Tea with Hazel in my Parlor.
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My dearest friend, Ms Hazel is ninety years old, and came for a visit.
 I surprised her with a morning tea in my Parlor. I was in a panic, pantry was not stocked. My daughter Suzette helped me and asked the local country store to stay open for us to purchase buttermilk for the scones. I set the table the night before and planned a menu, with a to do list for the next morning. I made scones from the prepared flour mix of Victorian House of Scones , I added blueberries, and cinnamon sugar. They were wonderful. I served homemade fig preserves and Smucker’s strawberry preserves. I whipped up a pack of Dream whip to dip the scones in. I served honey and sugar to sweeten the vanilla creme tea, from Magnolia Ivy in Sandestin, Florida. It was yummy. I added milk for the first time and I loved it in my tea. I used Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls contains eggs, bacon, potatoes, and cheddar cheese, which I used microwave to heat. I also baked peanut butter cookies from a mix. I used my the Old Country Roses Bone China by Royal Albert that I have been collecting on Ebay. I realized I need a butter dish, salt and pepper shakers, and more plates and a tea cozy. But made do with my Crystal. I picked Rosemary and peppermint herbs from my garden, which should have been washed the night before, I washed them and put the peppermint stems in a tea towel to dry and the rosemary I dried in the oven on low heat, I used the herbs for garnish and decorations, and added dried roses . I use an antique cloth on my coffee table. The tea tray sat on a small round table with a table cloth, that I crocheted with a gold liner underneath. The tea tray is an old metal tray that was used as TV trays, The legs were gone, and the flowers on it are much like my china. It is very special to me, it was given to me by the children of a neighbor of mine, Ms Lang. To Keep the teapot warm, I used a dinner napkin around the pot. My tea for two turned out wonderful with my dear friend, so it is possible to throw something together and turn out perfect. Next time I have someone to drop by, I now have scones in the freezer ready to bake. As a young child, my mother would put on the coffee, or iced tea while I ran to the nearby store to purchase a cake. What would you do if someone dropped by for tea? Comment anyone?
Miss Janice, I got caught look at how I am holding my tea cup!


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  1. Dear Katherine
    My mom will be 90 next week and is in perfect health. How lovely to have Hazel with you for tea and treats.
    Lovely I do not use my google acc

  2. Oh, how sweet having your little olden friend to tea! Everything looks so nice. I will not tell Miss Janice about your holding the tea cup! lol
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. mmmm if someone just dropped by- i’d have coffee ready since i keep a pot brewing all day but i could make tea quickly. i’d whip up some no bake cookies cuz they are so fast! maybe not fancy but they are good 🙂

  4. Dear Katherine…What a lovely tea for two! I am going to try the recipes you shared…hope all is well…email me when you have some time I hope you are feeling well,Hugs girlfriend!

  5. Lady Katherine, I think you did fabulous holding your surprise breakfast tea for your precious friend Hazel who’s 90! The scones sound yummy! I’ve been thinking of making some Strawberry Scones this week to use up the little red berries trying to go to waste in the frig. Hmmm…I enjoyed your narration of the tea, I’m very relaxed now and feel all warm and cozy! Please pour me a cuppa… 😉 Au Revoir… ~CC Catherine

  6. Hi Lady Katherine! I love this post because it’s real!! You worked so hard to surprise Miss Hazel and I bet she loved it! You are such a good friend to her and I know she must appreciate it. I like Miss Hazel just from reading about her on your blog!! Lovely tea party! Wonderful post…Debbie

  7. Hello Fair Lady Katherine,
    Your tea party sounds just lovely. How sweet of you to entertain your elderly friend with such short notice! Everything looks just lovely. 🙂

  8. Oops I’m having a hard time getting my comment to stick. I love how you pulled together this sweet tea for two in your Parlor on short notice! I like the idea of using the coffee table. The presentation of the scones with the cream in the middle is nice!

  9. You are my first stop for viewing TT !!

    You are so inspiring, and I think you must definitely have the Biblical gift of hospitality!! What a beautiful tea table you prepared, and all the lovin’ care you put into everything else, too! Simply lovely, Katherine!! I’m sure Hazel was truly tickled and felt honored by you!!

    Plus, I love the colors in your parlor. I will be putting up pics of my family room when I get some decorating finished. We have very similar colors!

    Sweet blessings to you, and thank you for sharing YOU with us!


  10. Hi Katherine,
    You are just so wonderful to do this for Hazel! I know she loved it.
    Bless you!
    It looked so beautiful and the cookies looked delish.

    Have a great one.
    ~Melissa 🙂

  11. You’ve made this weeks tablescape very special and memorable for me. It’s so wonderful to meet someone that still appreciates the elderly and also recognizing that they can continue to enrich our social lives. You’re a kind soul who also happens to have a talent for setting great tablescapes.

  12. I’ll bet Miss Hazel will be talking about her tea party for quite some time. Very lovely and very thoughtful! Linda

  13. Lady Katherine, Your post today made me feel so warm and cozy, encouraged and hopeful, all at the same time! I’m sure your friend felt special and loved. I enjoyed your narrative, because more times than not, this is how it plays out….at least if we like to follow our hearts! You have a servants heart and it shows. Beautifully.
    Elaine 🙂

  14. I enjoyed reading your post, How nice to have a little tea party for your dear friend Hazel. She looked like she was enjoying herself! I too have some OCR pieces and love them too! Your scones looked yummy as did the little breakfast cups! As for your question, I try to have some tea cookies (Pepperidge Farm, etc.)on hand for drop in’s, but my favorite is to bake some scones or bisquits and serve them with creme fresh and fresh fruit in season. Have a good week!

  15. Oh, Miss Hazel was one lucky lady! I enlarged the pic and those sconces look AMAZING! I love the story you told of getting ready for the tea. You are a true treasure Katherine…you put thought into everything you do! I think it was positively perfect! I think I’m going to order some sconces from the site you mentioned…I just know I’m going to have to try those. Thanks for all the great links and a lovely tea party! Susan

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