Today I am sharing my life of Flying, while traveling ten months out of the year with a aviation company. Hubby and I were a team, were traveled around in the motor home, from airport to airport, to city to city, from Oklahoma to Virginia to Florida and all states in between. We had 10-12 employees, which were pilots, ground crew, and trucks to haul the granular fertilizer to each airport. We fertilized pine trees for major timber companies, with a fertilizer, like you would put on your yard. In the first photo is an Air Tractor Airplane with the truck placing the fertilizer in the Air Tractor.

I love flying in small airplanes, when you are up above the clouds it is so beautiful and peaceful. I knitted a scarf while flying home in this white airplane.The white airplane is an Experimental Airplane, I flew in from Florida to Mississippi. As you can see this airplane is not much bigger than a car.
One April, on my Birthday, our crew went together and paid for me to go flying in a yellow Float Plane. Which has pontoon’s to allows the pilot to land in the water. We flew around the ocean and landed in the Swanee River twice. While floating in the airplane along the river, people came out along the river RV Parks and waved and took our picture. Sure wish I had one of those photo’s of us floating in the river. This was a lot of fun.

I do not have a photo of the two seat-er Airplane, but I got to take off and fly it in the air. It was so much fun. No I did not land it. lol I also got to go flying in Mississippi in a Ultralight aircraft, The wind is in your face, so glasses are so needed. Your feet are dangling in the air. I had to be talked into getting in this one. lol
It is so beautiful to fly in these small planes, I think everyone should get to do this at least one in a lifetime. I flown in many commercial jets, but it is nothing compared to flying in a small plane.
The Corporate Office I worked for, in the accounting department, flew us down in a small four seat er airplane to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a convention. Hubby sat in the co-pilot seat and had a blast. We thought this would be the last time we would fly in a small aircraft. One year later we were working for an aviation company.
Today I am announcing the winner of my 100TH Post Give Away!
I want to Thank all that commented and emailed me, and to all that read my blog website.
I had 79 comments, including emails that signed up for my give away. I asked hubby to pick a number between 1 and 79. Hubby picked the number we always have good luck on. The Lucky Number is Thirteen, which the Lucky Winner is Susan at A Southern Day Dreamer!
Susan if you will email me your snail address, I will send you my Pink Give Away.

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  1. Oh my I won! I am so excited!My first tea set…and it is pink!!!!



    PS- Not crazy about small planes…scary!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in the small planes. I don’t really like flying all that much in the small ones, I’d rather have a really big one. lol Congrats to Susan, this is a beautiful giveaway and I know she will enjoy it. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh it sounds like you enjoyed flying the small planes. I loooove to fly, but I have never been in a small plane.

    Congrats to the winner!
    Blessings, Nancy

  4. How nat that you have flown in little planes and a pontoon, Katherine! We have a home near the Swanee River. I wish I could have seen you land there. DH has a pilot’s license but has not flown for so long. That’s what we need here cause to go to the airport, we have to drive at least 2 hrs. We go to Jackson a lot so it looks like you’re not that far. I really wish I could attend the get together. It’s possible (I’ll bring hubby along) unless we are out of town on the day it is scheduled….Christine

  5. So much congratulations to the lucky winner of your giveaway…your prize is truly a beautiful one. Susan was a lucky #13 for sure.

    Sorry to hear about the job layoffs….it’s so sad and such a downturn of events with this economy of ours. I do hope that it gets better as the weeks progress.

    I skimmed through your most recent blog entries and I must say your daughter, Jennifer, is a beauty and love the pink shoes!!!!

    I was so very pleased to see you leave a comment today. Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Awww you are a brave girl! I like traveling but not sure I could fly to much in the small ones. I get sick in them.
    Linda Q

  7. Unfortunately, I suffer from Menere’s Syndrome which causes a problem which effects the inner ear and causes balance problems. I feel motion in the oddest places. It bothers me to fly in smaller planes. We were flying in an express plane this week and just walking down the aisle before it even left the gate, I could feel the motion. There was lots of turbulance. Thank goodness for Dramimine.
    You’ve had an interesting life.
    Mama Bear

  8. Thank you for ocming by, and your comments on my bird nest tutorial.
    Willow limbs would be wonderful for the nests. Hope you will try making one. =0)

    Congratulations Susan!! Beautiful treasures you have won!!

    Barbara Jean

  9. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I flew in a 2 seater plane once. I loved it. I just couldn’t believe how all the lawns looks so neat and pretty from there.
    Well, again, I will say I am so happy for the winner of your giveaway! That was a precious gift!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Hi Lady Katherine: My husband and I were on a prop plane between Boston and ? and went into a storm.
    The pilot (what we call a girl) was eating cheetos in the cockpit.
    It was scarey.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog!

  11. If I could only relax while in a small plane and enjoy the beauty. I’ve flown twice in a small plane. I have to say that I am very glad that I have experienced it. What an interesting business to be in.

  12. Great post on the planes,but you know me I am not getting in one of those little planes.Don said the other day he wish he could go up again,he misses getting to fly with the guys.I miss getting to come out and be with everybody every once in awhile.That was my vacation time and we had so much fun.

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