This morning as I looked out at my Grandmother Sudie’s Pink Tea Roses, as I call them, on each side of my fence they are so lovely. I taken pictures of them on the fence, but wanted something special to go with my Grandmother’s roses. I looked around at all my small wooden tables, ground is to wet! I looked over to my daughter, Suzette’s porch, Yes! I went over and we loaded her iron table set, she found on Freecyle.
 Isn’t she the lucky one!
My Pink Rose Garden Tea Party!
 View with the crocheted doilies in the chairs.
Close of view of the pink tea rose centerpiece
View of the table top
I placed a demitasse fork on a white napkin, and added the tiny rose buds, instead of using a napkin ring.
A demitasse spoon placed on the back of the dimitasse tea cup saucer. I painted the little purse and little old fashion shoe,
 pink which before they was gold.  
The purse is used in the centerpiece. 
The shoe hold the place card of my three your Granddaughter.
My 22 month old Granddaughter’s place card setting.

My pink rose Tea Set, 
my sister Gloria gave me on my Birthday seven years ago.
I serving Raseberry Tea, Becky at Holiday In The Sun   sent me, with a few other surprises, I will show later!
The  three teir plates are of a pink rose print, I found at Fred’s Dollar Store, on sale for $4.00. I searched and searched to find another one at  these stores in nearby towns, I finally found one more. This morning, I opened the boxes for the first time.
 I found 3 in my china closet. lol

Today, I am serving, cinnamon cake, bite size raspberry sconces, with raspberry preserves
 and choclolate dipped puffs.
Garnish: peppermint, spearmint leaves and pink tea roses.

I used to work long hours,  and involved in many meetings.
Everywhere, I would take my cinnamon cake,
 it was so loved and the recipe was asked for often. 
I would always say it’s an Old Family Secret Recipe.

This is my Cinnamon cake on my Early American Prescut Crystal cake plate.

 One of my Dearest Friends, Melba would ask for the recipe often.  After a few years, I finally shared my Old Family Secret Recipe with her.
 I told her go to this certain Grocery Store, and no other to find the ingredients. Go to the Deli Department,
 and find a Sock It To Me Cake. 
Buy the cake and go out to your car,
 and take the cake from the package,
 and place it on your cake plate and place on the cover!

 How did you like My Old Family Secret Recipe?
This week I told my daughter, Suzette my little recipe story. For I have never told anyone but Melba my Old Family Secret Recipe.
Suzette went out and purchase a Sock It To Me Cake and on the plastic cover she wrote, Family Recipe. She was so sweet to do this for me, I had a couple of tears in private.
Hope you can see where she wrote, Family Recipe on the top.

How did you like my Garden Tea Party,
 featuring my Grandmother’s  Pink Tea Rose?
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56 thoughts on “TEA ROSE – GARDEN TEA PARTY

  1. You make your little tea party so inviting! And I do love those ‘sock-it-to-me’ cakes. Love the chocolate too. I’ll love it even more now that I know it’s your ‘old family recipe’!

  2. Oh how I love pink roses and your table and chair set is so precious! I love the way you kept pink and white on the table and chairs..so sweet and springy! Your menu sounds good too. Beautifully done! Miss Bloomers

  3. I make Sock It To Me cake all the time! It’s so good and easy! Those roses as the background to the pretty table and chairs is just perfect! What a beautiful tablescape you’ve done!


  4. Fabulous little table and chairs and the tea service is just so pretty. I LOVE the 3 tiered serving tray. Just beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  5. I just love your table setting and with the roses in the background is just perfect. I think about having tea parties all the time, but never do it. Now you’ve inspired me. Beautiful! Thank you.

  6. What a lovely post this was Lady K! Your daughter’s new table set is absolutely wonderful, and what a pretty tea set! Love the way you placed the flower on the napkin, and the pretty shoes for place card holders are brilliant. You’ve been in my prayers, and I do pray you are feeling well. laurie

  7. I see you are feeling well enough for a tea party:)
    I love that you moved the party TO the rose bush:)
    I can see this type of party in my future.
    As for you Secret Family Recipe? My mom has a similar potato salad recipe-we love to laugh about it. Big blessings to you, Lady K:)

  8. I enjoyed how you used the doilies on the table and on the chair seats. Everything looks very appealing and so feminine.

  9. Lady Katherine,

    This is just so sweet and charming—I really miss living in the Delta with all the wonderful flowers available right outside my door, almost all year round.

    Up here, the honeysuckle trees almost cover the yard, and everything grows really fast, but there’s nothing like a lush, surprises-every-day Southern garden.

    I always feel SO welcome at your house!!


  10. I enjoyed every single minute in your beautiful rose garden. The tea was just elegant and delicious.

  11. Hi Lady Katherine! I LOVE your tablescape! Every detail is just perfect! You did a wonderful job with your make-overs…especially the little shoes and purses! And…YES…your daughter is one lucky gal!! I would love to have that table set…so frenchy!! Just beautiful! I laughed out loud at your family recipe…my kind of cake! I was tickled to hear that you ran away for a few hours…sounded like fun! I wish I lived close-by and I would come and kidnap you for the afternoon to shop! I hope you are doing well. It’s so nice to see you around again! How are the new sheep doing? Ohhh…by the way..”rue” means street in French. Have a great rest of the week…hugs…Debbie

  12. Hello, Lady Katherine! I would love to be at your garden tea party cause it looks so pretty. The cake looks so good and funny story abut the family secret recipe. LOL….Christine

  13. Hello Lady Katherine, what a lovely table with pink roses! It is so inviting and fun! Great setup outdoors…

  14. Are these the same as sweetheart roses? These roses and tea sets just belong together! I especially love your cake recipe–my kind of recipe!!

  15. I had to chuckle at the “Secret” family recipe for the cake. It all looks so pretty and I especially like the lace the chairs. What a nice tea for your grandaughters. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  16. How lovely! Love your little tea setting and the outdoors makes it even more special!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  17. I want to come, I want to come!! I love tea parties! The little shoe and purse look so lovely, and so does everything else. Great job! Stop by and see my table setting, if you like what you see, be sure to subscribe to my blog by clicking on “Follow” in the right hand column. This way we can inspire one another frequently! Be sure to stay a while when you’re there and enjoy the experience!

  18. I love everything about your tablescape. And your daughter got the table set on freecycle? Seriously? I am so jealous. She got a fabulous find. Everything looks so romantic & elegant. And the food looks yummy too.

  19. What a beautiful setting! just beautiful! and I LOVE your secret family recipe! lol! I have several of those myself!
    hope you are feeling well…happy holiday weekend!

  20. So pretty, Katherine. You have so many creative ideas. I love the table and flowers and especially, the tea set! Your family recipe looks delish!

    Have a great weekend! 😀


  21. Your tea table was just beautiful. The cake looks wonderful but it’s too much work for me :). Enjoy the long weekend.

  22. I have loved your blog from the day i saw it,loved how well you set up the table,family recipe,and the garden party.

  23. I love gardens, and therefore I love garden parties! This is a beautiful scene you have arranged here for us. Love to come sit down for tea!

  24. Katherine, what a beautiful setting for your tea party. The china is just gorgeous and the tea foods all sound yummy! That is a funny story about your “Sock-it-to-me Cake.”

  25. I came the other day and left a note…just coming back this PINK morning to say hello. And, to ask, how you are feeling. Bless your heart, you never say.
    Praying for you, bj

  26. Guess I wasn’t through…I’m back.
    I just read some more of your blog and am sitting here bawling like a baby. I so pray to God for a discovery to WIPE THIS HORRIBLE DISEASE OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH…they did it for Polio…I KNOW they can do it for breast cancer. I’ll keep praying…..

  27. Happy Pink Saturday! You have such a beautiful blog. The roses are simply gorgeous and your tea party so pretty. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


  28. This is the sweetest and most charming tea table I have ever seen! Your dishes are beautiful and the cake looks delicious. I have a very similar table in white and I love how you put doilies on the chairs. Have a wonderful long weekend!

  29. I adore your tea table and the many special little touches you added, like the shoes and the roses on the napkins! :O)

  30. I love a tea party, thankyou so much for inviting me. I also love my place card, very pretty, needless to say the food was the best ever, happy pink saturday, char

  31. Sending you a most warm hello! And a nod of Muse approval, for a little setting that has sweetly swept my heart away~!

  32. Blogger has been acting up recently because I never saw that you posted this!

    It is gorgeous! Love the precious shoe holder and the soft colors.

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