demonstrations, but never wore a corset. I told him about all of this, Doc said yes this is worth a try. Now I need to have several and wear the corset daily, and pray it works and saves me from two major surgeries that will change my life. I ordered a book which tells you how and what you need to make a corset. I found corset on line that run $300.00 each, and more if they are custom made. I am trying to read this book, then get the supplies to make a custom corset. I need the corset before going into therapy. My window maybe short, for all depends on the tumors, if I have to go to surgery for the tumors. Doc will do the other surgeries, that I am hoping I will not have until the last option. Should the corset work, I will go to surgery sometime this year, to fix other problems. I have been told by several of my Doctors, that I am strong and I can make these tumors go away, with no stress and just a lovely happy life. lol Not sure where that life is! I am going forward with a great attitude and one day will tell all to my family, when I feel they are going to be able to handle it. They have been through so much with me, I need to protect them. My hubby was in the heart unit in December, for he was worried about me. My doctor talked to him and told him some of what will happen, should we go to surgery, but not all that was going on with me. I am praying for my family, both of my son-in-laws have lost there jobs,and we are doing all we can to help them, from money to keeping children. Hubby and I took a leave of absence from our job come April, three years ago, thinking it would be a few months. We worked as a team, which I flew home or he would drive me home in the motor home. I would have surgery and lay on the couch to go back to our crew, in which ever state we were working. Hubby has not left my side and has taken care of me for so long. Doc says he has enough experience to be a nurse, in fact Doc seldom call in home health for he feels hubby is more capable of handling each situation, I have been in. While at the hospital this week, they have asked me to keep them informed if the corset works, for it may help a lot of women.
This is a part of the journey I have been on since 2003, I not able to share all of this journey, at this time, but for now I am on a path of my journey going forward to a lovely place in time.
Here is the fabric with the hat box closed. I just love this hat box! The little pink doll and hankie, were given to me by Bobbie, my hubby’s Aunt. We went for a visit, after Christmas. Her home has several thousand dolls of all kinds. Bobbie would not let me leave with out, picking out one of the dolls and one of the old hankies. She also gave me a Cinderella quilt to wrap up in when I am just resting. Now I have two granddaughter’s which are 3 and 19 months and they love this quilt.
Guess who get to wrap up in the quilt. lol
The next time you see this fabric and tea cups,
they will be used for a lovely pink afternoon tea.

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  1. Oh my sweet friend, you are very brave and a a strong person. When I read your post, I wanted to cry because it hurt me to know what you are enduring. I will keep and hold you tight in my prayers.

    BTW. . .I love the fabric and tea cups. They are so YOU!!

  2. Well, the fabric looks like it was just made for the box and the tea set. And the fact that it was made to help finance a cure makes it even more special.
    Well, dear, you have been through so very much. I do hope you are able to make the corset and that it works for you. I wore something much like a corset when we were building the house on our farm in the 80s to brace my back because of degenerative disks.
    Mama Bear

  3. Oh my…you are a brave, strong woman. I admire your fighting spirit & your “stiff upper lip” …that’s a compliment in case you aren’t familiar w/ the term.

    Love the teacups & the fabric…they’ll make a lovely setting for tea. Happy PinkDay!

  4. Oh my…. you are very brave…. and an amazing person… trying to be strong for everyone around you… I am not sure what I would do in you shoes…I will keep you in my prayers…

    Beautiful teacup and fabric is perfect!

    If you eve need to vent…or talk…I am here!


  5. Sweet Lady Katherine, I had no idea you’ve been struggling with this cancer and all the health issues. I knew you’d been sick, but guess I didn’t get to read any posts before this one that made me understand fully what you’re up against. I will be praying, you are a brave and strong woman! Your precious pink share for the day really makes it even more special, the fabric you found is very significant! So beautiful! You be blessed dear friend! ~CC Catherine

  6. Lady Katherine,

    I’m so sorry that you’ve had to endure so much. Wasn’t that wonderful that on a rare trip to the store you ran into an old friend? The fabric you chose was perfect for the tea cups and tea pot.

    I was looking around your blog and your baskets are lovely. I used to weave baskets too.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  7. Lady Katherine,
    What a beautiful fabric, and it coordinates so well with the hat box and teacups.

    I’m so, so sorry to read of all that you are going through. Please know that I will keep you in my prayers.

  8. You are a very strong and brave woman and thank God you have a wonderful husband to take care of you…You know you are in my prayers every day dear the fabric and WOW your Gloria did great on those plates..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. This is my first visit to your lovely blog. Even through a mere couple of minutes spent here, I can tell your vibrant spirit shines through it. I pray that your health concerns ebb away one by one. :)

    Isn’t Hobby Lobby a dangerous store to set foot in? lol My mind goes into overflow mode when I am surrounded by so many craft supplies!

  10. I am so sorry for everything you are going through. I had no idea until now. I will pray for your strength and health. I lvoe the facric you picked. The colors and the print are perfect for the tea cups. Christine

  11. So glad you were able to find the fabric you were looking for. Your teacups are lovely. It is hard to find words…but you know I understand. Life takes its changes and we must learn to lean more and more on our Lord. But it is not easy.

  12. Dear Katherine,
    Tender blessings to you for mustering the inner strength to update us on your journey. Your heart is a very sweet one, and your attitude is so inspiring!

    My heart goes out to you, sweet lady. It is my profound privilege to bring you to our Lord in prayer. I have and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for sharing with us…I feel I know better how to pray.

    I value your friendship and look forward to knowing you better.

    Thank you for your thoughtful, kind comments on my blog, and for just being delightful you.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your PINK!!


  13. You poor thing! You’re really going through it. Thank goodness you can blog and find a bit of diversion. I hope that you trust in Christ. He is your answer. I’ll pray for you.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. Oh Lady Katherine…I had no idea of what you are going through! You occasionally mention your illness, but I would never have guessed the extent of it! Your doctor is right …you are a strong woman! I so admire your courage. You and your family will be in my prayers, my dear friend! I pray you will get good results from your corset. Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend…hugs…Debbie

  15. katherine- i had no idea! i will keep you in my prayers ~hugs~
    i so enjoy your blog becuz it is so beautiful. and you talk about a subject near and dear to my heart- tea! and all the pretties that go with it!!

    i was gifted with a similar round box filled with teacups too!!

  16. Oh Sweet Lady Katherine, I cannot imagine the turmoil you go thru daily. I pray with all my heart that it is God’s will for these tumors to leave your body and for you to be pain free. I would give you the biggest hug ever..but I’d be afraid of hurting you. so… I’m sending tons of cyber hugs your way..:-)
    Now.. about all this pink.. girl. you know the fabric and miniature set stole my heart.. I’m looking forward to having tea with you.. just call day or night and I’m your rock in the storm…Happy Pink Saturday
    hugs ~lynne~

  17. Lady K, My heart is breaking after reading this post. You are so brave and such an inspiration to all of us. What you have and are enduring is more than should be expected of anyone, and you are doing it with such grace. You will definitey be in my prayers. Please let us (your blogging friends) know if there is more we could do for you. Love ya, laurie

  18. Lady Katherine,
    Your pink tea set and fabrics are lovely. It inspires me to pick up some blue for my tea set.
    I was just reading about corsets, and this one maker says they add more stays, which actually make the corset more comfortable. So they have 14 in theirs, usually only 4 to 6 in others. The link if you want to read it is, a civil war supply site. Just find the ladies catalog area and go to underthings. Good luck in sewing it, sounds like it should work for your purpose. Pink fabric would make a lovely one!

  19. The fabric you chose is lovely.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I, too am semi housebound due to cancer. I have had 2 bone marrow transplants and have not worked in almost 3 years. I leave the house to go to the doctor, and once in a while to see friends. but mostly people come to me.

  20. I write in a very sober state of mind after reading all you have experienced. I pray with 5 others on Wednesday nights and will take your name with me to prayer.

  21. Your pink fabric is so perfect for your tea cups.Can not wait to see what you do with it.
    I know how hard it was for you to post so much about your long journey,but I am so glad that you are getting to where you can talk about it.I think it will help you in what you have to face in the near future.You know that I beleive that at some point in time you are going to come through this whole ordeal with flying colors.I have that faith in god that he is taking care of you,and you yourself have fought so hard that all is going to come out to the good for you.Sorry I missed your call the other night,I was in bed early,we worked outside all day and I was so tired.You would not believe all the changes out there with all the work we have done.Great new places for new flower beds.
    Hang in girl,I know you ,you have it in you.

  22. Hi Katherine,
    Good heavens! I was just reading this post and am amazed at the journey you have been on.
    Yet you have such a great outlook! I am glad for that.
    I have many friends that have gone through breast cancer or are going through it right now. I will add you to my “prayer list.”

    I had visted your blog once or twice last year I think but I don’t believe I had ever left a comment. I don’t recall I had read about your battle.

    I really wanted drop you this note today to let you know that I really can feel your zeal for life.
    Hang in there!
    By the way…I bought that SAME fabric last year but haven’t done anything with it yet. I was “supposed” to make a Tea Cozy. HA!
    Oh well….one day maybe.
    Be blessed,
    Joyce M.

  23. I know it was probably not easy to share what you shared with everyone today but I am so glad you did. I know so many will now be joining together to hold you up in prayer. The Lord is so faithful and I can tell you rely strongly on Him! You seem to have such a joy in living despite everything you’ve been going through and as you know “the joy of the Lord is our strength”. You are an inspiration.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and I felt you’d be perfect to receive the Kreativ Blogger award. When you get a chance you can drop by my blog and “pick it up” if you like. The post is dated Sunday Feb. 8th and contains a few little instructions to go along with it.
    Hope you have a lovely week…Elaine :)

  24. Hey Sweetie, I wanted you to see that I finally got around to accepting the award you gave me. I didn’t want you to think that it wasn’t special to me to receive it, for it surely was!

    Don’t delete your post. You never know who you may be helping!!

    Tender blessings to you! If you ever want to chat more in depth, feel free to email me anytime at, ok?

    Joyful blessings, Katherine,

  25. Oh what a perfect teaset and I love that fabric – isn’t it great that it’s for a cure also. I was sad to know you have been fighting this for three years. I pray that your healing will come soon!

  26. Lady Katherine,

    Your new fabric and tea set are lovely! I love the florals and all the pink!!

    I so enjoy your beautiful blog and stopping in to see all your pretty things.

    I stopped by today to share an award with you and I don’t think the timing in this is by chance. This award is for expressing a good attitude and gratitude in life beyond the circumstances that come our way. Today’s post surely expresses this in you.

    I was not aware of your health situation until ready you post just now. And now I am so blessed to give this to you and pray that it brightens your day as you do to others:)

    Your blog is so pretty and you take the time to share such beautiful things with us, including your kind words. As you are busy encouraging others, I hope you are feeling it as God delivers it back to you. He’s wonderful that way.

    Please stop by and pick up your award:)

    Blessings and Prayers,
    Linda C

  27. Absolutely love the dishes your sister gave you. I just started lookin’ at your past table scapes, have to go back and look at the rest. You certainly have some beautiful things. Loved my visit, hugs Rosemarie

  28. Dear Katherine, I’m just checking in to see if you are ok. I have missed your posts, and have prayed for you, sweetie. Praying that God will minister to your heart, and heal your body. You are so very important to Him, you know?


  29. Aloha Lady Katherine,
    I came across your blog while visiting a friends blog. What a beauitful heart and spirit you have, and I know the Lord holds you and carries you through each day. I have been living with a serious life threatening liver illness which has no cure, but by the grace of God I give it all to him and trust him day to day. I go ever 3 to 6 months to check if there is any tumors in my liver. I too love teacups with pink roses and and started a collection of them. I have different ones from friends who find a stray pink roses cup and saucer in a thrift store or tea house that needs a home and gives them to me because they know it makes me smile. I will keep you in my prayer journal and just know you are a woman of strength and courage. Thanks you for your openness and for sharing your heart.

    Blessings Lorie

  30. Oh my Katherine, my heart is with you. You are a very brave person and have more strength then I could ever imagine myself having. May God be with you and your family. My heart is heavy as I read your post but I can only trust in GOD to see us through. Take care.

  31. Thanks for sharing your story with us so we can pray for you. I’m sorry you are going through so much.

    The fabric is gorgeous! It will be so pretty with the dishes!


  32. I have worn Spanx, kinda like a body stocking, but it holds you in real good. I don’t know if it is strong enough for what you need it for, but worth a try. I bought mine at Target for only about $15 or $20 (I’ve forgotten.) It may be a different brand from Spanx, I looked at both. Spanx costs a lot more.


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