Hubby is calling my dining room, the dish room!
I got this chest by trading one of my handmade  felted hats from my sheep wool, plus a little more money, for the chest below. I built the shelf on the chest years ago. The shelf use to hang above my stove. While remodeling, Hubby through my shelf out to his junk pile. I was hunting this shelf a couple of months ago. I looked everywhere for it! Hubby finally admitted he had thrown it in the junk pile. He went and got it, I was so upset for the stained shelf was now grey and weathered.
Hubby helped me put back together. 
I decided to do a crackle finish on the chest and shelf. 

I painted the chest and shelf flat brown, let it dry, then added a heavy coat of  crackle, waited an hour, then painted it with an off white flat paint. Before it finishes crackling,  I start to wipe off where I wanted large spots of the brown to show. 
 I let this dry for several days 
These are the products I used.  After the last drying, I used  a poly acrylic finish for paint. I  letting one coat of  the poly acrylic  dry and then paint on a second coat. All done!
Last time Gollum did a tour of  Big Lots, she found a set of white lovely dishes! It was a while before I finally got to go to Big Lots! Oh, but when I did I bought white dishes, not the great deal I was hoping for like Gollum’s dishes! 
Gollum has a post today on my dishes, I bought from Big Lots, go see! 
So I decided to share my dishes! About a month ago I bought two boxes of Great Gathering White dishes which is a total of 64 pieces.  
I opened one box, every dish was perfect! The next box had plates and bowls broken. I called Big Lots,  they did not give me a receipt, and they only had one box left! The lady said  you have to come tonight, and we will go through your box and add the pieces that are broken. Now, by now you know I have not driven in four years, ugh! No one would take me! The next morning Hubby had  to go in Jackson, an hour away, he dropped me off at Big Lots, and I sat there for two hours!  The lady said you can just exchange your box! So I decided, as I had to sit there and wait, to go through the new box and make sure nothing was broken. I found a few flaws and asked if I could exchange them out of the box I brought back. Yes! No, I did not shop, for I was scared someone would take off with my dishes! 
Home at last!
 All my lovely white Great Gathering Dinnerware in my crackled chest and shelf that now makes a hutch!
How do you like my make over
 Crackled Hutch and new Great Gathering Dinnerware? 
Did you say where are the cups, and the other platter?
Here are the cups on top.  One of the platters, with some of my other new chargers, I bought at Marshall’s!  
Now this is a PEEK at the shelf Hubby and I made to go above my New Blue Buffet! I cut the boards to size and Hubby put it together for me. No, I could not put it together, for the drill and hammer are too heavy!  I did try! Lol 
Then I gave the shelf a coat of my  favorite Gentleman’s Blue Paint!
Now this is only a Peek!  Do not look down at my other dishes below, that I bought at the Valentine’s Day Auction!
I know you are peeking! I promise to show more soon!
Thanks for stopping by, and sharing in my excitement as my new dining room comes together!
Remember! Save a cup of Tea for me! 
Lady Katherine
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  1. Well you always amaze me! One day you need to do a step by step tutorial on how to make one of those plate holders! Your white dishes look just stunning and how clever of you to pair the plate holder with the chest. It does look like a hutch! You are so wonderfully creative – you always inspire me to learn to do things for myself!



  2. Oooh…I love the crackle finish, so pretty! You have everything set up so nicely.
    P.s. The edging on my shelf is lace that I hot glued. :)

  3. What a beautiful job you did on your hutch. I don’t see as much crackle as I used to but I love it! Your new dishes look perfect sitting in your lovely hutch! Great job!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. GM Lady K, now girl there is a 12 step program for all those dishes…Of course you do have to stand up in front of a crowd and Say my name is Katherine…I love all your white dishes…so many color you can add to them…Now I also am loving this chest that you did…you amaze me with your talent…May you have a blessed day my friend..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Oh Girls….I love Big Lots! No telling what you liable to run into in there!
    Love the dishes….they look really pretty in your new crackled shelf…so, if you have some stuff left over…wanna come do my china cabinet?? LOL!
    Talk to ya later…..

  6. tell your hubby that the patio was not that hard to do! barely anything! I hope he does one for you…post it when he does…tell him you’ll make him famous!! lol
    thanks for the sweet comment today!

  7. That all turned out great!!
    Did you add the shelves for the dishes?
    Thanks for all the great instructions too.

    Glad you liked my metal cabinet with drawers. I will probably just clean it up good, and use it for display, or sell it. Too interesting to paint over the original labels etc.
    I do not know the value but it was made in the 1920′s!!

    Barbara jean

  8. 1 question – May I borrow your husband ????? How great is he for making you stuff ! Love it ! It really is cool and looks great with your new white china !
    Hugs ~Kammy

  9. I love your header tea set. I can’t wait to see your dinning room. The plate rake is great. I may have to make one for my dinnng room. Thanks for stopping by my space and leaving a comment. Blessings, Deanie

  10. Lady Katherine, you did a WONDERFUL job on that cabinet and chest. I love how it looks with your new white china! Grat job! And I love china so much that I would have sat in Big Lots for two hours, too, if I found some I loved! So glad you did because it looks just wonderful!

    Love to you…


    Sheila :-)

  11. Kathrine, this turned out so great! The shelf and chest look like they belong together, and your new dishes look so pretty displayed so beautifully. (I think it was worth all of the trouble you had to go through). I LUV that color of blue on the other plate rack. laurie

  12. That’s lots of work done! but have to say it all paid off.

    I like the contrast. Your white shiny plates against the crackled chest. LoL I love saying it – “crackle” :-)


  13. What a beautiful transformation, Katherine … and your dishes were well worth the time it took to get them. I just love the crackled antique finish, and I know it wasn’t easy to achieve.



  14. Good Morning Lady Katherine,
    Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment :)

    Wow is all I can say about your transformation. Your shelf is amazing, it’s exactly what I’d like to have for myself. And your white dishes, be still my heart! I’ve started loving white dishes about a year ago, found a set up in my attic and have been on the hunt for more ever since *smiles* You have quite a beautiful collection! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  15. Hello Katherine! I LOVE your “married” hutch, with its beautiful new crackle finish. And the new plate rack — It’s gorgeous. I NEED a plate rack like that (maybe more than one!) as I’ve got platters stacked in drawers, and I would love to have them on my walls instead.

    How do you make one of those racks? I have asked my talented theatrical designer daughter to help me while she is home this summer — so we’ll see if she agrees.

    Thanks for visiting That Old House! I have my Mom & Dad’s old dining room table in my conservatory, where we eat most of our meals. It used to belong to my great aunt, so it’s been in the family since about 1910!

    Have a grand day . . . and post about how to make those plate racks!

  16. GM Lady K, Thanks for coming by and seeing my little family…Hope you have a healthy and great week my Dear friend…hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  17. Thank you for your comment.I LOVE the white dishes,that’s on my list of things I need to get.And the hutch looks great!

  18. Hi Katherine! Oh, I’d love to take you with me to Marshalls. We could hit quite a few! I have a Jeep and we could just fill up the back end with goodies!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  19. Love your hutch that you and your husband worked on, and the dishes are perfect in there!! What a great China Hutch. Crackeling is great fun isn’t it! I did an “All White Tablescape this week and my dishes would look great in your hutch too!( except non match!) Ha~ xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings… Stop by and visit…

  20. O, Lady…this looks just fabulous. I love love the plate racks. And your pretty white dishes look really nice there! Sorry you had such a hard time getting them. If I had been close,I would have taken you or gone to get them FOR you.
    hugs, bj

  21. Good morning Lady katherine. Thank you for dropping by at “Le jardin sous le Tilleul” and on “Passion of Milkglass, collecting”. Yes, it is French, and trying to do my best( needs improving) in English. There is so much to read and see on your blog! One more good thing to my blog’s life with yours! Good day. France.

  22. Wow, love those dishes! I have looked at Big Lots, but never seem to find these here. And I never got the “crackling process” on furniture yet either. Tried it once and it didn’t come out so good. This is really quite pretty!

  23. Dear Lady, I love your dishes! I was watching those at our own Big Lots here but hubby gave me that “not now…” look and I had to back off. LOL

    Your hutch is just delicious with all that crackle! I want one, too! ;-)

  24. Let me join the chorus is asking for instructions on building a plate rack! Your projects look wonderful.


  25. Hi Katherine…

    My friend…this is a fabulous post!!! Furniture refinishing is one of my favorite subjects and your projects certainly did NOT disappoint!!! What a beautiful old chest…I just love the shape of it and I love your plate rack! Ohhh my goodness…I bet you just had a “hissy fit” when your honey admitted that he through this fabulous piece out in his junk pile! Hehe!!! Well, I laugh now but I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time…wink! Okay…I think that doing the brown undercoat with the white top coat is soooo pretty and I just can’t say enough about the crackle finish! It really is one of my favorite looks…I can’t believe that I don’t have one thing done this way! I need to remedy that…your pretty pieces have certainly inspired me!!! They turned out beautifully and you have decorated them so sweetly with pretty white dishes!!! It’s a great look, my friend! You did GOOD!!! I’m so sorry about the problems of getting your dishes exchanges…I’m so glad that it all worked out for you and you were able to get what you wanted!!!

    Thank you for sharing your new pieces with us…they’re exquisite!!! Can’t wait to get a peek at your other dishes…hehe!!! I did my very best to try and see them!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  26. Fabulous! I need to get my hubby to make me one of those plate shelves. I too have the “Gollum” plates from Big Lots. My son already broke one of the plates. I may see if I can find another box. I could just picture you at Big Lots checking over every piece. I would have too.

  27. Oh I’m so glad that you were able to get another complete set of dishes unbroken! Your plate shelves are wonderful – I’m so impressed with how this all looks.

  28. Your hutch came out beautiful! I’ve never been able to crackle paint successfully myself, but yours is the best I’ve ever seen and your white dishes go perfectly with it. :O)

  29. Wow, what a lot of work and how terrific the finished job looks! You must be so very pleased with the outcome!

    I sure did enjoy my visit to your blog!

    kindly ldh

  30. It’s late and I’m exhausted, but I HAD to stop by and say hello! I found you at Mrs. Janice’s. What a great blog…I decided to “follow” I am an avid tea drinker and from the south. I live up north and really miss southern people, so finding blogs like yours makes me smile.

    Great hutch…I also have tons of dishes and china. I just bought a cream set from Pottery Barn…love it! I have some country rose too…so pretty and southern.

  31. Katherine…what you had to go through to get your dishes…gee, whiz! I’m so glad you got them in the end, but sorry you had to sit and wait sooo long. Your chest and shelving turned out so well! That sneaky DH tossing out your shelf…I’m so glad you got it back! :-) Bet he’ll think twice about doing that again. Hee, hee. Your new plates look fabulous on your shelving! I couldn’t help myself, I had to peek just a little at your dishes from the Valentine’s Day auction! :-) Looking forward to seeing them up close!
    Happy Met Monday!

  32. Wow! You did an amazing job “cracking” the shelf and chest! Really pretty! And the plates look right at home! I love Big Lots, too, but I’ve learned to check all boxes before I leave the store! LOL! Sorry you had such a trying experience with the broken dishes, but glad that it worked out! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  33. Hello Katherine; I just love how you redid your hutch, it is so beautiful. And I am so glad they were nice and let you exchange your broken dishes, not many places would do that… Love the plate rack too, as well as the dish set…


  34. Thank you for featuring my cheesecake truffles. That was such a nice surprise. I enjoyed reading you blog, and will look forward to more. I like your hutch shelf. Good thing hubby didn’t burn it in the scrap pile.

  35. Thank you for linking to my blog and featuring my cheesecake truffles. I enjoyed reading your blog, and look forward to more. I love your hutch, and am glad your hubby didn’t burn it in the scrap pile. Ha.

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