A little tea for me in Bernideen’s pink rose teacup.
Bernideen’s tea cup, from her give away, with my homemade mint tea, and Mary B’s frozen blueberry tea biscuits, which were bought at the Market. With my favorite strawberry preserves, garnish with my spearmint, grown in my herb garden.
My grandchildren went home early today, so here I sat relaxing reading the book, (On a Wing and a Prayer) Bernideen gave to me.

Look at all the lovely things I won, from Bernideen’s Give Away!

I opened the box inside was this small carrying case. Full of:

A organized calendar pad with magnet, A calendar book for day dreams, a Thomas Kinkade calendar in a pocket envelope. A small book of inspiring notes, with pictures of birds, a pack of paper napkins with a bird theme, a lady bug spout cover for my tea pots, A can of Betty Boop pink Chocolate mix, and three book donated by the author Laura Childs, all mysteries, which include afternoon teas.

Bernideen has a lovely blog, Bernideens Tea Time Blog.  I love to visit her blog and her lovely store.   You can visit on line or go to her lovely  gift store in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Give Bernideen a visit, you will be glad you did!

Here I have Bernideen’s lovely give away, I won, all spread out, just click on picture to enlarge.

The carrying case is covered in butterflies, I had to show how excited, I was to see the case, it looks so lovely with my Wedding China.

Almost Thirty-two years ago, We were moving the last our things into our new home, the day before we were married. My younger brother, Ricky was driving my daddy’s pickup truck. My brother, Ricky did a spin out and off flew all the boxes that held my China. The company I worked for given me a twelve place setting with serving pieces. All were broken except what you see here, the cup does have a chip on it. While our job took us traveling ten months out of the year. I found a whole set of my Wedding China. I did not buy it for, I thought its not my taste anymore. After joining Susan on her Tablescape Thursday, Between Naps On The Porch, I saw her lovely dishes, she used on her  screen in porch. I found I still love my China, for it would be great for Spring and Summer. Now I will be on a hunt to buy pieces of my Wedding China.

Can you see why I was so excited the carrying case it is so perfect, with my Wedding China! Now how sweet is that!

Thank you Bernideen for all my lovely things.
PS: I tried to comment on your blog, and have not been able to get in. Just want you to know I love it all.
Lady Katherine

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  1. Wow Katherine!! What a lovely giveaway to win!! And that box goes wonderfully with your china!!
    God did that you know??!! Just like I won the giveaway that had bird things in it from Rose Vignettes!! He knew I loved birds!!

    I’m so glad you got this!! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more deserving person!!

    I just read the comment you put on my hunting trip post. You have really had a go with your health, huh? So glad you’re here and I have had the privilege of meeting up with you in blogland!!

    I would so drive a little north to have lunch and shop or something with you!! Let me know if you’re going to be down this way!!

    Have a warm cozy evening!!

  2. Congrats Lady K on the lovely gift from Bernideen! I love her blog… I also wanted to let you know about the Mock Devonshire cream you asked me about., yes., it is a nice fluffy cream., if you want it to be thick, you actually use 8oz cream cheese instead of 1/2 cup of whipping cream. You’d cream the sugar with the cream cheese until well blended., and then you fold the sour cream in. Both is good! 😉 ~CC Catherine

  3. Oh how fun! What a wonderful giveaway, and ou are SO right, that pretty bag looks wonderful with the china, but how sad that most of it was broken when you moved. Congratulations on winning such a great giveaway. laurie

  4. You hit the jackpot on that giveaway, what pretty gifts!
    I LOVE your butterfly dishes.
    thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday for Met Monday. I hope you come back soon!

  5. Lady Katherine,You lucky girl,what a great giveaway you have won! I have tried leaving comments and hope this one goes thru….please know I think of you often! So glad you had time for a spot of tea! Hugs! Lady Jane

  6. I’m so pleased that you liked the recipe!! I hoped that you would. I didn’t know that Mary B made blueberry bisquits. I guess they don’t sell them here in Florida. Too bad. . .we would eat them all up. .haha! The giveaway you won was great. She did a nice job putting it all together. Have a great week!!

  7. What a wonderful win for a wonderful lady…I’m sure you’ll enjoy the gifts for days on end.
    😉 Bo

  8. What a pretty box she packed it all in and you have dishes that go with it! Looks like a wonderful giveaway. I love to read so books are always welcome. Are those by the author that does mysteries involving tea? I think I’ve seen them mentioned on other blogs. I’m sure you’re enjoying your gifts!


  9. You have a lovely blog, and the gifts are fabulous! I love what you said about an old-fashioned things. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong century. But as a Chrisitan, I know that’s absolutely untrue. God bless.

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