I am a Woman of Simplicity!
   In the past I have read such heartfelt articles of Mother’s missing their children and Mother’s missing their own Mother’s. 
Today I dedicate this article to my Mother and my Daughters.
My Mother, Christeen and my Daddy, Henry on their Wedding Day. My Mother always said if you get married in green, you will always be ashamed to be seen. My Daddy was on leave for a few days, from the Navy, he went and asked Mother’s, Father for her hand in marriage. He bought my Mother her green wedding dress. My Mother was sixteen years old, they spent the night in a Lucedale, Mississippi Motel. The next day, Daddy took my Mother, five hours away from her home in Mississippi, to live with his Mama and Papa at their home in Mississippi, which we all call The Red House.  My Daddy left my Mother with her new in- laws, she had just met. My Mother lived with her Mother-in- law and Father -in- law, for six months, until my Daddy had another leave from the Navy, and he built Mother a one room shotgun house, beside his parents.   Which we call The Henry House.  Later, my Daddy bought a two-hundred and fifty acre farm with a plantation house, joining to my grandparents land. My Daddy is now eighty-three years old, and I lost my Mother when she was fifty-eight. I now write a journal, just for my children and grandchildren, so they know how much love my Mother had to give. I have often wanted to pick up the telephone and ask her how to do this or that. My Mother left this earth eighteen years ago, but the memories I have of Mother will live on with my journal and  in my heart.
 My parents:
 Henry and Christeen on their Wedding Day
 My husband Terry and I were to have a small family wedding ,at the last minute, Terry got cold feet about getting up in front of everyone at the church. We got married an hour later than we were suppose to at the JP Office, with only my Maid of Honor, my brother who was the Best Man, his wife Judy,Terry’s sister, Bonnie and her husband whom is also my brother. One of my younger brother Eddie, road his bicycle to the JP office, and sneaked in, and I am  so glad he did. I did miss my Parents,Grandmother three other sibling, and friends  not being there, and Terry missed his Mother too. My family called everyone to cancel our wedding at the church. I have always wished my Daddy could have given me away. I made my bouquet of flowers. After we got married, we went to McDonald’s Hamburgers,(how many people can say that!)   I had my hair cut off and dyed light brown, the day before and now I know you will not believe this but Terry had his cut too!  We were mad at each other over our hair cuts. Terry now keeps his cut 1/2 inch long. We did not have a honeymoon until the following year, where we stayed a week in Destin, FL. We have been married thirty-one years, and on our twenty-fifth anniversary, we had a reception at the church. 
We had a Bride’s cake, Groom’s cake, and all the flowers. 
This was just a month after our oldest daughter’s Wedding
We did not renew our vows, for Terry said our vows were still good.
We asked the preacher to pray, and say a few words for our Marriage.

My Husband,Terry and I on our Wedding Day

My daughters are 15 months apart and thier weddings were a few months apart.
Both of my daughters were on their ankle the necklace, I wore on my wedding day. I handmade my necklace into an ankle braclet for each of my daughter’s to wear, on their Wedding Day. I gave  to both of my daughter’s each a guardian angel pin, to know their would be angel watching over them,  for I would not be with them everyday. I also gave both of my daughter’s each an antique white hand embroidery handkerchief  and I tucked the handkerchief  in a tiny satin draw string bag tied to the back of their wedding bouquet. Each of my daughter’s Bridesmaids were given a  silver tussie mussie, necklace and earrings. On my daughter’s Wedding Day, I also gave to the Groom’s Mother and  all the Grandmothers a white lace handkerchief tucked into a tiny satin bag.

My daughter, Jennifer and her husband Nicholas, were married outdoors on the Natchez Trace, beside water. I  handmade Jennifer’s veil, the Tarra in her hair, and all the flowers. I surprised  Jennifer with the necklace and earrings she had picked out, from David Bridal. They have been married over six years and their children are Gage, age 4 and 
Brianna, age 22 months.

My daughter
 Jennifer and her husband Nicholas
 on their Wedding Day
My daughter, Suzette and her husband Shane were married at the church. I handmade Suzette Tarra in her hair, earrings and necklace and all the flowers. They have been married over six years, and their children are Creighton age 5 and Hannah age three.

My daughter
Suzette and her Husband, Shane
 on their Wedding Day

My Wish For My Daughters.
For both of my daughters to Follow Their Dreams! 
To be happy and successful, wherever life should take them,
  and in whatever they may choose to do.
To hold on to their morals and values.
To thine on self be true.
Then should there be time for me,
I shall have reaped what I have sown!

Thank you all for letting me share, Mothers and Daughters!
Happy Mother’s Day!
Save a Cup of Tea for Me!
Lady Katherine

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  1. Katherine that was such a sweet, sweet story about your Mother and your daughters. I know what you mean about wanting to pick up the phone to ask her something–I have the same thoughts about my Father. He passed away about ten years ago and whenever I have a question about my car or my dogs, I always say “Well, if I could just call Daddy, he could tell me what to do.” Now, your Mother was lovely and so are your daughters! You are creating wonderful memories for them to cherish forever. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Day!

  2. I so enjoyed your story. I love the McDonnalds part. We stopped at Taco Bell with our wedding party.
    Have a great week end.

  3. Wonderful story ,the picture of your mom and dad is really great to look back on.I know how much you miss her,that is the frist time I have saw a picture of her,you have her eyes you know.You look so different in your wedding picture than you do now,and I can not believe Terry with all that hair.You did a great story about Mothers and Daughters.

  4. I enjoyed reading about these romances and weddings. I keep a journal, too. I started doing it more regular in 1993 and have kept it up. I wish that my Mother and grandmothers had done the same. It would be wonderful to read about their lives. I have been meaning to write down some things about my parents, do scrapbook pages to pass on to my grands.
    Imagine how your Mother must have felt to be left behind at her inlaws. My Mother came from California to Alabama to marry my Daddy. His Father signed for her with permission from her father. Daddy was in the Army. She said she stayed down the road at his sisters before the wedding day.
    Mama Bear

  5. Katharine – I enjoyed reading about the weddings! So you guys eloped to the JP and cancelled your wedding at the last minute? Wow!


  6. Keeping a journal is a good idea I think. It helps handle situations in life [my opinion]

    What lovely, LOVELY brides! I really enjoyed this entry Katherine.

    Happy Tuesday. Thanks for your kind words in my comments today. :o)

  7. I shouldn’t have read your sweet post at work because I got tears in my eyes. That was a beautiful story. Your daughters are just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful, intimate story.


  8. What a wonderful post! I love all of the wedding pix! What a talented lady you are to do all those flowers, yours and both of your daughters. Your daughters and their wedding gowns are so pretty. I really enjoyed seeing these pictures. laurie

  9. I loved this post.
    I was 18 and just out of high school when we eloped. That was 33 years ago.
    Your photos were great.
    Your daughters gowns and photos are gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful day.

  10. Lady Katherine, You are a pretty lady, and I want to thank you for the kind words you made on my sunroom on Laurie’s blog. I appreciate it!

  11. I’m glad you have such rich memories of your mom.
    Look at those vintage cars in the background of your wedding photo!
    Your girls are gorgeous! The necklace to ankle bracelet is a great idea!

  12. What a wonderful post this is..I just cried about the love between your Daddy and Mama..and your daughter are just beautiful how proud you must be of them and there family..great post girl !! Oh and thanks for coming by…hugs and smiles Gloria

  13. Hello, I am having computer e-mail problems. I wanted to e-mail you, but…thank you so much for the kind comments about the gingerbread tablescape. I’m so glad you liked it…The post office should not be returning you mail for that reason. But it’s funny, I took an envelope into the post office in the small town in Miss. where is just lived and the lady said I could not do that. I said “I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager–she took it and it was received….

  14. Katherine, those peppermint swirl plates and the gingerbread mugs came from Cracker Barrel this year. The gingerbread goblets came from Belk’s Department Store last year. The white flatware is just some inexpensive flatware and I hot glued little gingerbread ornaments on them. The salt and pepper shakers are Fitz and Floyd. Oh my gosh, I don’t know how to delete the stuff. I’m just too new and I’m out the door now…

  15. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your post. I have been thinking about starting a journal for some time. You have inspired me to go buy one and get one started. I will enjoy looking at your other posts.

  16. Thank you for stopping by my little spot. I see that you are also in Ms. We live about 25 miles Norteast of Brandon (Jackson). We too strive for a simple life.
    Your daughters are absolutely beautiful.

    I know what you mean about it being tough to keep up with this blog thing. I shoot for posting once a week and usually fail at that.

  17. Oh thanks so much for swinging by so I could come for a visit.. I hope you found your silver ornaments.. I had alot of fun putting it together..I love your blog front and will definetly be adding you to my blog roll.. 🙂 I too lost my mother at the age of 57 and still want to call and tell her things. This post moved me to tears… Thanks so much for sharing…
    hugs ~lynne~

  18. Oh, this is wild. We live in a tiny, town called Lena. We have bought our house in May and moved here from Starkville. My husband and I both grew up in Starkville. It has been a huge change but we love it here and love the people.

  19. Lovely Story my Dear Katherine…Hope you are feeling well and that you have a wonderful Mothers Day!
    P.S. With some mixed emotions…guess what…I am going to be a Grandma!

  20. This is such a sweet post! Love how you featured the weddinds of the women in your family 🙂 I read through it and enjoyed it very much. I had to smile at your own wedding story and the story of your Mom’s dress 🙂 Bet you Mom was never ashamed to be seen eventhough she had the green dress causing looking at what she had and the family who loves her – all I can say is how happy and proud she must have been

    Happy Mother’s day!

  21. What a touching post! I laughed when I read that you & hubby were mad @ each other over your haircuts…tooo funny!

    Hope you are felling well….love your ring of roses!

  22. Absolutely wonderful…I loved every single bride and groom! What a variation on the bridal dresses! Your daughters are so beautiful and I know you must be very proud of them.

    Deanna 😀

  23. Katherine, what beautiful stories of generations of weddings from your mother to your daughters. So sweet!

    Thanks so much for sharing these:)

    Linda C

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