Mississippi Pond Raised Crawfish

My Hubby has been expermenting with Mississippi State University, in rasing crawfish in a pond. His first big catch!

My Hubby with two five gallon buckets of his pond raised crawfish.
My Hubby and Son-In Law, Shane, taking the crawfish off the fire.  They are saying Hurry and take the picture the pot is hot!
Here is a pan full of cooked crawfish from Hubby’s pond.
Hubby little shed looks like a small old  time country store.
 Some of my family enjoying the crawfish boil.
Hope you enjoyed our Family Crawfish Boil!
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I am reposting my article A Lady’s Hope, for Pink Saturday, One Year Anniversary, for this is a special day, 
for Beverly at How Sweet The Sound 


Faith goes up the stairs that love has made and looks out of the windows which Hope has opened.
by C. H. Spurgeon

I have wanted my blog to be about things that I love and happy things I want to share. I have been so undecided whether to write this post or not to write. I feel I need to share a little of my journey that I am and have been on since January 2003, when breast cancer came into my world.

Today is my oldest grandson, Creighton’s fifth Birthday! I had asked God to please let me live to see my daughter through her labor and delivery and to meet my grandson, that I had held on fighting to see. My life has been on an emotional roller coaster six years now. I will not go into all the details, but as the years went by, My husband and I began to hate the color pink. For it represented the nightmare we were living. We took all thing pink out of site, even the pink ribbons, we had on the car, to clothes, etc. Last Christmas we decided this was going to be a day that we were going to not speak of Cancer. We all gathered at my Daddy’s home. My sister, Gloria, not knowing that we trying to have one day that Cancer was not allowed to take over. She gave me a lovely pink Victorian Lady, I was very emotional, and somehow said thank you, I know someday this will mean a lot to me. A few days later I opened up the box and sat her on my piano, by my favorite hat box. The Victorian Lady looked wonderful with my box. I told myself  I can do this. Then I noticed the tag that come with the lady, Her name was HOPE, for the pink of breast cancer. Now I knew this lady was there to help me through this nightmare. HOPE was what I was missing in my life. I had both of my breast removed, and complications set in Two surgeries went into 39 surgeries, as of today and more major surgeries coming my way. The doctors say I will never be the same person, that I will have to adjust my life. One day I came into the parlor and found HOPE laying on the floor, all broken and in pieces. I carefully glued her back together as close to what I could remember, but she was not perfect. This was my HOPE and she was broken, and in pieces just like me. So when you see the pink ribbon its not just for awareness, But for HOPE! God has given me life to be with 3 more grandchildren. My daughters and my grandchildren have been my reason to hold on to living. Creighton is my Soaring Eagle, he keeps me flying high, Gage is four and he is my White Buffalo, for he is so rare and such a loving child, he never leaves with out telling me he loves me. Hannah is three and she is My Morning Star, my reason I got up some days, even when she was still in the womb. Brianna K. is 22 months and my Little Dragonfly for they bring good luck. But most of all I have had a loving, caring husband of 31 years on Oct. 14, 2008.  We have known each other since we were eight years old, his mother said she use to keep us both in the church nursery, we were childhood sweethearts from 11 years old to about 16 years old, then we came back together at 19 years old. My husband Terry has stood by me and taken care of me, like no one could ever believe. I just have to keep HOPE in my life and I can make it, on the good days and the bad days.
But with Terry at my side, I know he and God will get me through.

I felt I needed to touch on breast cancer this month, for I thought I would never be one to get it, everyone was trying to get me to go do the test. It always happens to other people. But how wrong I was. This cancer started in my early 40’s, I turned 51 last April. I am told 85 percent of women that get breast cancer, do not have it in their family. So please get tested, and know my breast cancer only showed up on an ultrasound, not on the mammogram. The best advise I can give you is to research your surgeon, and plastic surgeon, do not assume they are a specialist for breast, do some research. Check your breast every month, and ask your doctor the right way to check for lumps. Know what your breast feel like and check out the web sites on breast cancer.
Now through HOPE I have learned to LOVE pink again, my new tea set and china, Old Country Roses has pink roses on it. I have an antique pink doilie , I could not bare to throw out something so pretty and it helps having little tea party girls.
Thanks to my family for helping get me through these rough times.

Hootin Anni read my article on,A Lady’s Hope, and gave me a such an honor, by posting it on her blog, with an article she wrote about my Hope, click here to read Anni article, I have placed with, A Pink Rose for a Lady

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I can’t stand it anymore, I have to start sharing a little of what I have been doing!
My New Dishes!
The dinner plate says:
L’auberge du Chemin Vert – made in France
Salad plate is black  and white, Royal Stafford, 
with scence of a wagon hauling hay, along the roadside is a mill.

First I cut a board to length, I needed, then two small boards for the ends and painted them black .   I almost forgot to take a picture.
Last weekend Hubby took me to a neighborhood garage sale. Within two hours I had bought a truck loaded to the cab, for $30.00.  He saying he is not letting me out of the house. I spend too much. I am just making up for lost time! lol
Below is a  two dish, iron plate rack, I have been wanting from Hobby Lobby, I found it at the garage sale for $1.00. Now the money I spent for a truck load would be what this plate rack would have cost if bought new.  So glad, Maryann, we did not make it to Hobby Lobby the day you came from Alabama to kidnap me!
Two weeks ago my friend, Maryann from Alabama, came to kidnap me and take me shopping. Below are some of the dishes I bought that day. I usually do not get to leave home, Maybe twice a month, except for Doctors appoinments.  After finding the plate rack, my mind went into creative mode for it was for two plates and I wanted to show all six of my black and white plates settings.  After I painting the boards, Hubby attached the iron plate holder to the middle front of my board.  He then welded on each side of the plate rack, a piece of iron and drilled a hole, in the small side boards, for the iron he bent to go into.  

The dinner plates, each have French sayings and different scenes. The front salad plate are Royal Stafford plates with a scene of a wagon hauling hay, and a mill by the roadside. Now kick me! I did not buy the dinner plates that matched the salad plate. Yes! Marshall had them both! I had spent all the money I took and then some. 
Now I regret not buying them!
This dinner plate says: Tartine et Chocolat, and is my favorite plate.
The two iron shelves on the left, holding some of my new bowls, came from the garage sale. Now I had them up in the front of the truck with me, so they are not inculded in the truckload! lol I did pay $20 for both. They wanted $30.00, for both. I talked them down. I saved $10.00.The iron shelves both have a store SALE TAG on back for $30.00 each. So they were selling them for the price they bought them for.  Well until I came along!
My antique china cabinet, I bought from an antique store five years ago.  I bought a mirror for $4.00, added it to the top of my china cabinet.  One of my glass sheves has got broken, with a lot of my crystal, so I jsut have my dolls in the bottom for now. The urns were bought when my daughter got married to use in the wedding, I plan to make topiary in the blue urns with grapes. The  silver candlelebra I bought for $1.00. Yes, $1.00!   
The mirror needs cleaning,  after Hubby bolted the mirror on the china cabinet. I realized it, so I will have to wait on Hubby to clean the mirror.  I can’t reach up there! I just had to show, SOME of my new finds! I can’t wait to show you the rest, and my dining room I trying to do in a French Country design. The trim not up as of yet! But we are making progress! I am so excited!
Which piece do like?
Thanks for letting me share some of my wonderful finds!
Save a cup of tea for me! 
Lady Katherine

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This morning as I looked out at my Grandmother Sudie’s Pink Tea Roses, as I call them, on each side of my fence they are so lovely. I taken pictures of them on the fence, but wanted something special to go with my Grandmother’s roses. I looked around at all my small wooden tables, ground is to wet! I looked over to my daughter, Suzette’s porch, Yes! I went over and we loaded her iron table set, she found on Freecyle.
 Isn’t she the lucky one!
My Pink Rose Garden Tea Party!
 View with the crocheted doilies in the chairs.
Close of view of the pink tea rose centerpiece
View of the table top
I placed a demitasse fork on a white napkin, and added the tiny rose buds, instead of using a napkin ring.
A demitasse spoon placed on the back of the dimitasse tea cup saucer. I painted the little purse and little old fashion shoe,
 pink which before they was gold.  
The purse is used in the centerpiece. 
The shoe hold the place card of my three your Granddaughter.
My 22 month old Granddaughter’s place card setting.

My pink rose Tea Set, 
my sister Gloria gave me on my Birthday seven years ago.
I serving Raseberry Tea, Becky at Holiday In The Sun   sent me, with a few other surprises, I will show later!
The  three teir plates are of a pink rose print, I found at Fred’s Dollar Store, on sale for $4.00. I searched and searched to find another one at  these stores in nearby towns, I finally found one more. This morning, I opened the boxes for the first time.
 I found 3 in my china closet. lol

Today, I am serving, cinnamon cake, bite size raspberry sconces, with raspberry preserves
 and choclolate dipped puffs.
Garnish: peppermint, spearmint leaves and pink tea roses.

I used to work long hours,  and involved in many meetings.
Everywhere, I would take my cinnamon cake,
 it was so loved and the recipe was asked for often. 
I would always say it’s an Old Family Secret Recipe.

This is my Cinnamon cake on my Early American Prescut Crystal cake plate.

 One of my Dearest Friends, Melba would ask for the recipe often.  After a few years, I finally shared my Old Family Secret Recipe with her.
 I told her go to this certain Grocery Store, and no other to find the ingredients. Go to the Deli Department,
 and find a Sock It To Me Cake. 
Buy the cake and go out to your car,
 and take the cake from the package,
 and place it on your cake plate and place on the cover!

 How did you like My Old Family Secret Recipe?
This week I told my daughter, Suzette my little recipe story. For I have never told anyone but Melba my Old Family Secret Recipe.
Suzette went out and purchase a Sock It To Me Cake and on the plastic cover she wrote, Family Recipe. She was so sweet to do this for me, I had a couple of tears in private.
Hope you can see where she wrote, Family Recipe on the top.

How did you like my Garden Tea Party,
 featuring my Grandmother’s  Pink Tea Rose?
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You will be so glad you did.
Lady Katherine

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Project Makeover for a Tea Party

My aluminum tray, I found at an Antique store in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Today is the first time I realized the design on this tray is a tulip, for when I brought the aluminum tray home, I placed my pink tea rose  tea set on the tray, and never looked at the design on the tray.  I collected  aluminum trays and bowls, to use for my daughter outdoor wedding. 
Advantage is I got to keep all of the aluminum tray and bowl to use at home! 
 Placed on the aluminum tray is, my pink rose tea set, 
my sister Gloria, gave to me on my Birthday, seven years ago.
 How do you like my tray make over?

I bought these little purses and old fashion shoes,
 at the Dollar Tree, 
on sale, four for a use as place card holders. 
I did not like the gold color,so I painted them in pink. 
I use the caps from spray paint cans to add my paint in, then I can use the inside circle and the outside for two separate colors. 
How do you like my place card make over? 
In this table setting I used the purse as part of the centerpiece, the shoe is the place card holder.
 Later the purse can be used as a place card holder, using the pearl handle.
How do you like my new made over Tea Party place setting in pink?
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I am a Woman of Simplicity!
   In the past I have read such heartfelt articles of Mother’s missing their children and Mother’s missing their own Mother’s. 
Today I dedicate this article to my Mother and my Daughters.
My Mother, Christeen and my Daddy, Henry on their Wedding Day. My Mother always said if you get married in green, you will always be ashamed to be seen. My Daddy was on leave for a few days, from the Navy, he went and asked Mother’s, Father for her hand in marriage. He bought my Mother her green wedding dress. My Mother was sixteen years old, they spent the night in a Lucedale, Mississippi Motel. The next day, Daddy took my Mother, five hours away from her home in Mississippi, to live with his Mama and Papa at their home in Mississippi, which we all call The Red House.  My Daddy left my Mother with her new in- laws, she had just met. My Mother lived with her Mother-in- law and Father -in- law, for six months, until my Daddy had another leave from the Navy, and he built Mother a one room shotgun house, beside his parents.   Which we call The Henry House.  Later, my Daddy bought a two-hundred and fifty acre farm with a plantation house, joining to my grandparents land. My Daddy is now eighty-three years old, and I lost my Mother when she was fifty-eight. I now write a journal, just for my children and grandchildren, so they know how much love my Mother had to give. I have often wanted to pick up the telephone and ask her how to do this or that. My Mother left this earth eighteen years ago, but the memories I have of Mother will live on with my journal and  in my heart.
 My parents:
 Henry and Christeen on their Wedding Day
 My husband Terry and I were to have a small family wedding ,at the last minute, Terry got cold feet about getting up in front of everyone at the church. We got married an hour later than we were suppose to at the JP Office, with only my Maid of Honor, my brother who was the Best Man, his wife Judy,Terry’s sister, Bonnie and her husband whom is also my brother. One of my younger brother Eddie, road his bicycle to the JP office, and sneaked in, and I am  so glad he did. I did miss my Parents,Grandmother three other sibling, and friends  not being there, and Terry missed his Mother too. My family called everyone to cancel our wedding at the church. I have always wished my Daddy could have given me away. I made my bouquet of flowers. After we got married, we went to McDonald’s Hamburgers,(how many people can say that!)   I had my hair cut off and dyed light brown, the day before and now I know you will not believe this but Terry had his cut too!  We were mad at each other over our hair cuts. Terry now keeps his cut 1/2 inch long. We did not have a honeymoon until the following year, where we stayed a week in Destin, FL. We have been married thirty-one years, and on our twenty-fifth anniversary, we had a reception at the church. 
We had a Bride’s cake, Groom’s cake, and all the flowers. 
This was just a month after our oldest daughter’s Wedding
We did not renew our vows, for Terry said our vows were still good.
We asked the preacher to pray, and say a few words for our Marriage.

My Husband,Terry and I on our Wedding Day

My daughters are 15 months apart and thier weddings were a few months apart.
Both of my daughters were on their ankle the necklace, I wore on my wedding day. I handmade my necklace into an ankle braclet for each of my daughter’s to wear, on their Wedding Day. I gave  to both of my daughter’s each a guardian angel pin, to know their would be angel watching over them,  for I would not be with them everyday. I also gave both of my daughter’s each an antique white hand embroidery handkerchief  and I tucked the handkerchief  in a tiny satin draw string bag tied to the back of their wedding bouquet. Each of my daughter’s Bridesmaids were given a  silver tussie mussie, necklace and earrings. On my daughter’s Wedding Day, I also gave to the Groom’s Mother and  all the Grandmothers a white lace handkerchief tucked into a tiny satin bag.

My daughter, Jennifer and her husband Nicholas, were married outdoors on the Natchez Trace, beside water. I  handmade Jennifer’s veil, the Tarra in her hair, and all the flowers. I surprised  Jennifer with the necklace and earrings she had picked out, from David Bridal. They have been married over six years and their children are Gage, age 4 and 
Brianna, age 22 months.

My daughter
 Jennifer and her husband Nicholas
 on their Wedding Day
My daughter, Suzette and her husband Shane were married at the church. I handmade Suzette Tarra in her hair, earrings and necklace and all the flowers. They have been married over six years, and their children are Creighton age 5 and Hannah age three.

My daughter
Suzette and her Husband, Shane
 on their Wedding Day

My Wish For My Daughters.
For both of my daughters to Follow Their Dreams! 
To be happy and successful, wherever life should take them,
  and in whatever they may choose to do.
To hold on to their morals and values.
To thine on self be true.
Then should there be time for me,
I shall have reaped what I have sown!

Thank you all for letting me share, Mothers and Daughters!
Happy Mother’s Day!
Save a Cup of Tea for Me!
Lady Katherine

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My Lovely Ring of Roses!
Hello everyone! I want to share my Trellis Rose, that I rooted last year and have trained it to go grow into a wreath.  The roses are a very light pink, they look white in the photo. Please forgive the grass. I have not added my mulch, as of yet this year. I was so excited to see what color it was going to be, for I rooted two roses, the other I am training into another wreath has red little bloom on it. 
A lot of you asked to see this Growing Wreath when it bloomed so here it is! I am doing much better, and working on shelves for my dining room, which I am trying to design a French Country look.  Can’t wait to show you, what I have been doing! 

I am so excited! I got to buy my sheep! Living on the farm, we have been adding our farm animals back slowly. Hubby wanted to wait after my surgeries this year. But I found some of the Perkins line of registered Gulf Coast Sheep and I have bought one ram(a boy) four adult Ewes(girls) and two ewe lambs! I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to look at into the pasture and see my Gulf Coast Sheep. I am a spinner and a weaver and their wool is so wonderful. You can wear against your skin!  I went to visit my Doctor yesterday, where I got hurt is not healed enough to go to surgery. So he said come back in six weeks to plan surgery. He said tons more but, just to let you know I made my appointment and it was going to be July 2, too near July 4th Holiday, Hubby will be busy with his Craw fish pond. I now have FREEDOM for two months and 4 days counting to next visit, to plan surgery. I am going to try hard to get my strength and movement back, as I was before my accident with my Granddaughter almost falling in the creek, that I caught just in time.  I will get better pictures later, I going out shopping today with my friend Maryann from Alabama, whom is coming to kidnap me! lol 
 Now, Can I get away with this for Foodie Friday, Gollum? 
My roses are edible and the sheep are too, but please do not eat them, for I love them so much!

 Here are my Gulf Coast Sheep!

See you all soon! 

Take Time to Smell the Roses and save a cup of Tea for me!
Lady Katherine

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