Today I want to share with you, as I go into another year of celebrating life. This photo of my Aunt Katherine and I, for whom I was named after, was taken last June. I am the fifth child born to my parents, and they let two of my favorite Aunts name me. Aunt Katherine, married my daddy’s brother. She may not be related by blood, but has always been a very special lady in my life.
I went to visit my Doctor this past Tuesday. I have received the best news, in six years of my illness. I have not been to therapy as my Doctor ordered, for my husband and I have had our grandchildren as our children went back to work. I will not go into all the details, but I have been doing a few things as therapy at home. My Doctor was so excited for I have accomplished more in the last two week by myself, than in the whole six years with professional help. I am to keep on doing my home therapy, for we know what is causing some of my daily muscle spasms, and much more of my complications. If in the next six weeks, I improve more, I will not have to have some of the major surgeries that would make me lose most movement of my left side and arm, and a whole lot more. My tumors are in a holding pattern. It is very hard for me to share all with you, but I am SO HAPPY! After the six week, we will schedule surgery. I will be having four to six surgeries, with time in between, to see if each surgery will improve my complications. My Doctor, will take care of the most pressing issues of my health first. Then if all goes well I will have surgeries to better my life. My Doctor has signed a contract to stay with the hospital for one more year. We hope to have all this done with in this year, for he may retire, to Kentucky. He has tried to get hubby and I to move to Kentucky before. If he retires, does anyone have a place I can come live. lol
Here I going to relax in my parlor with my new book, On a Wing and a Prayer, that I won from Bernideen Tea Time Blog. The print on the wall, I got from a garage sale for $3.00, The lamp(one of two with new lamp shades) and chair was in the attic when we bought our Craftsman’s Bungalow. The chair is one of two and need recovering. The easel a gift from my sister-in-law, Judy, upon it sits my new pink rose print. The little table was bought by my daddy, already old at a garage sale,when I was around ten years old. Shelf from Hobby Lobby and the grey trellis, from Ashland, AL gift shop. I usually, have a wreath hanging on it. But it is getting a new home on another wall.

With my pink rose tea cup, blueberry scones and book is where you shall find me, in a happy day of bliss!
My New Pink Rose Print!
Please remember, I am going to host an annual, Tea Party for my Birthday on April 5Th, just leave me a comment  telling me you want to join me on this day, by giving your own Tea Party.
Also, I am thinking of my Mother on her Birthday today, whom I lost in 1991.
I want to wish Catherine at Catherine de the’ cups,
Happy Birthday !
With all this lovely excitement, I am feeling a little under the weather, so I am doing one post for all the following websites.
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A Tea Party for Lady Katherine’s Birthday!
Here I am enjoying a little tea, in My Old Country Roses Teapot in one, with a lovely pink rose floating in my Early American Prescut Crystal bowl. Yes, I having a poptart with strawberry perserves! I would love for you to join me in this April 5, 2009 for My Annual Birthday Tea Party.

Want you join me this day, April 5th to celebrate my Birthday, by giving a Tea Party! This will be an annual Tea Party event, given every year on my Birthday April 5TH.

I would love to have you join me on this day! You can have a Tea Party for one, two, or three. I you like you can give a large Afternoon Tea . Set up a Tea Party inside, on the porch, on the lawn, or a picnic, just whatever you wish. You can use ice tea or hot tea! Even a punch would be great!
I would be honored if you would join me in celebrating another year of life. I shall be fifty-one! I am proud to say, for I shall have another Birthday!

Please comment below should you want to join me this day. For my email subscribers if you wish to join in on the fun, just email me your pictures to ladykatherineteaparlor@gmail.com I will be having my Birthday Tea Party on April 5Th. You can give yours anytime before April 5TH. All you have to do is have your Tea Party Posted on your blog website and  I will  come to you and link you all on my Tea Party Post.  I will send each of you an email, to remind you about your Tea Party Post.

Please let me know if you wish to join me on this day, April 5th, 2009 for My Annual Birthday Tea Party,  deadline  March 30, 2009

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Movie Night in the Family Room!
Hubby came in from working on his new art project,(a huge fishing cork). He said, I put a pizza in the oven and I am off to the shower. Pizza! He said Pizza! Oh, I remember the post Kathleen Ellis did with pizza! I went in to action! Found a piece of fabric to go on the coffee table, washed up my pottery, fixed a quick salad , left my Chief and round tray, that stays on the table. Oh no! Hubby is back! Check the Pizza! Quick! I forgot about it, Oh it just right. Wow, grab the camera and the milk. I forgot the napkin and fork! Here use these gold ones! I place the pizza on the feather tray. Hubby has the pizza stone eating! What! He says, I can’t wait! Take the pictures! Quick!

Time to eat! I am tired! The movie is coming on!

Here is that black slip cover, I’ve  got to find some fabric and cover those cushions! Oh, think about it another day! Just sit back and enjoy!

Here is my chief ! The antler bowl, my daughter Jennifer gave me, Can you see the feather in the middle of the pizza? The cups match, I bought this pottery in the Handmade Arts Store, in Greensboro, Georgia. The pottery is made by an Native American Indian couple. I love to shop in Greensboro! The plates, are from Dollar Store, wish I had 2 more. lol The bowl and the charger, you can barely see is a pottery, I bought through the mail years ago.

Thanks to Kathleen Ellis for such a wonderful idea, I usually have to drag Hubby to the dining table. Now we can still enjoy dinner and not have to hold our plate! lol Yes, I will share Hubby’s Huge cork when he’s finished.

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Foodie Friday!

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I bought two trays, at the dollar store for $7.00 each. The bottom has four tiles, placed together to make the grape. I did not like the finish, tray makeover time.

Madeover two trays, by painting gloss black.

I bought two lamp shades for $9.00 each, and bought four yards of beaded ribbon for $12.00. I used liquid stitch fabric glue to add the beaded ribbon around the top and bottom edges of the lamp shade.

I started gluing the beaded ribbon around the bottom edge.

I had these two lamps for twenty years, I found them in the attic, cleaned them up, sprayed a black primer coat on them. Then hand brushed gloss black paint on the lamps.

Makeover lamps with shade. I madeover two lamps and shades for my end tables.

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Today I am sharing my life of Flying, while traveling ten months out of the year with a aviation company. Hubby and I were a team, were traveled around in the motor home, from airport to airport, to city to city, from Oklahoma to Virginia to Florida and all states in between. We had 10-12 employees, which were pilots, ground crew, and trucks to haul the granular fertilizer to each airport. We fertilized pine trees for major timber companies, with a fertilizer, like you would put on your yard. In the first photo is an Air Tractor Airplane with the truck placing the fertilizer in the Air Tractor.

I love flying in small airplanes, when you are up above the clouds it is so beautiful and peaceful. I knitted a scarf while flying home in this white airplane.The white airplane is an Experimental Airplane, I flew in from Florida to Mississippi. As you can see this airplane is not much bigger than a car.
One April, on my Birthday, our crew went together and paid for me to go flying in a yellow Float Plane. Which has pontoon’s to allows the pilot to land in the water. We flew around the ocean and landed in the Swanee River twice. While floating in the airplane along the river, people came out along the river RV Parks and waved and took our picture. Sure wish I had one of those photo’s of us floating in the river. This was a lot of fun.

I do not have a photo of the two seat-er Airplane, but I got to take off and fly it in the air. It was so much fun. No I did not land it. lol I also got to go flying in Mississippi in a Ultralight aircraft, The wind is in your face, so glasses are so needed. Your feet are dangling in the air. I had to be talked into getting in this one. lol
It is so beautiful to fly in these small planes, I think everyone should get to do this at least one in a lifetime. I flown in many commercial jets, but it is nothing compared to flying in a small plane.
The Corporate Office I worked for, in the accounting department, flew us down in a small four seat er airplane to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a convention. Hubby sat in the co-pilot seat and had a blast. We thought this would be the last time we would fly in a small aircraft. One year later we were working for an aviation company.
Today I am announcing the winner of my 100TH Post Give Away!
I want to Thank all that commented and emailed me, and to all that read my blog website.
I had 79 comments, including emails that signed up for my give away. I asked hubby to pick a number between 1 and 79. Hubby picked the number we always have good luck on. The Lucky Number is Thirteen, which the Lucky Winner is Susan at A Southern Day Dreamer!
Susan if you will email me your snail address, I will send you my Pink Give Away.

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Pink Saturday

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Today Is My 100Th Post!
Post Give Away
Tea pot, sugar and creamer dish, journal, note cards and a rose box.
Click on photo to enlarge.
Lady Katherine, who is she? Today on my 100Th post of articles, I  am going  to tell you about my life.
First, why did I decide to name my website, After taking a leave  absence from work, for my illness. I started to ordering Tea Time Magazine, looking on Internet at tea information. I found a few sites I loved to visit and studied tea, and tea parties. After, a few years, I decided to start a website, at first I thought, it was going to be just about afternoon tea. For one day, I would like to have a tea shop are just give afternoon teas. As I studied about blogging. My first post was on my painted kitchen floor. I decided to share things I love to do. In my parlor I do have afternoon teas.
 God has blessed me to learn to do many things in life. Too many to name,  We did have every  farm animal you could name, from ducks,40 chickens, 40 angora rabbits and New Zealand rabbits, 100 or so sheep and goats. I love to spin on a spinning wheel, weave on a loom, knit, crochet, build things, herbs and roses and grapes, and Lilly are some of my favorites to grow.
I worked in a florist as a young girl, while working there, I also learned to run a cash register, pump gas, how to help find the right fertilizer or plants, I also learned to do the accounting for the whole garden center.  As my children were born and I stayed at home, I sold Home Interior, made floral arrangements for other florist and gift shops. I did the accounting for my husband business, and mine.
 I opened a gift shop, but my customers turned it into a florist, for they liked my floral arrangements. After having a hystermony, we closed the florist and moved to the country. As our farm grew,
 I was became very happy. This city girl,  had missed her life and friends. My husband and I were 4H leaders for one of the biggest clubs in Mississippi, where we taught the children much of the gifts God has given to me, and my husband for he can do most
 anything, he is very talented. 
 I worked five years in a Corporate office, in the accounting department.I took an interior decorating course, I took an esthetician course. I have sold Mary Kay make up. I had a nail salon prior to going to work with an Aviation Company.
  I have been members of Chambers of Commerce, Mississippi Goat Association, Fire Dept. board of directors.  Member of Weaving and Spinning Guild. I done many demonstrations of spinning and weaving.  I have taught spinning and weaving at the local college. I am writing a book on spinning and weaving. I also home school my girls from the seventh grade on. After our girls were grow, for about five years My husband and I traveled working, to  all the airports in the south eastern states, from town to town. Staying in a motor home, from 10 months out of a year. During this time we had two daughters, married, and three grandchildren born. We now have four grandchildren. The big C word came into my life in January 2003, I had chemo twice that year. We went to surgery in 2004, two surgeries turn into thirty-nine. I continued to work and have surgeries. Until my husband and I took a leave of absence from work in 2006, thinking we would be gone two or three months. 
We now have been home three years. We have added to our farm  more chickens, and a few goats, and a guard dog.  My husband is also is experimenting with Mississippi State University, growing craw fish in ponds The farm life is a life that I have enjoyed so much. I miss traveling for I got to go to a lot of cities and towns out of state, and shop at antique shops and gift stores.  

I want to thank all whom visit, follow and comment on my blog website. Thank you all for taking the time to visit me.

This week I am going to only post my give away.
 I have included the links below to visit other websites, I have enjoyed visiting and participating in each event hosted, by these websites. 
Please leave a comment on this page and I will enter your name for the drawing of my 100Th post give away.  For subscribers by email, just send me an email at: ladykatherineteaparlor@gmail.com
Your name will be in the entered in my give away drawing.

Pease pay a vist to the following websites:

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A little tea for me in Bernideen’s pink rose teacup.
Bernideen’s tea cup, from her give away, with my homemade mint tea, and Mary B’s frozen blueberry tea biscuits, which were bought at the Market. With my favorite strawberry preserves, garnish with my spearmint, grown in my herb garden.
My grandchildren went home early today, so here I sat relaxing reading the book, (On a Wing and a Prayer) Bernideen gave to me.

Look at all the lovely things I won, from Bernideen’s Give Away!

I opened the box inside was this small carrying case. Full of:

A organized calendar pad with magnet, A calendar book for day dreams, a Thomas Kinkade calendar in a pocket envelope. A small book of inspiring notes, with pictures of birds, a pack of paper napkins with a bird theme, a lady bug spout cover for my tea pots, A can of Betty Boop pink Chocolate mix, and three book donated by the author Laura Childs, all mysteries, which include afternoon teas.

Bernideen has a lovely blog, Bernideens Tea Time Blog.  I love to visit her blog and her lovely store.   You can visit on line or go to her lovely  gift store in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Give Bernideen a visit, you will be glad you did!

Here I have Bernideen’s lovely give away, I won, all spread out, just click on picture to enlarge.

The carrying case is covered in butterflies, I had to show how excited, I was to see the case, it looks so lovely with my Wedding China.

Almost Thirty-two years ago, We were moving the last our things into our new home, the day before we were married. My younger brother, Ricky was driving my daddy’s pickup truck. My brother, Ricky did a spin out and off flew all the boxes that held my China. The company I worked for given me a twelve place setting with serving pieces. All were broken except what you see here, the cup does have a chip on it. While our job took us traveling ten months out of the year. I found a whole set of my Wedding China. I did not buy it for, I thought its not my taste anymore. After joining Susan on her Tablescape Thursday, Between Naps On The Porch, I saw her lovely dishes, she used on her  screen in porch. I found I still love my China, for it would be great for Spring and Summer. Now I will be on a hunt to buy pieces of my Wedding China.

Can you see why I was so excited the carrying case it is so perfect, with my Wedding China! Now how sweet is that!

Thank you Bernideen for all my lovely things.
PS: I tried to comment on your blog, and have not been able to get in. Just want you to know I love it all.
Lady Katherine

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Becky at Holiday in the Sun gave me this lovely award.

These blogs are exceedingly charming.  I would like to give this award to the following ladies, which are an inspiration to me.
Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
Gollum at Designs By Gollum
Miss Janice at Etiquette With Miss Janice
Kathleen at Kathleen Ellis Life Style Designs
Catherine at Catherine de the’ Cups
Manuela at The Pleasures of Home Making
Nancy at Southern Lady

Marie Antoinette Award

Catherine at Catherine de the’ Cups, gave me this lovely award, Finding Heart and Sole of Friendships. This award is for blogs which have contribution encouragement to your life.
 I would like to give this award to the following ladies, whom have cheered me on :
Gloria at Happy To Be
Debbie at Confessions Of A Plate Addict
Lynne at Lynnes Gifts From The Heart
Charlotte at The Robbins Nest
Susan at Day DreamerSouthern
Becky at Holiday In The Sun
Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie
By Email:
Linda at Cross City, FL
Maryann at Sweetwater, AL
Elaine, AT HOME ‘N ABOUT gave me this award.
This award is for every blog that, is very Creative.
I woud like to give this award to the following ladies:

Linda C. at Seasons of Life gave me this award Friendship award. I would like to give this award to the following ladies: All whom follow and leave comments on my blog for I do treasure you as friends.

Ann summed up the Sisterhood Award and “our the blogging world” on her blog (and I want to share what she said with all off you)……… Linda C. at Seasons of Life gave me this lovely award.

“Sometimes, I just cannot believe what an awesome world our blogging world really is. We need to go out and teach the world how to get along happily,don’t you think?Everybody here in our new world cares about one another and shows it.WE pray for each other and help each other through hard times and happy times.When there’s a problem,here everyone comes.Sometimes you wonder,how did they know so fast?I just love my new world ladies.and I want to thank you all from the very bottom of my heart.We all are carrying some kind of burden,whether it’s our own or a loved ones.It is so GRAND to always know we ALL are here to catch each other when we fall.”

I would like to give the SISTERHOOD AWARD to the following lovely ladies:
All whom follow my blog OR leave comments this award is for you, for we are all sisters in this blog land.

There are a few fun little rules that go along with these awards. First you put the award on your sidebar. List seven things you love, and finally you present the award to seven other bloggers and notify them on their site.

Seven Thing I Love
1. Afternoon Tea
2. Collecting Dishes
3. Sheep, Angora Goats, Angora Rabbits. Alpaca’s
4.Gardening, Roses, Herbs, Lillies, fruit bushes,fruit trees and grapevines, gourds, loofah sponge
5.Baking, bread, pies, cakes, pastry
6. Spinning on a wheel, Weaving on a loom, knitting, painting,
7. Antiquing, Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, Garage Sales, Auctions
I want thank all the ladies, whom have given me these awards, you all make my day special. I love reading all your comments and visiting with you. I do wish I had more time to spend visiting. I am honored that you all have chosen to give me these awards. Thank you
Lady Katherine