Pink Saturday
Remember this Tea Party?
Today I decided to show off my little Tea Party Girls!

My lovely Granddaughter, Hannah who is three,
Taking time to smell Granna’s Roses!
My lovely Granddaughter, Brianna, who is 23 months,
Saying He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me!
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22 thoughts on “LITTLE TEA PARTY GIRLS

  1. Hannah and Brianna are just precious little girls! I bet you just want to eat them up!! It looks like they enjoy visiting Grandmother’s garden~and how pretty that is!

    Happy Pink Saturday, Katherine!


  2. I remember! Who can forget those shoes and purses that you painted pink :-)The setting is so perfect for little girls (oh and women young at heart – have to add that).

    Hannah and Brianna are just adorable girls. I’m sure they enjoyed their afternoon tea with grandmama :-)

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Lady Kathrine, those are two of the most precious little girls EVER! What perfect adorable little dolls! Thank you for sharing this. It made my evening to see your dear ones…


    Sheila :-)

  4. What lovely little ladies.

    Wow, Im impressed you have definately got all your ducks in a row and ready to be able to post to 3 challenges for ONE.

    Good job.


  5. Lady Katherine,
    I’s so glad you are feeling better…Your two princess are so sweet and adorable…Beautiful roses….Thanks for stopping by…sweet comment. Wish you would have come with me tubing…I’m better with my blister…now I’m peeling. I look like a scaling woman..Ha ha ha May I ask what kind of surger you might have to have. I’m so have been through alots. I’m glad you got to drive by yourself. I haven’t drove in 18 years…I missed it so much. Love to go and just drive…out in the country…just listen to the music and ride. 😀 Thanks for sharing me another Mississippi Belle to me…I don’t live far from her…I will pay a visit to her. I go to Hattiesburg alots…Would love for all of us~ Belles to meet for lunch. Don’t want to go into that casino…if it possible. Maybe we all can visit in Jackson so it will be closer to you…Don’t mind going extra miles…Let me know the plan…Hope it will be soon…take care my dear…prayers and love is with you…my Katherine. Smiles and Hugs..Katherinellen

  6. What gorgeous picture. The girls are even prettier than their surroundings. What wonderful memories have been preserved by your photographs. Have a wonderful day.

  7. Katherine, your granddaughters are so beautiful. Hanna’s rosy cheeks make the roses pale in comparison. They’re both so precious.

  8. Your granddaughters are so pretty and precious, so lovely in their beautiful dresses! Looks like they are already getting a training on how to set a beautiful tea table by grandma….Christine

  9. Hi, Lady Katherine! I was trying to figure out earlier if Big Bobber is your husband, and he is!!! That’s so neat. :-)

    I am following both of you on my blog. Added him today. That’s a really neat bobber he made. I should have known when I saw the cute chickens running around and the thing that said he lived in a 100 year old bungalow that he was your hubby! :-) This is going to be fun to have both of you posting!

    Speaking of which, I love this post of your precious little grands. I had left a message the first time I saw it, but they really are little angels.

    Love to you, dear lady, and you are on my follower list. I don’t have it out on the blog because I was afraid I’d mess it up or something if I added it wrong. LOL! I am nutty with computers, but I can see you there, Katherine, and appreciate it! And I’m following you two, too. :-)



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