I live in a near 100 year old Craftsman’s Bungalow, I love all things old and handmade. I have a Dream Buffet I want so much, to match my China Cabinet. Until I find it I have decided to make do with one I have put together, then later on it can be used in my Weaving and Spinning Studio. I went over to my friend Lene’s to take a before picture of my Buffet, as she has one like mine started out.
After taking a job traveling with an Aviation Company, I had my daughters to close my Nail Salon. With the help of their friends, they moved all my things out. A lot of items got broken from falling off the trucks, my table iron got twisted and broken.
Lene’s Buffet Table  
We cut off  the top iron and mirror, the iron between the legs, and straighten the legs. I gave a coat of spray paint, in the color of my china closet. Stained the wood top a darker color. 

I took two drawers that came from the old island in the kitchen, painted the drawers in my favorite Gentleman’s Blue.

Placed the two drawers, upside down on the Buffet Table, and added a bench I painted and stained, made from the wood we took off our walls, place the bench underneath for extra seating or to hold a few basket or trays. I added a board, in the middle of two drawers to attach the two drawers together to make a hutch type shelf, and added a board in the middle of each drawer for shelves. I also added a small piece of wood to hold in my plates on the shelves.

View of dishes in the top of the Buffet, and the plate rack I made above to hold chargers, and platters. I got six more of the French black and white plates added those behind the bowls I got from the  Valentine’s Auction I went to.  Inside the shelves are my husband’s Grandmother’s everyday dishes.

This is my total make over using different patterns of white dishes. You may notice the trim is not up yet, but it not stopping me from putting all my things together. Yes, the ceilings are all wood as are the floors. My husband is sheet rocking most of our home, but I get to keep a few rooms with the wood walls. I want to keep my ceiling wood. The tray underneath the bench I bought at the annual garage sale for $5.00, the baskets were $1.00 each. 

Table setting view with my little sun porch, or will it be a butler’s pantry? All the chairs, were bought at garage sale for $4.00 each. My Mother’s table,  the bench bought from a old church for $10.00, Which my husband has cut down the bench, and still needs to add back the other arm.  Then I shall cover all the seats in blue and white toile. My rug was a gift from my sister, Doris.

Place setting with blue chargers, I have set of twelve of the blue chargers, I bought from a thrift shop in Georgia. The blue stemware bought in South Carolina. 
Napkin and napkin rings from a garage sale.
Flatware bought many years ago.  The floral dinner plate, I bought for 25 cents each from a garage sale. I had planned on using them in a flower bed, but they made it to the table instead!

My centerpiece is a basket with silk periwinkle blue rose petals, I  glued on to cover the basket. I used this basket as a rice girl basket in my daughter, Jennifer’s Wedding.  To use as my centerpiece, on one side of the basket I added a bouquet of hydrangeas, on the other side I made a bird nest out of Spanish moss, my daughter Suzette picked from a tree. Added a few birds I got from Dollar Tree for four for a dollar.

 Simple Centerpiece with candle holders from a thrift shop.
 How do you like my silk petal covered basket?

View of my new made over Buffet and plate rack. 
In the corner is a iron and wicker corner shelf, cost $1.00 at garage sale. The wine chalk board was $3.00. You can see a peak of my chandelier that getting silver leafed at this moment.

Thanks for stopping by, and taking a look at all my old lovely things!
As Always Save a Cup of Tea for Me
Lady Katherine
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  1. Hi Lady Katherine, 😉
    How are you doing dear freind?

    It looks like you have created a beauty of a plate holder and tablescape. Love the colorful plates.
    ~Gorgeous blue color.

    Have a blessed day.
    ~Melissa 🙂

  2. Now aren’t you just about the most clever thing in the world. This just looks fabulous. I love the blue drawers turned into plate holders. So clever. This makes a really great hutch. Your tablesetting is just lovely. Love your home. Hugs, Marty

  3. I love old houses! I lived in an almost 100-yr-old over a decade ago. It was a lot of work, but I loved the special touches that you don’t find in a modern home.

    I wish I had pictures to show of my redecorating there. I do enjoy looking at yours. You are very crafty and frugal. I like that!

  4. A great project with an even greater outcome… Excellent idea, and your plates are beautiful all on display…wow! Your table is charming, the bottom blue plates are such an intense blue color, striking…xoxo~KATHY@ SWEET UP-NORTH MORNINGS…

  5. Hello Lady Katherine!!

    You have made one amazing plate rack!! I love it and all of the white dishes you have collected (I am starting a collection of my own!!).

    Your tablescape is beautiful! I think you love the color blue. Blue hydrangeas are my favorite and I am going to try to start some bushes this summer if it ever stops raining! LOL!! I like the floral dishes, I’m glad you didn’t wait to use them in the garden because I think they are great indoors during summer. I like the little dollar store chickadees too!! So cute!

    Have a wonderful afternoon. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂


  6. Lady Katherine, That took some talent, that I don’t have…I would never have thought of that! That is one amazing plate rack!

    How are you feeling! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Nancy

  7. Hi My Friend! Oh how I have missed you! It’s great to get back to visiting with you!

    Can I just say that I think you are amazing? I love all that you did to make your “hutch”, and it turned out to be so very lovely!! You sure do have a way with time worn things!!

    I also adore those blue chargers!! I have never seen any anywhere!

    Hoping that all is well with you and yours. Pray for you regularly!!

    Love and hugs to you, sweetie!

  8. I just love, love, love your buffet makoever. How clever! You are quite the thrifty gal as well.

  9. Oh, what a marvelous makeover! I love how you put together your buffet! It looks great and you certainly have vision! Love all your pretty dishes arranged in it! Greatness!
    Now your table setting is so pretty! You make me want to come over and sit down.
    I hope you’re feeling well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  10. You make such lovely things. Sometime you might like to take a look on line at some of the furniture made by the company I work for. I am in accounting and not good on the furniture part but we have some lovely pieces. We have a country collection and the Carol Bolton line is very different. It is ejvictor.com.

  11. Hi Lady Katherine. I am so sorry you had in infection. I hope it is all gone now. I can’t believe all your energy. Thae table looks fabulous with all the china. Everything else looks nice in your home that is so warm….Christine

  12. This is just soooo brilliant! I would never have thought to use drawers that way. All of it together looks fabulous with your pretty plates (oh! I adore those wood ceilings-so glad you’re keeping them!). This room and your table setting are so pretty, and you are just so talented! laurie

  13. Wow! That’s such a good idea to place the drawers like that! (Mmm…now where can I do that). It all came out so good – you really are so creative and really can see the potential in everything!

    So now you can drive again! Watch out shops! That’s great! I’m sure you’ll enjoy being able to get out on your own without having to wait for someone to take you.


  14. How creative you are. I love your photos, especially those of your lovely home. Thank you for sharing them with us. Blessings…Mary

  15. Good morning my dear friend. What incredible talent you have. To have an eye to do this and put it all together is truly a gift. What treasures you have. Wish we lived closer together, the two of us could rock this world with great things coming together. lol. I hope this finds you doing well. I think about you all the time. Thank you so much for swinging by and leaving such wonderful words of encouragement. It truly means the world. You are the best…
    hugs ~lynne~

  16. Hello my dear Katherine! I so love what you did. Your refinishing talents continue to astound me. [the small cheery birds by your bouquet is one SUPER idea.]

    Glad you stopped by. I read your posts from my “following, but fail to stop over….with you stopping by mine, I’m glad I came over here]


  17. Wow! What an impressive makeover that was, very creative of you to be able to come up with something like that. It looks good. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, appreciate it.

  18. Katherine…you always have such awesome ideas! I love how your buffet turned out and soooo clever how you used the drawers! What a beautiful display! Oh…I just thought of something…I bet you could link this post to Cusine Kathleen’s White Party on Tuesday…I have her button on my sidebar with the link in case you want it. Love how you’ve displayed all those pretty white dishes! Gorgeous! And I love your tablescape…so festive! I’d love to dine at this table! Hope your DH had a great Father’s Day! Susan

  19. you are so creative! i would have never thought to put those pieces together. it looks wonderful.

  20. You are so clever and efficient! I hope you don’t live in earthquake country or have little boys!!!!!

  21. Hey, Katherine, thanks for coming by my porch! I’m thrilled to meet a Mississippi Blogger! I love love to become a Southern Belle girl. A meeting sounds great, when I can drive that is! Love your blog! You garage salers are making me really want to “put another iron in the fire”! I haven’t done it in years but never miss an chance to antique though!Look forward to following your blog! You are a really creative lady!

  22. Wow, look at all those lovely things! I am glad you saved those pretty plates for the table instead of the garden!
    Thanks for joining the party.

  23. Hi, Lady…Your plate rack is adorable and your pretty tablescape is, too.
    You covered a lot of meme’s with this post…way to go, girl!!
    xo bj

  24. Saw your comment over at bj’s and decided to come and visit. I am glad I did. I love what you did with the drawers. I could so do that. Like one commenter said, Where could I put that? I will have to keep that idea in mind should the opportunity come up to do something like that.

    I also hope that you are feeling better. Sounds like you are going through a lot lately. Not fun. Hang in there.

  25. Hi Lady Katherine..
    Those pictures are amazing..and gorgeous, love them all. You have a wonderful blog. I’m a lil bit late for my Blue Monday’s round, hope you had a great Monday

    Lots of luv,

  26. Morning, Lady K! Oh, thank you for your visit! To answer your question – I was taking my pictures yesterday afternoon and it began to get dark so I just turned down the lights and shot a few pictures! Now lookie here – you have all those pretty white plates in your new hutch – you could come to the Let There Be White Party!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  27. Wow, what a terrific makeover of the buffet! I love that color blue, and your beautiful dish collection, too. 🙂

  28. I’ve done that, too, used something until I could find the PERFECT piece! Looks good — hope you find your piece soon.

  29. Aren’t you clever to have all the memes covered in one post! I think sometimes, that’s the best way to go! LOL

  30. Sorry… I forgot to tell you that your white dishes and the cabinets are just perfect dear Lady, just perfect! Enjoy your week! 😉

  31. I love your wonderful blog. One of my favorite things in the world is tea time. On my blog I have the china you have also set up for tea. I hope you have a chance to visit. I also love your farm it is so wonderful. I will be back soon. Cheers, Lia

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