A Tea Party for Lady Katherine’s Birthday!
Here I am enjoying a little tea, in My Old Country Roses Teapot in one, with a lovely pink rose floating in my Early American Prescut Crystal bowl. Yes, I having a poptart with strawberry perserves! I would love for you to join me in this April 5, 2009 for My Annual Birthday Tea Party.

Want you join me this day, April 5th to celebrate my Birthday, by giving a Tea Party! This will be an annual Tea Party event, given every year on my Birthday April 5TH.

I would love to have you join me on this day! You can have a Tea Party for one, two, or three. I you like you can give a large Afternoon Tea . Set up a Tea Party inside, on the porch, on the lawn, or a picnic, just whatever you wish. You can use ice tea or hot tea! Even a punch would be great!
I would be honored if you would join me in celebrating another year of life. I shall be fifty-one! I am proud to say, for I shall have another Birthday!

Please comment below should you want to join me this day. For my email subscribers if you wish to join in on the fun, just email me your pictures to ladykatherineteaparlor@gmail.com I will be having my Birthday Tea Party on April 5Th. You can give yours anytime before April 5TH. All you have to do is have your Tea Party Posted on your blog website and  I will  come to you and link you all on my Tea Party Post.  I will send each of you an email, to remind you about your Tea Party Post.

Please let me know if you wish to join me on this day, April 5th, 2009 for My Annual Birthday Tea Party,  deadline  March 30, 2009

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  1. We are sailing on April 5th for a cruise but I will celebrate your birthday there. I will keep you in my spirit. Advanced Happy Birthday, Lady Katherine!…Christine

  2. Lady Katherine, I’d be honored to celebrate your birthday and host a teaparty on April 5th in my own home. Sure! Happy Early Birthday., mine is close by, March 26…it appears many of us gals are making the rounds with birthdays these next few months. Can’t wait till 4/5! ;) ~CC Catherine

  3. Katherine, I am excited to celebrate your birthday with you on April the 5th. I will post a tablescape “Tea for Two–Just Me & You.” I will definitely post it on April 5th. Thank you for inviting me!

  4. Katherine,
    Thank you for visiting my little blog and your kind comment. I will try to remember to join you for you Tea party. My birthday is a couple days before you so we can celebrate together.
    Stop by and remind me if you think of it.

  5. Dear Lady Katherine,
    Of course I want to celebrate this special day with you. I just don’t know if I understood well when shall I do it.

  6. I will gladly celebrate your birthday with you ,but you know me you will be having the tea and I will be having COFFEE,but I will be here on April 5th to celebrate with you.

  7. …..and I missed your birthday. Darn it. Well, let me add my belated birthday wishes to you from me. I hope it was a grand celebration of life.

  8. My Dear Lady Katherine…I would love to have a Birthday tea with you!Please keep me posted on the event…I can hardly wait! I shall set my lovely teapot clock from you to High noon so I do not miss the event!Hugs!

  9. Hi Katherine, :)
    Thank you so much for your kind comments on our home.
    I always appreciate your sweet visits.

    I can’t believe you will be turning 51?
    You look gorgeous and oh so young!

    I should be able to join you for your tea party. I have an idea in mind… I’ll work on it to be sure.
    I’ll let you know as it gets closer.
    I hope that’s okay.

    Happy Spring my friend!
    ~Melissa :)

  10. Katherine, I love your picture, and your tea party sounds like a wonderful idea.

    I hope you are doing okay. Happy Pink Saturday.

  11. I would love to participate in your birthday tea party! As long as I don’t have to drink Earl Grey… not my favorite. :-P

    I am so glad you stopped by at That Old House, and spent some time reading older posts, too. This house is such fun — I am always finding new things to delight me. The wood floors are one of many, and I find them just fascinating. I love to see the evidence of the handiwork of previous owners. I am still learning, and have a long way to go!

    Have a wonderful week! Your blog is charming.

  12. Lady Katherine,
    I will be honor to celebrate with you on your birthday. Hope I will remeber to post on that day…have to make a note for myself…:) Katherinellen

  13. Hi Lady Katherine! Is it too late? I misunderstood the deadline. I will post anyway…link if you can! But…it will be coffee…sorry! I don’t do tea! Happy birthdy!…Debbie

  14. Wishing you the very best Birthday and more good health news for the coming year. Enjoy your day with all of your blogger friends.


  15. Dear Lady Katherine,
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t post because I had a problem with my camera but I want to wish you a happy birthday. May God fill you with many blessings. You are a very special lady and I am very happy for having met you, though not in person yet.

  16. Lady Katherine~ I put some tea pictures up on my blog in your honor. Not sure how to get them to you. The email did not work for me.
    Happy Birthday!

  17. My dear Lady Katherine … I fear I have missed most of your birthday celebration … however, it is only 4:55pm on the west coast. Any leftovers? I do want to wish you a very happy day and tell you that I will be back to visit another day.

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