I am enjoying Spring, while recovering:
I am sharing Spring here on the farm!
Enjoying a Butter Bricke Scone compliments of Victorian House of Scones and a cuppa of Rose of Venice Tea compliments of Vintage Tea.

Brianna is my little Granddaughter, I saved from the creek!
Where did my pecan go, Granna?

Hubby has boiled Craw fish, every weekend! Hubby is so proud of his Mississipi Craw fish!
My daughter, Jennifer in my old fashion Kitchen, eating craw fish from our pond.
The table behind, by the stair case, is in a make over mode! Soon as I am better.

My yellow Iris blooming

A rose bush I rooted last year, I formed it into a shape of a wreath. I think it is a trellis rose, above the fence I have roses growing, so a wreath is formed. Buds are on it, I can’t wait to see the color of the blooms.

This little white flower, I have been trying to get it to grow as a grown cover, no I have no idea what it is. Pine cone is there trying to keep the chickens from scratching it from the ground. lol

My goats, they love to play on the wood pile in the back.

My guard dog, she is my friend!

My purple Iris blooming
Here I am feeding Big Red, my rooster. The little red hen may want to eat from my hand too! No only Big Red!

These pink flowers, bloom all winter and summer. I just love them, but do not know what they are. On the bottom is my rust Iris and purple Iris. Just all so lovely!

Just wanted to let you all know, I have never got so many Birthday Wishes, not only on my Blog Website, but on all of your Blog Websites that joined my Tea Party. Thank you so much, for all your lovely words, you all have let me know what wonderful friends, I have in Blogland!

I am enjoying life on the farm these last few weeks.
Hope to Visit all Soon!
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It’s A Tea Party in Many for Lady Katherine!

The invitations were made, and mailed!

The Tea was brought from Vintage Tea!

Lady Katherine had an accident, this past Wednesday, with the help of friends, the Birthday Tea Party was canceled. Lady Katherine has spent her time in bed the last five days. Soon as Lady Katherine is better the Tea Party will be given for Lady Katherine’s 48 guests!

Lady Katherine’s daughter’s made homemade ice cream banana splits! The grandchildren had so much fun making their own banana splits. Lady Katherine joined the family for just a little while before retiring to bed.

Happy Birthday fifty-first Birthday Lady Katherine!

All the following websites have given A Tea Party for Lady Katherine’s Birthday! Lady Katherine wants to Thank each and everyone of you, that have given a Tea Party in her honor! We hope we have not left out anyone, should we have, Please let us know by leaving a comment and we shall add your Tea Party to the list below.

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Thanks to all my blogging friends for giving me such a lovely time on my Birthday.
Lady Katherine

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