I can’t stand it anymore, I have to start sharing a little of what I have been doing!
My New Dishes!
The dinner plate says:
L’auberge du Chemin Vert – made in France
Salad plate is black  and white, Royal Stafford, 
with scence of a wagon hauling hay, along the roadside is a mill.

First I cut a board to length, I needed, then two small boards for the ends and painted them black .   I almost forgot to take a picture.
Last weekend Hubby took me to a neighborhood garage sale. Within two hours I had bought a truck loaded to the cab, for $30.00.  He saying he is not letting me out of the house. I spend too much. I am just making up for lost time! lol
Below is a  two dish, iron plate rack, I have been wanting from Hobby Lobby, I found it at the garage sale for $1.00. Now the money I spent for a truck load would be what this plate rack would have cost if bought new.  So glad, Maryann, we did not make it to Hobby Lobby the day you came from Alabama to kidnap me!
Two weeks ago my friend, Maryann from Alabama, came to kidnap me and take me shopping. Below are some of the dishes I bought that day. I usually do not get to leave home, Maybe twice a month, except for Doctors appoinments.  After finding the plate rack, my mind went into creative mode for it was for two plates and I wanted to show all six of my black and white plates settings.  After I painting the boards, Hubby attached the iron plate holder to the middle front of my board.  He then welded on each side of the plate rack, a piece of iron and drilled a hole, in the small side boards, for the iron he bent to go into.  

The dinner plates, each have French sayings and different scenes. The front salad plate are Royal Stafford plates with a scene of a wagon hauling hay, and a mill by the roadside. Now kick me! I did not buy the dinner plates that matched the salad plate. Yes! Marshall had them both! I had spent all the money I took and then some. 
Now I regret not buying them!
This dinner plate says: Tartine et Chocolat, and is my favorite plate.
The two iron shelves on the left, holding some of my new bowls, came from the garage sale. Now I had them up in the front of the truck with me, so they are not inculded in the truckload! lol I did pay $20 for both. They wanted $30.00, for both. I talked them down. I saved $10.00.The iron shelves both have a store SALE TAG on back for $30.00 each. So they were selling them for the price they bought them for.  Well until I came along!
My antique china cabinet, I bought from an antique store five years ago.  I bought a mirror for $4.00, added it to the top of my china cabinet.  One of my glass sheves has got broken, with a lot of my crystal, so I jsut have my dolls in the bottom for now. The urns were bought when my daughter got married to use in the wedding, I plan to make topiary in the blue urns with grapes. The  silver candlelebra I bought for $1.00. Yes, $1.00!   
The mirror needs cleaning,  after Hubby bolted the mirror on the china cabinet. I realized it, so I will have to wait on Hubby to clean the mirror.  I can’t reach up there! I just had to show, SOME of my new finds! I can’t wait to show you the rest, and my dining room I trying to do in a French Country design. The trim not up as of yet! But we are making progress! I am so excited!
Which piece do like?
Thanks for letting me share some of my wonderful finds!
Save a cup of tea for me! 
Lady Katherine

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  1. Oh, Katherine! I love it all and so glad you’re feeling better to get to go garage saleing! I love your new dishes and the plate rack is awesome!
    Dirty mirror or not – it’s lovely and so is the hutch under the mirror! Can’t wait to see me.
    Take care and be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. Hello Katherine; Wow I just love your plates and the plate rack. You really did find some really great bargains, every thing looks so chic.

    Have a great memorial day


  3. Oh my goodness, you really did get a wonderful load for a little money. I especially love those black & white plates – and the French white ones – oh, la, la! Linda

  4. How ingenious of you and hubby to convert the plate rack to hold all 6 salad and 6 dinner plates. They look good together so don’t feel bad, Katherine, for not buying the matching dinner plates. I can’t believe you got that gorgeous silver candelabra for $1!…Christine

  5. Hi Katherine. That was a great find. I love them all. Wish we had sales like that here. I am recovering from sinus surgery I had the 20th. So I can not do much right now. Miss ya.

  6. That plate rack is absolutely brilliant! It looks better than it would have if you had used it like it was supposed to be used! Your new plates are wonderful! I love that they have writing on them (and in French at that!), and those lovely transferware plates are perfect with them! For someone who doesn’t get out much, you’ve sure done a great job of shopping when you did get out! Your china cabinet and mirror are so pretty. I am so happy to see a post from you, and I am really looking forward to seeing the completed dining room. laurie

  7. Such gorgeous finds, and you were so creative with the plate rack. Love it. I love the mirror too. Everything is just gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it all. So glad you got out and about. Hugs, Marty

  8. Hi Lady Katherine,
    I have missed you my friend! I’m so happy you came to visit me and that you have a new posting.

    What beautiful new plate
    treasures you have found. Simply stunning the way you have them hung up as well. Love it!

    I hope you are feeling well these days.
    Take Care. I always pray
    for you.

    Have a blessed and wonderful day. Love ya.
    ~Warmly, Melissa 🙂

  9. I love all the iron pieces. I have been looking for some to paint black for my master bedroom. I’m doing it in red, gold and black. It has red walls with a gold scroll border.
    Good to see you blogging again.
    Mama Bear

  10. Ooooh how lovely are those dishes? And the plate rack transformation is wonderful too. Everything looks so good. I LOVE, the iron shelves next to your china cabinet…they are gorgeous!

  11. Glad that you’re able to get around and find great deals at the same time. Awesome combination if you ask me, lol!

    Love your new dishes and the plate rack is ingenius!

  12. I love all your new treasures…garage sales are the best…you just never know what you will find…and your plate rack is fabulous and just think You made it….that is even better…great job and I love your plates….
    Mo 😉

  13. LOL…
    I loved how you said you almost forgot to take a picture…!
    When we get inspired…we move full steam ahead, don’t we?
    And why not? Just look at the glorious finished work!

    (french country~cannot wait to see it!)

  14. Hi Katherine,it is your long lost friend.You got some great things at the garage sales,so sorry I missed them.The plates are really beautiful but I think my favorite is the plate rack,I really like the change you made in it looks great.Saw tonight where you called but been on the run all day today and had birthday supper with my daughter in law tonight.Today was her birthday.Don keep me busy in the garden sticking beans and hoeing all weekend.Going to try to get back to my blog next week,think I will have all my sewing jobs caught up and can slow up alittle.Got to cut grass in the morning but will try to call you in the afternoon.

  15. Hi Katherine, I just love your plates…in fact I have some of them myself! And, good for you, finding all those great finds at yard sales! Love Yard sales! Nancy

  16. Your husband is so handy to help with the pretty plate rack. Now the new plates are lovely and I can see why that one plate is your favorite. Have fun on your next trip to Marshall’s and maybe you will find more plates.

  17. I love all of your bargains, and the Frenchy plates are fabulous! I’ve got those same Staffordshire plates, but the opposite from you; I’ve got the dinner plates. What you did with just buying the salad plates is something I do a lot. I figure you almost always use any salad plate with a white plate, and you’ve got a whole new look with just a few salad plates.

  18. Good evening, Lady…
    I love love love the black and white dishes..just beautiful. And, the plate rack is awesome…
    Best of all, I love that you are feeling better…
    xo bj

  19. The plates are beautiful and they look great in the rack! I love black and white toile…great print on the plates! And I absolutely adore your silver candelabra and mirror! What great finds! ~Rhonda 🙂

  20. Don’t you just love it when things come together? Love that antique cabinet and mirror. Those dishes are great additions to your theme.


  21. Katherine, you displayed these plates beautifully. I’m loving the iron rack. So so perfect.

    The black and white color of the places is gorgeous. it looks so classic. Love them!. And love how every plate has different scenes. Oh and your fave plate, i may not know french but “chocolat” mmmmmmm LoL


  22. Hi Katherine…

    Ooooh…what fabulous treasure finds!!! I’m so happy for you Darlin’…that you got to go yard saling…you made off like a bandit, Girl! Hehe!

    What a creative idea…I love your newly engineered plate rack…and Ohhhh, your new black & white dishes are gorgeous!!! I have always loved that Royal Stafford pattern…so very pretty!!! But I must tell you that I ADORE your new frenchy plates!!! I would love to have some like that!!! They all look so pretty in your plate rack!!!

    Love your new shelves and your bowls look fabulous in them…your dining room is looking tres chic, my dear!!! Girl, you really made a deal…$4 for that beautiful mirror? And it’s absolutely perfect with the cabinet!!! Ohhh myyy…I love candelabras!!! Again, can’t believe that you got that silver beauty for just a dollar!!! Wowzer!!! I’m so happy for you Darlin’…great treasure finds!!!

    Well my friend, I must apologize…I didn’t realize that you had joined in with Sunday Favorites…did you sign up on Mr. Linky? I don’t know how I missed you!!! I’m so sorry!!! You must think me terrible to not have been over to visit before now! I just happened to come by for Show & Tell Friday. Thank you for joining in with Sunday Favorites!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  23. Hi Katherine…

    It’s just little ol’ me again! I just had to go back and check my Sunday Favorites list…sure enough you are there! Now I just feel terrible…I really don’t know how I missed your post! Please forgive me, my friend!!! I always like to visit the participants and leave a note of thanks! Sheeeshhh…guess I’ll have to blame it on my old age, dear!!!

    I loved your post…thank you so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites!!! Hmmm…better late then never…so they say…I’m so glad that I came by!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  24. It’s great to see all the great finds from your shopping, and your new plate racks as well. The French and English plates were delightful finds.

  25. Oh my oh my….what great finds, and your work that you’re doing with them is just simply….FANtastic!

    My show n tell is decades old toys. Come on over if you can find time.

    Happy Friday.

  26. The plates & plate rack display are my favorite. Fabulous and what a great job your hubby did.

  27. I can’t pick which one I like the best. The plates are darling. I need to keep my eye open for something similar. And your shelf was a good idea. Is there anything you can’t do?
    You may like this idea for a black shelf. Take a beautiful carved table leg. Saw off the back so it will lay flat against a wall. Make a half shelf out of wood to lay on top. Paint it black and hang on a wall. I saw this once in a magazine and made one for a Christmas gift. I never got around to making mine. I need to do that and then show and tell it. The shelf is big enough for a teacup. 🙂

  28. Don’t you just love a good bargain? I know I do. Love the rack and the dishes. I’ve been eyeing them up too but just have to restrain myself a little as they are not the best color for my diningroom but Oh, they are so pretty!~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

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