Copper and Metal Ivy Wall Sconce

I made this sconce by bending copper tubing into a circle. Then soldiered a smaller bent cooper tubing on to the circle, after I cut a small circle of metal flashing, which I crimped, and soldiered a small cooper tube to make the candle holders. I then took a tiny cooper tubing and bent it into a vine shape around the circle, soldiering the cooper vine to the circle. I cut ivy leaves from metal flashing and crimped to form the ivy leaf shape and soldiered to the copper vine.

I have love the copper and silver look, sometimes I think I should paint the leaves and vine a green color. What do you think? Should I keep as is or or paint the vine and leaves?
This Magnolia Bouquet I made, and placed in this lovely urn, my sister Doris gave to me on my 50th Birthday. The magnolia bouquet was in a silver urn, which  I used for a centerpiece in my daughter wedding, I also made matching topariry trees for each side of the table, for Jennifer’s wedding. Jennifer has the magnolia  topiary trees at her home.
This photo of the magnolia bouquet I am using for all Mississippi bloggers and friends to join us for a day of antiquing and thrift stores and lunch sometimes later in the Spring, should you want to join in on the day of fun click here to see the article to join:
Click on the button below, to go to Kelli at There’s No Place Like Home where she is hosting Show and Tell Friday.

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31 thoughts on “SHOW & TELL FRIDAY – – HANDMADE WALL SCONCE – Magnolia Bouquet

  1. Hi Katherine, If it gives you pleasure as it is, leave it alone. If you’re wondering more than being satified with it…paint it!
    It’s very pretty and very creative!!
    Joyful blessings,

  2. Hello Katherine, I love looking at what other people created. Your did a great job in the silver and copper look! It is very creative. Also your magnolia flowers are so pretty too!

  3. Amazing Katherine!!! You made these?!!! I so admire your talents.

    My show n tell this week is the final showing of my troll doll collection, from the tiniest to the ‘oldest’ couple. Do stop by if you can….and, have a great weekend.

  4. Pretty! You sure are talented and very creative, Katherine! I will see if I can join you for your get together.It will depend if I will be here since we have at least 7 trips planned for this year and if hubby can take me cause I think it’s a little far. Thanks for inviting me..Christine

  5. Your wreath and vine are beautiful! I like them just the way they are. I wouldn’t paint them at all. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

    There is always a place for you at The Shadow of the Cross. Feel free to visit anytime.

  6. I would leave it as is…it is beautiful and it sure is not the normal “crafty” thing. Aren’t you the clever girl to know how to do it.

    Roberta Anne

  7. You are so creative and talented! I never would have thought of this!

    I don’t know… I like this, but I might like it painted so the green looks vintage. Either way is good:)

    Linda C

  8. Please don’t paint it, its gorgeous. I can’t believe your 50, you look so young. I’ve never soldiered anything, I’m glue gun junkie. I can’t wait until spring to meet you. Have a blessed day, Rosemarie

  9. what should you do? You should send them to me! That and every other beauty you’ve posted! This is so neat, and how cool you made it yourself! Love your flower arrangement, just lovely. How are YOU feeling today? God bless you and keep you:)

  10. Oh, wow! What a wonderful creation…I have to say that I love it just as it is. It has a naturalistic vibe, which suits the materials you used so well. Of course, if you decide to paint it, I’ve no doubt it will be equally stunning, just in a different way. 🙂

  11. I think your Ivy wall sconce is beautiful as is, but if you do paint it I have a suggestion. There is a special paint that makes a verdigris type finish just like the patina on old copper. The color varies between blue and green with a mottled appearance.

    The last place I saw that paint was at Van Dykes Restorers.

    Nice work, I hope you create more along this line!

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